Sorry I have not written. Log in problems. I hope that they will not continue. Anyway, heres part three featuring Cordelia, Pagie, Lacey and of course a bit of Helen! Also includes Eliza, Jane and Tarzan daughter. link to part
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"Well, I've been here for an hour and my roommate still hasn't shown up."Pagie said with a sigh as she began to read little women.
Knock Knock Knock.
"Mabye thats her." Paige said. Just then she heard a key turn.
"Sorry I'm late, but i had car troubles, and I had to get a new book to read." a young girl with an English accent and auburn hair said.
"Oh, what book did you get?" asked Pagie
"Little Women, its my all time favorite." The girl said."My names Eliza, whats yours?"
"My name is Pagie, and my favorite is Little Women!"
"Really! I have a feeling this will be a great year."
"Me too."
The two girls spent the rest of the day talking about books and what classes they are taking.

"Ya mom I'm entering my room right now. Yes Mom, I had an apple today. Love you, bye." click Lacey hung up on her mother mid apple discussion."She is so weird." Lacey entered her room, room 506, to see a red hair girl sitting on one of the beds
"Hi! I'm Cordelia, but you can call me Cord. Whats your name. I hope you don't mind I pick out a bed already." Cordelia said.
"I'm Lacey, and No I don't mind."
"Phew thats good."Cordelia sighed.
There was an akward silence while the girls figured out what to say. finally Lacey asked "What classes are you taking?"
"English, Math, Biology, French, Choir and Swimming." Cordeila said.
"Same here execpt instead of swimming im takeing Dance."Lacry said while taking out her ipad.
'What Generation do you have?" Cordelia asked.
"4th" Lacey said.
"Me too." Cordelia said
"Thats cool." Lacey replied.
More akward silence until lacey suggested to explore the collage.
"Here it is 702. I hope my roommate is nice" Helen said while turning the key. She opened the door to see Hattie sitting on a purple comforter, writing on a purple laptop. "You!' Helen gasped
"You!" Hattie screeched.
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