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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Hello. Today I'll be discussing the songs of Frozen. No, this isn't going to be a Frozen RANT, I'm just going to be reviewing the songs. Anyways, please keep in mind this is my opinion, so respect mine and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

Let's start off with the beginning..

Frozen Heart
I absolutely love this song! It's one of my favorites from the movie, and I really love it. The only issue I have with it is, I think it gets boring and tiresome if you listen to it too much, and the tone of the song gets a little old. I love this song, and think it's one of the better songs in the movie, but if just think it can get old kind of quick.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
This is definitely my least favorite song of the movie, I even like Fixer Upper more. I find the background music irritating, and same with the song altogether. Unlike Frozen Heart, which got old kind of fast, this felt bad from the beginning. I never liked this song, and I just don't find it to be good, at all.

For The First Time In Forever
I like this song, but mostly because of the end. I'm not a fan of the beginning of it, but I like it better as the song goes on. I really start to enjoy it when Elsa starts singing, and I also live the end when Anna and Elsa are both singing. So, overall, I'm sort of neutral about the beginning, and love the near end/end part. So, mostly I like it just fine.

Love Is An Open Door
I do like this song, but not too much. I like the time of it just fine, and enjoy their voices in the song. I'm just not a huge fan of the song as a whole. I just, don't really like it that much. It's one of those cases where I like what's in the song, but I'm just not a fan of it. I think it's decent but I don't like it too much.

Let It Go
This is similar to Frozen Heart in the case that I used to love this song, but not as much anymore, because the feel of the song got old and it just didn't appeal to me after listening to it a lot. I used to love it, probably one of the best songs in the movie, and I love Idina's voice. However, I just feel it got old kind of quickly, and I stopped liking the song. I still like it, but mr as much anymore. It's great though, in my opinion.
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Okay so I seen this done once so now I wanna do it~! These are actresses I like && I would not mind seeing play the Princesses~! Sorry for any grammer && spelling errors. I did not care if the Actress does is not the same nationality or race as the princess I would like them to play because in movies they cast differently too. As long as the actress looks the part they can play the part.

Jasmine: Gemma Arterton

A popular movie Gemma played in is Prince of Persia~! She is beautiful. I would love to see her as Jasmine~!

Ariel:Rachel Hurd-Wood

So I had a hard time thinking of...
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As Princess Pea soared through the sky on her magic carpet, thoughts of her childhood came rushing back to her...

"Peanalita! Come downstairs at once, it's time for the annual Golden Kingdom Parade!" yelled Annalynne at the top of her lungs.
Down the palace staircase ran five-year-old Peanalita, in a shimmering pink dress that had been delivered from Paris the night before. "I'm ready, Mother!"

The parade began as it did every year, jesters and jugglers, clowns and face-painters...all the children in the kingdom would have a wonderful time playing with their friends and eating candy...all...
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Fa Mulan had always considered herself to be a patient person. Whether she was dealing with her father being over-protective or her grandmother's insanely weird supersitious beliefs, she was always patient and calm when necessary. Then again, she'd never met someone quite like Princess Pea, who had just discovered her secret.
"You're a cross-dresser!" Pea exclaimed.
Mulan quickly stood up and told Pea to whisper. "Please, you have to understand. I did it to save my father."
"From what? Finding out you're a lesbian? Honey, I'm sure he'll love you just as much."
"No! No, I did it because my...
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"maybe cute, interesting, well acted, but not romantic... "- ppv
"maybe cute, interesting, well acted, but not romantic... "- ppv
9. You Fight Good
There isn’t a whole lot of romance going on between these two, but that is because throughout most of the movie Mulan is a boy. Only until her identity is revealed do you sort of see sparks begin to fly between her and Shang. At the end he comes to her house to return her helmet. You can tell both are extremely nervous, and he stutters, “You fight good”. Not hot passionate romance, but you can tell that there’s something there…
"It is more creepy, seeing as he broke in and scared the crap out of her for a second."- hrrypttrfn328
"It is more creepy, seeing as he broke in and scared the crap out of her for a second."- hrrypttrfn328

8. “One Song”- Snow...
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