Ah yes. Merchandise. Money, in other words. I adore the Disney princesses. They are all unique, and have good qualities. Some are even a little complex and the majority are at least decent role models. That's not how Disney markets them. Well, unless their name is Anna or Elsa. For the first 11 princess, they are downgraded into sparkle obsessed girls that look nothing like they did in their original film. Great princesses are forgotten in merchandise as well. The whole system is downright awful. For the Frozen sisters, Disney markets them as "I don't need a man". They tried that with Merida but now she's stuck with a sparkly dress. This article is going to discuss their new appearances and a ranking of how popular each DP is in the line-up. Ok here we go.

Snow White:
Let's start at the top and go down. Her hair, which was once as black as ebony, now is black with a strange tint of blue. It also has more volume...I guess. Look at the picture to see what I'm talking about. Her hair is certainly not the worst of the princesses, but it changed significantly from the original.Her eyes. In the original film, her eyes are brown with a hint of red in them. They're small with long lashes. The new design keeps their color ok, but the lashes and eyeshape are off. Her nose is barely existent in the original so I don't blame them for changing that. Her lips and smile. What she is famous for. Her lips go from those beautiful rose red lips, to a pair of pinkish lips-_-. And her smile! Her precious smile, where eyes get all squinty...gone. Ugh. Her dress is basically a glitterified version of the original with an odd pattern on the yellow part of the dress. It's not awful, but it is way overdone. Her skin isn't really white as snow anymore, but it could be worse in that aspect. Snow White didn't get the worst of the redesign, but the poor girl looks nothing like the original Snow White.

Oh, where do I begin. Cinderella is my current prettiest princess. She has the stunning blue eyes and long lashes, the beautiful smile, the perfect body, the color scheme, the hair, she has it all! Uh, then there's the um uh redesign. Ok let's start at the top. THE HAIR. Well her hair in the original film was a beautiful strawberry blonde, or even orange. It was shoulder length. It the ever so lovely redesign, it is banana yellow, and in a bun way on top of her head. Based on the picture, her hair is a little longer. Also added volume yada yada yada WAIT BANANA HAIR? Her hair is now a lovely banana color that is so very attractive. Her eyes. They tried in the 2015 look with the eyes, but they failed to capture them. Her real eyes are light blue with long lashes. The shape is off in the redesign, but the rest is tolerable. Her nose...I honestly don't care. The new smile doesn't surprise me, but it doesn't have the same magic Cinderella's smile does. Her dress. BRIGHT BLUE!? It goes from silver to bright blue with a thousand gallons of sparkles. I'm done.

Another beautiful DP shamefully placed in her 2015 look. Overall, she looks like a barbie doll. No really she does. Her hair has gone from the elegant, blonde curls to bright, gold curls. Her face, i'm not going into detail. It's a mess. Nothing like the original. Her dress is sparklified. Her look is awful. I don't have the time to explain my hatred for it. This is just a hating rant so far...

Ariel looks older in her design. Her hair has, you guessed it, a lot more volume. It keeps it's color and length though. The seashell earrings are weird... Sorry just getting that out of the way. Her eyes are definitely not as big. Blegh. And, lastly for the face, her lips turn a pale pink. And her dress. I love it. Wait what? Ok, love is a strong word. But the dress's color and shape, it looks great on her. Not movie accurate, but I'm being biased and saying that I love her dress. Her redesign isn't that bad imo.

Well it's no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got no parallel....AH! Her new look is not good and doesn't compare with the original film. The hair. Oh lord THE HAIR! My, my Belle has your hair grown. It now has *gasp* more volume, and is much longer. The new eyeshape makes her look evil, but the rest of her face, though not perfect, is ok. The dress is just oversparklified, nothing new, but I still hate it. Why is she holding a rose? Why can't she hold a book, or you know something that relates to her character, rather than an object that is in the story but has nothing to do with Belle herself, I don't like this one...at all.

Her new look is pretty bad, but could be much, much worse. Remember how I said Snow White's hair was a little bluer? Well Jasmine's is now blue. Dark blue. What!? And the one strand hanging out? Oh how creative Disney.Her eyes have shrunken but nothing else is particularly bad with her face. Well her lips are pinker, but oh another shocker there-_-. Her skin is surprisingly accurate. So, there's a plus. Her outfit. Well, the picture explains it.

What did she ever do to the world? Her hair obviously has more volume and doesn't match up to the original. But it's not that bad. her skin. The beautiful copper has been turned to well, orangish brown. Her whole face is disproportioned and she is wearing feather earrings. FEATHER EARRINGS! That's enough to make me hate the redesign, but no. There's also ugly crap all over her dress. Speaking of which, is it just me or is her dress lighter now? Lastly, she's wearing boots. Yup, boots. That sums up her. I think she got the worst of it along with our next princess.

NO ANYONE BUT MULAN<3 Mulan is my favorite DP, but I am the first to admit her redesign is amung the worst of all of them. Her hair has miraculously grown and gained *crowd gasps again* volume. Her hair is now Aurora length? It's done in an updo we never see her wear, and it doesn't really compliment her. Her skin is paler than Snow White's. Her face has been severely altered. Her eyes are now really ugly. Her lips are totally different. Should I even talk about the dress? It's awful. Everything Mulan is against is in this dress. It's sparkly and highlights her "tiny waist". This redesign, Pocahontas's, and Cinderella's are probably the worst.

Probably the most accurate of the new merchandise looks. Her hair, dress, and eyes look pretty similar. Well, her eyes are a little smaller. Her nose is a bit thinner and maybe they overdue the sparkles a little but it isn't bad. The color of her lips change and the merchandise doesn't show off her gorgeous smile, but other than that, this redesign is shockingly accurate.

I hate hers. Her hair is more gold and voluminous (shocker). Her whole face looks awful. Her eyes and smile are not pretty and inaccurate. She goes from adorable to... this. Her dress is totally over-glitterified and it comes together to create a strange looking girl who looks nothing, NOTHING, like Rapunzel.

I'm not obsessed over keep Merida brave, but boy does her redesign look weird. Her hair isn't as cool. I mean it's curly but it looks flat and dull. Her face, is not... her face. Seriously, it doesn't look like her. Her eyes are different. Her smile is nothing like the original. And I adore her smile. Her dress obviously gets the old overload of sparkles. I dislike this one quite a bit.

OK, lucky you guys, my rants are over! So, now I will rank the princesses popularity in the merchandising. The internet, fanpop, they don't count. These are what you would find at like Target or whatever...And I live in the US so that means this is where I live. So I have no idea how popular Ariel is in Europe, but here, boy is she popular! This does not include Anna and Elsa...but if it did Elsa would be #1 and Anna in between 4-6. Here we go!

11) Pocahontas
I don't care for Pocahontas. She ranks last on my list. I still feel bad for that because Disney likes to pretend her movie and her don't exist. It is very hard to find merchandise for her at local stores. I have many theories on why she isn't popular. First off, she isn't typically pretty. Not little girl, princess pretty. She doesn't have big eyes, a beautiful smile, and a pretty ballgown. What little girl likes that? Her movie isn't as girly either. It is darker and isn't very fun and crazy. My final theory is that she isn't popular because Disney doesn't allow her to be. Really I mean it. She never has any merchandise out so little girls don't fall in love with her. They don't see her pretty, magic doll, so they don't really notice her. There's a lot of reasons Pocahontas is last in terms of merchandise, but personally I think that because of her lack of gown and girly habits, Disney doesn't merchandise her.

10) Mulan
I wish she was more popular, but I can't remember the last time I saw dolls of her at Target or any other store. Similar to Pocahontas, she doesn't have a ballgown, she isn't even a princess, and she isn't romantic or bubbly. Her beauty is natural and subtle. Once again, no big eyes and perfect smile. her movie has some fun characters, but also has a lot of action and not a whole lot of filler, making it not ideal for kids. She does included more than Pocahontas. Still, Pocahontas and her are miles behind the rest of the princesses.

9) Jasmine
My favorite in childhood, and among my top 5 today, I love Jasmine. Always have, always will. Disney doesn't. Jasmine has slipped into a smaller role in the franchise. You can occasionally find her on a bouncy ball or in a set of Disney princesses, but ultimately, Disney doesn't really market. The big reason is her outfits. No floofy dress. Also, her movie isn't abut her which takes away from her popularity. Heck, some parents don't want Jasmine being seen by their children for how "sexualized" she is. She is an original princess, and she is pretty. she wears pretty colors, so I guess that puts her above Poca and Mulan. She is marketed occasionally, but she has lost her previous fame in the lineup.

8) Merida
*gasp* Yes Merida is this low.Hear me out. Ok, when her movie first came out she was everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Soon the popularity wore off and now she is pretty unpopular. You can find a doll of her, but nothing else. She doesn't have any ballgowns and many kids might find her boring. She isn't very popular in merchandise currently, but for how she was once popular puts her above the rest.

7) Tiana
Tiana is often labeled underrated. Online, I agree. In merchandising she's pretty much in the middle. She has taken Jasmine's role in the franchise. She has dolls, and occasionally you can find a Naveen. She's on almost all of the multiple Disney princess items. She is isn't as popular as the ones above, but she gets a fair amount of merchandise.

6) Snow White
Strange that the first Disney princess ever doesn't have the most merchandise. Disney recognizes her and includes her but not near as much as the others. I sort of wish she was more popular, but I think that she is fairly the 6th most marketed.

5) Aurora
Let me rephrase that: Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty is popular in merchandise. She wears a long pink ballgown and her movie is great for kids. Magic, romance, and fun. There a lot of dolls of her and she is easy to place on products because of her beauty. She isn't as well liked as the girls above, but SLEEPING BEAUTY is very popular with little girls.

4) Belle
Belle has dolls pretty much anywhere. She's got a great film and beautiful gown. She has the big eyes and her personality is good enough to interpreted by kids. It's that noticeable. Kids love her, but she isn't as popular as the top 3.

3) Rapunzel
Ever since her film came out, Rapunzel has been popular. She's got the cool, fun, bubbly personality. She's got powers and gorgeous hair. She's a little crazy and humorous for kids. Disney loves to market her. Dolls, plush, and she makes it to every multi princess thing. She is a very popular princess in the merchandise world.

2) Cinderella
What? She's not first. Yeah, that's right. Just because she isn't first doesn't mean she's not insanely popular. She's gorgeous with a beautiful ballgown. Her story is every kids dream. Everything about her is graceful and perfect. This makes her an easy target to market. Her dolls sell because kids love her. She's on shirts and backpacks. She is the leader and is very popular today.

1) Ariel
Oh Ariel. She's a mermaid. A mermaid! She's a beautiful, bubbly, fun, crazy mermaid. Kids love her. Disney markets her everywhere. She could have her own franchise! She's everywhere. Dolls, backpacks, lunchboxes. Kids adore everything about her. Her stuff sells too. At least where I live, she is the most merchandised princess!

The bottom 2 and top 2 are pretty close, as well as places 5, 6, and 7... but I think this is pretty accurate for my poor provincial town.

That sums up this long, boring article. Hope you enjoyed... Please leave a comment!! It means a lot<3