The Danish Lads
Hi guys, I haven't been doing this in a while, only this time it is the popular Danish rock band called Michael Learns to Rock (known by their abbreviation MLTR). Ready?

1. Sleeping Child

Snow White and Princess Aurora will definitely sing this song because they both sleep till they wait for their true love's kiss!

2. Blue Night

Considering that Cinderella dance with Prince Charming during the night at the ball. It would be the perfect dance and duet for them to sing too!

3. The Actor

Aladdin would sing this song to Princess Jasmine, looking at the lyrics itself especially when Aladdin is not really Prince Ali after all.

4. How Many Hours

From the Beast's point of view, the Beast wonders how long will Belle breaks the curse and look him into his eyes that he really is the prince that we all grew to love.

5. Strange Foreign Beauty

John Smith will sing this song to Pocahontas, considering the interracial love that they experience throughout the movie.

6. You Took My Heart Away

When Ariel finds out that the hypnotised Eric falls for Vanessa (Ursula's disguise), she will sing this song.

7. Nothing to Lose

Mulan will do whatever it takes to sacrifice herself for joining the army for her father.

8. Someday

Both Tiana and Naveen will realise that someday, the spell will be broken!

9. Paint My Love

Since Rapunzel loves to paint, she will paint her love for Flynn Ryder and they would sing this song during the lantern scene.

10. Love Will Never Lie

Speaking of Motherly Love, Eleanor will sing this song to Merida after the former is transform back into a human from a bear.

11. If You Leave My World

This song will be the perfect 'For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)', as a sisterly duet when Anna tells Elsa to come back to Arendelle to fix the problem there!


Okay, if you are a fan of the 90's music, these song choices will be perfect. Enjoy!
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