Princess of Milan or Florence?
Hi guys, I would love to introduce an Italian princess, especially if the story was set during the Renaissance Era.

1. Silvia Ceccon (Miss Universe 2003 Contestant)

She's the perfect Italian candidate, since she has a ferocious facial features. If Disney were to make 2 sisters, she could be the bad princess!

2. Silvia Cannas (Miss World 2003 Contestant)

My reason for her is that she's tied with her namesake from number 1. She has a baby face and innocent quality in her.

3. Serena Autieri (Elsa's Italian Voice)

Despite her age, she has the looks for an Italian princess. While I was looking at her Instagram, I can tell she has some witty personality.

4. Monica Bellucci (Italian Actress)

I personally felt that we should have another dark-haired European princess, so Monica is the perfect choice for an Italian princess in my opinion.

Italian Princess Calling!

So there you have it, only 4 princesses make it through the cut.
Silvia Ceccon
Silvia Cannas
Serena Autieri
Monica Bellucci