Who is the most beautiful Disney heroine ever drawn according to Fanpop princess fans? Let's find out, shall we? This list does not necessarily reflect my own personal opinion but instead shows the results according to approximately forty voters per round. We'll work our way to the top starting at number fifteen...

Kida is about eighty eight hundred years old but doesn't look a day over 22.

15. Poor Kida. Her film was considered second-rate Disney by most and her looks don't get much appreciation either. To her credit, Kida is one of the most unique princesses in appearance and personality. She has tan skin, enchanting blue eyes, and long, layered white hair. Unfortunately for Atlantis lovers, Princess Kida is in fifteenth place on Disney Princess Fanpop's beauty-o-meter as most people find her to be more stange looking than beautiful.

She's small, sassy and can occasionally be sweet. But if you go after Peter Pan, she will try to kill you.

14. For someone so small, Tinker Bell seems to have made quite a big impression on the world...however, according to the Princess lovers, her looks are much more on the cute level while the other heroines are in a completely different ball game. Tinker Bell's a curvy little diva with slightly exotic looking blue eyes and a cute, messy bun in her blonde hair, all very nice but not nearly enough to earn her a top spot on our list.

The first ever animated heroine in any film, most beautiful or not, Snow White is the one that started it all.

13. Fairest one of all? Not according to our voters. Snow White is generally the most unpopular princess on Fanpop, so for her to have made it in thirteenth place and not fifteenth is an improvement compared to her usual ranking. She is a young, perky and sweet little princess, envied by the evil Queen for her beauty. But most of our voters found Snow White plain with an old-fashioned hairstyle and some even commented that she was not pretty at all. I guess the idea of beauty fades and changes over time.

Some may see her as a plain jane...but this Jane is queen of the jungle.

12. In twelfth place, we have Jane Porter from the film that is commonly considered Disney's last animated classic until The Princess and the Frog. Although Jane is decent-looking, it pretty much ends there. Many found her to be plain looking and not as unique as the other heroines. Her facial proportions have even been compared to the gelflings from The Dark Crystal. Still, her bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks and quirky smile were enough to get her farther than some. When it comes down to it, though, she's just a plain jane.

Blue Fairy grants Pinocchio the gift of life...but becoming a real boy is up to him.

11. Next to go was Blue Fairy, the second ever animated heroine in a Disney classic. Like some other voters, I find her sort of to look like a blonde Snow White, which would make sense considering the films had less variety in styling their characters during earlier Disney animation. Although she didn't quite make it to the top ten, Blue Fairy has an elegance about her that is shown during her limited screen time. Still, many users found her to be too old looking which is why she was given the boot.

Meg is a sassy diva with a hidden vulnerable side...but she will NOT say she's in love (at least out loud).

10. Just making it into our top ten list is Megara from Disney's Hercules. To be fair, a lot of her votes were mainly due to the extreme style of animation that was used in Hercules. Although other princesses, such as Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine, have unrealistic waistlines, none of them are quite as thin and sharp looking as this brunette beauty. Her facial features are severe and her hair is outrageous...then again, these things could be why some voters adore her. But even with her loyal fans, she is still generally considered less beautiful than the other nine on the list including...

Mulan proved that girls can do anything boys can do and became a legend doing so. In the sequel, a king even refers to her as more valuable than three princesses.

9. Our ninth spot goes to China's saviour Mulan. She has lucious black locks for the first little bit of the film until she chops it off for the greater good. Although her feminine side is hidden for the majority of the film while she parades as a male soldier, a lot of fans did find Mulan beautiful...unfortunately, many claimed her to be just a tad plain looking in comparison to our top eight beauties. This may have been the animators' doing because they did have to design a girl who would believably pass as a man by just tying her hair in a bun. When Cinderella puts her hair in a bun, she looks like a beautiful princess. But when Mulan puts her hair in a bun, she can trick people into thinking she's a dude.

This beautiful gypsy girl sees past Quasimodo's ugly exterior and teaches him to see more in himself and others.

8. Eliminated next was our final non-princess, Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy girl who wins the heart of the hunchback of Notre Dame. Esmeralda has big, black wavy hair, a milk chocolatey complexion and piercing blue-green eyes. Unfortunately, some voters thought her to be a bit manly looking and one person compared her hair to a lion's mane. Esmeralda's looks must be appreciated somewhat though considering the three main male characters are all enchanted by her beauty, including the villain who is actually racist against her people. However gorgeous she may be, the majority of our voters didn't find her not quite as visually pleasing as our top contenders.

Her story is the most beloved of all fairy tales, Cinderella may not be the most beautiful of them all but she is easily the most iconic princess.

7. In seventh place, the fans voted the lovely Cinderella. Most fans agreed that while Cinderella is very pretty, she isn't quite as beautiful as the others above her. Her hairdo is pretty simple unlike Aurora's and Jasmine's, after all, she is a servant girl living with a stepfamily that is bitterly jealous of her. But Cinderella is one of Disney's most iconic characters and easily their most iconic princess in general. So at least all the little girls who have her face on their knapsacks and t-shirts think she's gorgeous. Unfortunately for her though, on Fanpop, she just doesn't make the cut.

Tiana doesn't depend on anyone but herself when it comes to making her dreams come true.

6. The next leading lady to hit the road was Disney's newest princess...Miss Tiana. Anyone can see that the girl is gorgeous with her rosy cheeks, full, dark pink lips, and big brown eyes. Yet, even with these beautiful attributes, Tiana wasn't quite as popular in the beauty department as some of the pretty princesses that came before her. And it doesn't help her that the majority of the film she has slimy green skin and webbed feet. Now, onto our top five most beautiful heroines as voted by the Princess fans.

Disney received some criticism for turning the young, unconventional looking historic figure into what looks like a runway model.

5. Making it into the bottom of our top five was Disney's first ever princess based on an American legend...Pocahontas. There's no denying this girl is exquisite looking - with her tall, athletic figure, thick red lips, and flowing black hair. Pocahontas has a certain maturity in her looks and is drawn in a unique, realistic way in comparison to our doe-eyed beauties like Ariel and Belle. But it just wasn't quite enough to get her the top spot in our countdown. More than one person has also said that her face resembled that of a fish which I don't personally see. Pocahontas is a stunning beauty but not quite as beautiful as number 4...

Although Belle is beautiful, the makers of the film made her unaware of it. She spends her days reading and dreaming of adventure.

4. Well, it's no wonder that her name means beauty. Her looks have got no parallel. Yes, number four goes to to the maiden who found inner beauty in an enchanted prince: Belle. She's the most beloved Disney princess on Fanpop, but not just for her amazing olive eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, rosy cheeks and plump pink lips. Belle is a beauty both on the outside and the inside which is why people love her so much. She is an unusual young woman who loves to read, something that was socially frowned upon during her time. Unfortunately, some users actually found her to be plain throughout most of the film, saying her beauty only appears evident in certain scenes. Still, she's one of a kind, a beauty but a funny girl that Belle.

Ariel's that spunky mermaid princess you just can't help but love. She's a combination of adventurous and hopelessly romantic.

3.In third place we have the strikingly beautiful mermaid who dreamed of life on land. Her signature red, flowing hair is unmatched by any other heroine. Her expressive, sea-blue eyes captured our spirits when we first saw her. And her wonderful voice compliments her beauty perfectly. Ariel was Disney's first non-traditional princess and made quite an impression on everyone. She's adventurous, daring, headstrong...but of course, like most princesses, can't resist a handsome prince when she sees one. Ariel is a unique beauty and a favourite princess to many Fanpop users. Sadly, not everyone found her to be as gorgeous as our top two and said that she was more cute than stunning.

Jasmine is smart, independent, and thinks on her feet. And if she starts to seduce you, watch out! It's a trap!

2.Our runner-up is an exotic beauty unlike any other...Princess Jasmine is practically a goddess. Her thick, long, black hair and her signature oval-shaped brown eyes are all part what makes her irreplaceable. Although Jasmine is only sixteen, she carries a mature sex appeal and is the epitome of feistiness. Aladdin falls hardcore for her almost instantly after seeing her smile and spends the rest of the film going as far as to deceive her in the hopes of winning her heart. But her heart is no prize to be won and neither is she. Jasmine may be one of Disney's most beautiful heroines but she is also one of the most empowering ones. Although some people claim she is bitchy, she is actually very kind and is only sassy to those who have done her wrong or are being cruel or insensitive. Her only occasional drawback was people complaining that her eyes were abnormally large and overpowering her tiny face. Jasmine is just an amazing looking girl and she's the only Disney Princess who isn't even the star of her film. I guess when you're that gorgeous, people love you whether you're on screen for a hundred minutes or twenty. This statement couldn't be truer for Disney's most beautiful heroine to ever grace the silver screen...

The #1 Most Beautiful Disney Heroines Of All Time is...
Disney Princess Fanpop proudly presents its most beautiful heroine...Princess Aurora.

Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red, red rose...Princess Aurora is the most beautiful Disney heroine of all time. The sleeping beauty is a princess but has the elegance of a queen. As she frolicks through the woods, adults and children alike can't help but be enchanted by her mysterious beauty. Her blonde curls bounce around her as she dances and her figure was based on that of Audrey Hepburn. Her eyes are blue but can be mistaken for a purple tone in certain scenes. She is one of a kind. Although some people complain she looks like a Barbie, that statement can be said of any Disney heroines really as they all have unrealistic body proportions. Aurora actually is anything but generic with her curly, sun-kissed hair and magnificent eyes. She is a stunning character that makes an everlasting impression in her short 18 minutes of screentime. The animators worked meticulously to make sure she lived up to her gift of beauty and it is a known fact that she is one of the most sought after characters at Disney World. What little girl doesn't want to meet the exquisite Aurora or Briar Rose as she was called while growing up in the forest? Aurora may not have the most memorable personality and in fact contributes little to the film but damn, there's no denying she is gorgeous. And according to the majority of us Princess fans on Fanpop, she is the ultimate beauty. The unparalleled goddess in animation.