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As KataraLover called me, I'm most definitely bi-polar with my beauty lists but hopefully this comes to an end... somehow. Anyway, let's give it a shot by writing another prettiest Princess article. You know, it would be a lot easier if the Princesses were uglier. Please don't get mad because of my disorder to rank pretiness.

13. Merida

Props to Merida for being this unconventional beauty. Unfortunately for her, she is just not my type. Not to say that she is ugly, she has nice features but alas she hits rock bottom on my list. She has a nice body shape, however the shape of her eyes and head are unflattering to me. Also, I feel like her hair could overpower her face a lot less.

12. Snow White

I have the typical bottom 2 as mine heh. To be fair, Snow White is only 14 and she used to meet the beauty standards from back then but the idea of beauty constantly changes (thank god), which is understandable why she isn't considered one of the fairest to most people anymore. Don't get me wrong though, she is certainly pretty in her own right.

11. Rapunzel

I'm glad they didn't make Rapunzel out to be this cookie-cutter beauty. Problem is she doesn't look her age at all and I prefer a more mature type of beauty. Though I have to add that she does look stunning in a couple of shots. I like her pouty lips and detailed eye color.

10. Belle

The amount of grease in Belle's hair is overwhelming. But other than that and the fact that there are scenes where she is sloppily drawn, she is close to perfection as far as I'm concerned. But perfection isn't always the better beauty to me. I'm not that fond of her plump glossy cupid-shaped lips and her hazel eyes which seem to be fan favorites. I think her smile is underrated, it looks very sweet whenever she smiles at Beast.

9. Tiana

I love how pretty Tiana's eyes look with dark eyeshadow, how luscious her lips look with red lipstick, how her dresses flatter her womanly curves and how her dimples show whenever she smiles. She is a true Southern Belle and I get the hype. However, I just never thought of her as one of the prettiest and I've always thought she looked better in her concept arts. dat hair doe.

8. Jasmine

There are times Jasmine's sultry eyes look gorgeous and then they turn into creepy snake eyes. I get confused looking through screenshots so you really need to watch her in movement to capture her beauty. And at her best, she's stunning in a sensual way.

7. Ariel

Ariel is so beautiful, especially when she smiles. She is sexy when flirtatious and her facial expressions are just so lively. Contrary to Vanessa, who has awful facial expressions and a dagger look in her eyes. Ariel has big expressive eyes that make her look youthful, not to be mistaken by childish. Her hair color is obviously unnatural but it flows beautifully under water.

6. Elsa

There's something captivating about Elsa's beauty and there are scenes where she looks breathtaking. I love her light eyebrows and pale skin in contrast of heavy eye makeup, she legit looks like a supermodel. Her gorgeous platinum blonde hair looks fantastic in that edgy-styled braid.

5. Cinderella

Cinderella has a defined face shape, plump coral lips, icy blue eyes with thick jet black lashes and an unique burnt orange hair color. By definition, she is anything but plain so I don't understand the complaints. All in all, Cindy is gorgeous in a classic way.

4. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is really unique, I love her red eyebrows and her Angelina Jolie lips. It doesn't hurt that she also has an athletic built with a bust and nice legs. She just has that goddess-like beauty that is intimidating.

3. Aurora

I think Aurora has the most mesmerizing smile of all the DPs and I'm obsessed with her high-arched eyebrows. Her movements are elegant, her sexiness is subtle and her beauty is regal. And just like her other features, her waves are lovely. We need more Princesses with curls!

2. Anna

Did Anna really make it this far on my beauty list, surpassing Elsa? Yeah I recently realized how gorgeous she is au naturel. I love how whenever she smiles, her nose crunches, she just has the most adorable freckled face ever. She has that girl next door look that make her beauty feel more genuine and her lashes are to die for.

1. Mulan

I made a poll question asking if having Mulan as my prettiest was biased and the majority said it was no big deal either way lol. Anyway, her eyes have a very pretty shape to them, her lips are on fleek and she has the silkiest hair. She had to pass off as a man yet the animators managed to make her look this beautiful. And while on the flatter side, her body is fit (it has to be). She has this effortless, subtle, natural beauty that is rare to see and she looks stunning whenever she is deep into her thoughts.
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