Sorry for the convoluted title, I couldn't figure out how to word it. So we've all got our lists, right? Favorite DP List, Prettiest DP List, Favorite DP Movie List, Favorite Prince List, etc. etc. I enjoy making lists, and I have probably way too many when it comes to the DP movies. In order to show my appreciation for each of the DP films, I decided to write an article where I showcase one thing from each of them that is #1 on a list of mine.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen is my favorite DP villain. She was the only villain that scared me as a child, and she still sends shivers down my spine today. I especially love the moment when she kicks the empty water jug at the skeleton in the dungeons because it shows just how sadistic she is. Her attempts to murder Snow White aren't a one time thing. She's tortured and murdered people before. It's just a wonderful hint at a creepy backstory that I've always wanted to know more about.


The moment when Cinderella meets Prince Charming is my favorite romantic moment. It's so beautiful and perfect, the way everything else falls away from the Prince the moment he sees her. The soft colors add to the mood, and the whole scene truly conveys love at first sight. I adore this moment.

Honorable mention: So This Is Love is also my favorite love song.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty has my favorite animation of all the DP films. I adore the style. The whole movie looks like a beautiful moving painting. I especially adore the backgrounds of the forest, as well as the way Aurora's skirt moves when she dances. Not only is she graceful, the whole film is graceful in and of itself.

Honorable mention: Aurora also has my favorite singing voice.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is definitely my most nostalgic DP movie. I was obsessed with it as a kid, and watching it always sends me straight back to pleasant memories of my childhood. I would always walk around singing Part of Your World, and I watched the movie any chance I got. This film was a big part of my childhood, and I will always love it for that.

Honorable mentions: Poor Unfortunate Souls is also my favorite villain song and Eric's castle is my favorite castle.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite DP film today. It's such a beautiful, timeless story that so many people can relate to, and the film reminds me of my best friend who loves it as well. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite classic fairy tales, and this rendition of it sits very close to my heart. I love its message about not judging a book by its cover, which is something I try very hard to live by.

Honorable mentions: Belle is also my favorite DP and my most relatable DP, Belle and Adam are my favorite couple, Belle and Adam's dance is my favorite dance, and Adam turning back into a human is my most magical moment.


Rajah is my favorite sidekick. I love how loyal he is to Jasmine, and how fiercely he protects her. You can really see how he is her only friend. Plus, he's a tiger, and I'm not sure you can get any more awesome than that.


Pocahontas has my favorite scenery of any DP film. It's simply gorgeous. I don't know how the animators managed to get so many colors into the landscape and not make it look like some horrible gaudy 80s decorating gone wrong. Instead it takes my breath away.


Shang is my favorite Disney Prince. His character is surprisingly fleshed out considering he's a side character, but it's easy to see that he's got a soft side beneath his hard exterior. He's awkward around people he loves, such as Mulan and his father, but he tries very hard to do what others expect from him while toeing the line between his culture's customs and what he believes is right. I adore him.

Honorable mentions: Mulan is also my bravest DP and my smartest DP, and when Mulan decides to take her father's place is my favorite overall moment.

The Princess and the Frog

Tiana is my prettiest DP. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she has the cutest dimples to boot! Seeing her smile makes me want to smile too. I wish the colors of her wardrobe had been a bit more flattering because then it would enhance her beauty even more.

Honorable mentions: Tiana and Naveen's kiss is also my favorite kiss, Tiana's white dress is my favorite outfit, Tiana's green ballgown is my favorite ballgown, Tiana's wedding dress is my favorite wedding dress, James and Eudora are my favorite parents, and Tiana getting her restaurant is my favorite happy ending.


Rapunzel has my favorite eyes of all the DPs. Most people think they're too big, but they're no bigger than Ariel's or Jasmine's. I've always loved green eyes, so I'm fond of them.


Brave has my favorite DP soundtrack. I grew up on folk music, especially Celtic folk music, so it has a special place in my heart. Not only is the background music great, but the songs are amazing and catchy as well, and super fun to sing along to! The whole soundtrack has a consistent Scottish feel and is utterly gorgeous.

Honorable mentions: A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal (Noble Maiden Fair) is also my favorite song, Merida's wardrobe is my favorite wardrobe, Merida has my favorite hair, and Merida is my favorite name.

Thanks for reading my article of favorite things! I hope you enjoyed it. :)