I may be a little late for this but here we go...

So I have this opinion that I don't know whether or not it's popular, but I know at one point it wasn't. Everyone is just like "oh, she's going to be horrible as Belle!" But I strongly disagree, and here is why.

People say she looks nothing like Belle, so I'm just sitting here like soooo....? She looks no less the the same as Emilie de Ravin does, and she makes a great Belle on Once Upon a Time! I get it, when people see the live action versions of these movies, they want to see the characters similar in both personality wise and design wise, but they really don't look that different.

However there are reasons why I'm excited for this, especially after seeing the trailers for the movie.

For one, I find many similarities between Belle and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, another character played by Emma Watson. Seeing Emma being cast as Belle made me super excited, because I love Hermione, and I loved the way Emma Wateon played her. I mean, obviously there are differences between Hermione and Belle, but the point is seeing her play someone so similar to Belle makes me confident that she will do a good job with his role.

It may also be my personal bias, but this is also one of my favorite actresses, playing a princess that is in my top five, so that brings a lot of excitement.

Plus her singing voice is so stunning, and although I thought original singing voice of Belle was okay, Emma's voice sure takes the cake for this! It's so clear and once again, Disney has surprised me with another actress being able to sing.

So yeah, I really don't have any issues with Emma Watson as Belle, and am really excited to watch it!