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Basically I'm going to address what people tend to think about the princesses, when it is indeed not true, or at least not entirely.

Snow White
Can't really say anything about Snow White. People are really dead on about her. She sweet, caring, joyful, old fashioned and kinda stupid. I wish I could defend her but I can't. All the negative stuff people say about Snow are completely true, as well as the positive. The only misconception I can come up with, is that everyone thinks she's happy all the time. But there's one scene where she's crying but she almost immediately bounces back. So, Snow White isn't happy all the time, she's just generally happy.

Because she's a Classic Princess everybody thinks Cinderella's a weak and helpless damsel in distress but she's not. In what way is she weak? Is it because she can't open a locked door and how is she a distressed damsel, her life has never been in any real danger. Granted it does piss me off that Cindy doesn't beat up her ugly stepfamily but the fact she doesn't is a sign of patience, not weakness. If anything Cinderella represents, the exact opposite, strength, emotional strength. Alot of people would commit suicide if they were living her life, but she finds the strength to sing and smile through it all. So to sum it up Cinderella is patient, not weak.

There's no denying that Aurora is the most boring princess, but I think people are alittle too hard on her. The way people talk about her you'd think she's a robot or a lifeless dummy. She doesn't have the strongest personality but it's not like she doesn't have a personaltiy at all. Aurora is girly, romantic, dreamy, obedient and loyal. With the liitle screentime she has, we do get a good sense of her character. Sure her personality falls flat in comparison to say Ariel and Jasmine or even Cinderella and Snow. But Aurora is interesting enough and she deserves abit more credit.

Everybody says Ariel was stupid for making the deal with Ursula, but she had no choice. She wanted to be human so badly she was willing to do whatever it takes. Determination does not equal stupidity. I agree that Ariel is selfish and superficial but not dumb. When you think about it she's actually very eager to gain knowledge and learn about the human world. I also think people are abit too hard on Ariel for her bad decisions. She was a teenager in love, can you really blame her. Love makes people do crazy things, even it is a superficial love. Ariel may be naive but she's not an idiot.

I think everyone can agree that this is the biggest misconception of all the princesses. The DP franchise heavily markets Belle as the smartest princess. When you watch the movie you'll see isn't all that smart. In fact Belle is the most overrated princess in terms of intelligence. Everyone brings up the fact that Belle reads but it's not like she reads Shakespeare or history books. All she ever reads is fairytales, that makes her just about as smart as a 6 year old. She also does some rather dumb things, like going into the west wing and showing the Beast to the townspeople. I'm not saying Belle's dumb but she isn't the smartest princess.

The misconception of Jasmine is basically the opposite of Cinderella's. She isn't weak or anything when, she stands up for what she believes in and doesn't let people walk all over her but she's not very good at taking care of herself. People say she's independent and she is in certain parts, but other parts Jasmine is the exact opposite. She's very dependent on Aladdin, if wasn't for him, her right arm would be missing and an hourglass would be her grave. She could have easily used the crown on her head to break out of the hourglass and what happened at the marketplace was just plain stupidity on her part. Jasmine is cunning, not strong.

Pocahontas is (arguably) the oldest princess, everyone wants to think that she's this wise and mature young lady but she's really not. She's actually immature and very irreponsible, and not that much different from Ariel in terms of those traits. Pocahontas is defiant, rebellious and runs away from home like all the other princesses by birth. Now her wisdom, her intelligence is almost as overrated as Belle's. How is she wise? She stalked a potientally dangerous man with a gun and when he pointed it at her, she just stood there posing dramatically. Pocahontas is independent and understanding but not wise.

Now this misconception is by far the easiest to understand but here's the problem, Mulan is not a tomboy. When the movie starts we are introduced to her as someone who's clumsy, lazy, tardy and loves her family very much. How does any of this relate to tomboyish behaviour? To be fair Mulan does do some manly things but that's when she's well, pretending to be a man. She's pretending to be someone else and had no choice so it doesn't count. If she were a tomboy she wouldn't have a hard time keeping up with the men. Mulan is not a tomboy, she was just trying to save her father and her country.

People think that this word is accurate when describing Tiana, but it's not. How is she boring? I mean have you seen "Almost There". Is it because she works so hard or because she's trying to achieve her dream? How does that translate into boring? When she turns into a frog Tiana does lose some of her best traits but she's still not boring. Her personality does pale in comparison to Charlotte's wackiness, now that, I can agree on. But she doesn't have to be wild and crazy, in fact that's what makes her so likable, she acts like a normal person. Tiana's not boring, she's just normal.

There's nothing can really say about Rapunzel. People are pretty much spot on about her. She's basically Ariel just with all the bad traits removed. I can't really say anything negative about her. Come to think of it, she's a really blend of all the princesses. I guess one misconception of Rapunzel is that she's perfect but for the most part, she is. I got nothing.
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
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