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"I can't belive I'm stuck with her as a roommate while you guys get to room together." Hattie said during lunch on the first day of school. "I mean really. She never makes her bed, she has so much stuff that my stuff can't take all of the drawers and her clothes take half the closet. Granted I do most of the above but its still unfair."
"Then why don't you try to redo her and make her a Regal." Crystal said.
"I'm not sure if thats the best idea." Kai told her.
" Your right Kai, thats not a good idea Crystal." Hattie repiled. "Hey, I have an idea."
"What?" Kai asked.
"Why don't we turn her into a Regal."Hattie said smileing.
"I just-"Crystal started to say but was cut off by Hattie
"Oh I'm soooo smart.Gotta go girls, class starts in 5 minutes." Hattie said while gathering her stuff to leave.
"I can't belive that she did that. Take your idea and claim it as her own." Kai whispered sharply.
"I know. Sometimes i wonder if she listens to me. Lets get to class" Crystal said
"I can't belive I'm stuck with her as a roommate." Helen told her group of friends at lunch.
" I know. I can't imagine not rooming with Lissy." Ashina replied.
"Leene, I mean Evangline, Is a great roommate. Anyway, are you going to the party with the boys school tonight?"Ming asked.
"I don't know. My twin brother goes there, and he was hoping not to see me at all. Are You guys going?" Helen replied.
"I am." Ming said.
"Me too" said Evangline.
"Me three."Melissa agreed
"Me four."Ashiana finshed it off.
"Well then I guess I will."Helen smiled."Five mintues till class. Bye."
"Bye"each of the girls repiled.
"See you tonight."
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