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During my activity on Fanpop, especially this club, I often see many peoples were commented about their favorites and least favorites Disney Princesses. So I think and started to made most favorites and least favorites Disney Princesses by Fanpop users in this club. Here's the list and say sorry if you don't agree with this article (this is just my opinions only). Enjoy!

Most Favorite Disney Princesses in Fanpop.

1. Mulan

This is kinda opposite with the general public. In general public she is one of the unpopular Princess (probably because she technically isn't a princess, but she has the honor of a princess). Many peoples took her in the top 3 of their favorite lists. Peoples often pretend her as best role model of all Disney Princesses, for her brave act to save her country.

2. Ariel

Out of some peoples that often said she is selfish, childish, naive, etc, I guess she is overally being most peoples' one of their favorites. Okay, that's true she is selfish, childish, etc. But it doesn't matter as she is still a 16-year-old teenage girl, she still can be grow up and be the better person. The good things about her, she never give up to follow her dreams to be together with someone she loved.

3. Belle

She's different from other peoples in her town, she loves reading and dreaming for adventure. She also caring, loyal, and always support her father to became an inventor. But unlike some other princesses, she sometimes can be act outspoken and don't want to do something she disagree on it. She is also one of most peoples' favorite Princess.

4. Cinderella

Kind and obedient. That's Cinderella. Thought she was treated so bad with her step family, she still act nice to them. She also believe that the dream will be come true. Plus, she's also most famous Disney Princess in general public.

5. Rapunzel

Thought not much adored by peoples on this club, but I'm sure she is the most favorite Revival Disney Princesses. Like Ariel, she's cheerful, creative, curious, imaginative, friendly, and kinda dreamy.

Most Least Favorite Disney Princesses in Fanpop.

1. Elsa

She's my favorite, but at the first time I joined Fanpop, I'm kinda shocked most peoples dislike her so much in this club. Peoples pretend her as most overrated Disney Princess, unresponsible, coward, etc. Maybe they are just bored with anything related to Frozen, huh? I don't know. But it doesn't really bother me now, we can't forced peoples to like our favorites, right?

2. Merida

Peoples hate her as she is too rebellious, rude, selfish, and many worse stereotype. That's true, I admit that. At first we saw her as wild, unruly person, but out of that, she just hate to be forced to do something she doesn't like. She is just free-spirited person. But at least she can be turn into better person, thanks for the Witch!

3. Jasmine

Similiar like Merida, she is rebellious, sarcasm, hot-tempered, and kinda rude. Okay, I understand she just didn't want marry for law, but can't she just talk properly with her father about that? And not angry and even metaphor herself just same like prize to be won. I can't stand her, seriously. Plus, her outfit didn't really fit the Arabic culture, she just looks like Harem girl instead.

4. Tiana

Peoples may be like her as her hardwork job, but in personality she is rude, excessively picky, and constantly finding fault in other people. Also, she is too hard in her job until she never doing something fun and relax, even just for rest. Come on Tiana, don't force yourself to make your dreams come true.

5. Pocahontas

Most unpopular Princess in both general public and Fanpop. That's why peoples rarely took her as one of their favorites. It's not totally her fault, her movie is lack populer and many people doesn't know her story that is based on the movie. In personality, I think she's okay.
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