The Rebel
I just gonna write random things that come to my mind when I talk about Jasmine, her qualities, flaws, significance and issues. I'll be doing this with all the princesses, by the way.

First of all, Jasmine is the smartest princess in my opinion. My definition of an intelligent person isn't someone who reads books but someone who's clever, inntuitive and a good problem solver. Jasmine's defining trait in terms of personality is that she's quickwitted. Like she said she's a fast learner and can think on her feet but also thinks things through. She was smart enough to go along with Aladdin's act when he rescued her. She was able to see through Prince Ali's disguise and knew that it was indeed the boy from the marketplace. She somehow knew how to jump rooftops despIte being locked in a palace her whole life. She could clearly see that Jafar was evil, when her father could not. And she distracted/seduced Jafar when Aladdin needed help.

When you get down to it Jasmine's just smarter and more mature version of Ariel. Many may think she is different from her predecessors but she's also quite similar. She had lived a sheltered life away from most of society. She's very good with animals. And she falls in love with her prince rather quickly. But she's very opinionated, outspoken about her views and beleifs and refuses to be objectified. Like she said she is not a prize to be won. She actually makes an effort to gain her freedom. She doesn't do the passive thing and sits around (Cinderella) or needs a hot guy to motivate her (Ariel). She makes her own choices without being pushed to do so. She fits perfectly into the rebellious princess mold.

Jasmine was the first ethnic princess, Arabian to be exact, and I have a problem giving her that title. I've noticed that alot of people tend to forget that she isn't white. I can't really blame them for that because quite honestly Jasmine might as well be white. Her wardrobe is the only obvious way to tell she's ethnic, otherwise she's just a really tan white person. You could easily whitewash her skin and she looks perfectly fine. This is even worse with Aladdin who's design was inspired by Tom Cruise, apparently. I just think he's a tan version of Prince Eric. In fact, the entire movie is white. Almost all the voice actors are caucasian, the characters use modern slang and the pop culture references certainly don't help.

Jasmine's fiery and headstrong personality can easily crossover into diva behaviour. She lives a pampered life, being waited on hand and foot yet she is constantly complaining. The way Disney markets her you'd think she's a sweet and caring person but that's not the case. She's actually very mean and harsh but to be fair no one in the movie is a saint. Except for the Genie and the Carpet, every character is either mean, selfish or just rude. Jasmine's sass and attitude is refreshing but she can be a real bitch sometimes. She always angry for no good reason and giving everyone else a hard time, even her father who's harmless unlike Triton.

Jasmine doesn't really have any signinifcance besides wearing pants and not being the main character which isn't exactly a good thing. Sure she's the first non-white princess but no one really seemed to care or notice, plus, as I said before, she might as well be white. She doesn't have her own musical number. She was the first to marry a man who wasn't a prince and drag him out of poverty instead of vice versa. But overall, Jasmine isn't all that important and I hate to say it, I don't think the DP franchise would be any different if she were to be excluded.

We can't talk about Jasmine without talking about her appearance. Body Image is a big issue with Disney Princess and Jasmine is usually the main example. Next to Jessica Rabbit, of course, Jasmine has the most unrealistic body proportions of any female character. Her waistline is almost none existent and her face is somewhat alien like, and don't think it's humanly possible to have hair like Jasmine. She's also the most sexualized, along with Ariel, but we can't fault her for that, since she lives in the dessert. But pervocative outfits aside, have you ever met anyone with Jasmine's body type? If so tell them to seek medical attention.

Jasmine is featured is frequently on merchandise but not as often as Cinderella or Belle because of two reasons, she wears pants and well.... she's not white. Jasmine is one of the first six princesses so she is marketed heavily but for racist reasons she is the most often excluded of the six. Disney and other cultures do not mix.

Jasmine is my second favourite princess after Mulan. To me she represents Intelligence. She's not just a pretty face, she has a brain and knows how to use it. She proves that women be can beautiful but still have integrity.
Thanks for reading!