I've already made an article like this for my top 7 (link, link, link, link, link, link, and link), and thought it was about time to make one for my eighth, Jasmine. Despite Jasmine's "low" place, I really, really love her! If you don't include Anna and Elsa on my list, she's actually sixth. I've really been warming up to Jasmine lately, moving her slowly out of my bottom 5 and there's a possibility that she could move up even higher. This will be a scene-by-scene review, so it may get quite long. So let's get started with the article!

We're introduced to Jasmine with a bit of a bang. I love how she stands her ground against her father and stands up for what she believes in. She's in no way passive and if she believes there's a problem she wants to fix it. I find this very admirable, as I'm quite passive myself (more so in real life than on here), and I love how she's not just going to get married because the law says so. Some find her spoiled or bratty because of this, but marriage is no small thing, and I think Jasmine is completely justified to have the feelings she's feeling. You can also tell from this first scene that Jasmine is a free spirit. She just wants freedom and equality, which reminds me subtly similar to Pocahontas (who's in my top 3). All in all, Jasmine's first scene captivates me immediately and her presence really stands out.

The next scene we see of Jasmine, the marketplace scene, is my favorite scene for Jasmine as a character. The scene as a whole hints towards many of Jasmine's less appreciated personality traits. She's actually quite kind, which is shown by her giving the apple to the little boy. Also, she's a quick thinker. She plays the part of a crazy woman masterfully and she quickly learns how to jump from buildings. I love how she doesn't look down on the townspeople. She doesn't think of herself as "better" than them. She actually gets to know Aladdin and actually opens up to him. I love the scene where Jasmine is talking about the castle. It, again, leads to the fact that she really doesn't care about the materialistic stuff of being a princess. I really think people should give Jasmine more credit for her kindness and wit.

The next scene, we get the news that Aladdin is "dead". I love how Jasmine is already so invested in a "street rat" affirming that she really could care less about social status. I love how Jasmine says the words, "It's all my fault Rajah" as it shows that she's not afraid to admit her faults and take responsibility for her mistakes. Princesses like Merida always get praised for that, but Jasmine (and Pocahontas I might add, but that's off topic) immediately take responsibility for their mistakes.

"I am not a prize to be won!" Ahh, Jasmine's famous words, and how true they are. She again stands up for herself and won't take any of the crap their trying to force on her. I love how sarcastic she is when she first talks to "Prince Ali". Sarcasm is one of my favorite qualities and it's one I admire in Jasmine. Only after "Prince Ali" opens up to her does she give him a chance, which again affirms the point that she doesn't care one bit about looks or social status, just who the person is on the inside. Jasmine's intelligence is again displayed in her saying, "It's a shame Abu had to miss this," which was a really smart way to go about the situation in my opinion.

I love towards the end, Jasmine tries to help the situation, but ends up failing. I've always loved characters that can't do it all (which is probably why Jasmine is a spot higher than Mulan on my list) and I think this makes Jasmine more relatable and less of a super-character. She's even willing to kiss Jafar to help the people she loves, which shows how she puts others above herself. Again, she's an amazing actress. Which I find entertaining and admirable. She's also excepting of other's flaws. She realizes why Aladdin lied and accepts him for it. Jasmine is accepting, smart, yet can't do it all.

To conclude, Jasmine is wonderful. She's free-spirited, kinder than given credit for, uncaring of social status, realistically flawed, quick-witted, and all and all just a well rounded character. She can be a bit rash and emotional, but her flaws add to her character and just make her really fun to watch. Jasmine's definitely an amazing character and I'm glad I'm finally learning this. Thanks for reading everyone :)