Hello Belle, we meet again!
Hi guys, since I had already written my review as well as comparing both the 1991 and the 2017 versions. Here are my personal dislikes on the live action reboots as well as a number of things that I was not happy about the film, ready?

The Beast's Appearance

After reading many of the reviews and people on forums regarding the beast's appearance, I have to agree. He doesn't look very beastly enough, he looks more like a monkey with a goat's horns and a body of a bear! This is the main reason why I wasn't very happy at all, I prefer his 1991 animated appearance, with the exception of his human form, in which I got a crush on them. In particularly, both the live-action and his animated form!

Gaston's Ego

I was partially very happy that he initially did help Maurice, but as the story progresses. His ego tend to make him a psycho and short-tempered, if he wants to marry Belle, why would he want to threaten Maurice with these characteristic traits? A question that I tend to ask myself.

Monsieur D'arque

I was disappointed that he did not get much of screen moment, in fact I don't really know whether or not they deliberately did this out of respect to Tony Jay, the guy who voiced the namesake 1991 animated character who would later went on to voice Claude Frollo in the 1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame. I guess that this might be reason why!

Do You Agree?

Okay, here are my reasons on why I'm not very happy about the 2017 reboot. Do you agree?
I love these guys! Do you?
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