These are my Top 10 Favorite Disney Scenes of all time....this was soooo hard all disney classics have such beautiful scenes in them and it was really hard to choose what scene went where.
Authors Note: I still havent seen "Princess and the Frog" and havnt rewatched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" So my opinion may change after I watch them but I wanna write this now...and get it out of my system.

10. Snow White's Famous "Eat What A Stranger Gives You"

Even though that was pretty stupid to eat something an old women who looks creepy and stuff gave to you, its also a very significant scene in Disney history..So thats why its on here.

Reason its Number 10: I really think it was stupid to accept the apple in the first place and honestly i think after watching that a kid would take an apple from a stranger and whats that saying...Stranger Danger? Yep thats a really bad idea.

9.Aurora's Dance With a Guy She Met In Her Dreams

Ok I really like this movie like alot...but I seriously dont think you should just go dancing with strangers in the woods...but hey! I guess she wasnt taught any better! But anyway this is also a very significant scene for this is where "Once Upon A Dream" was brought to life and it is where we see Phillip and Aurora seemingly fall for each other.

Reason its Number 9: The stranger thing bugs me in Disney movies so thats why I honestly thought this scene was in a sense a bad example for YOUNG children....but in all honesty it was a great movie overall.

8.Ariel sees Eric for the first time

I have always loved this scene in "The Little Mermaid" she literally looks at him as if she has just seen a shiny pot of gold. She realized how handsome he was and literally fell in love with him.

Reason it's Number 8: Its kinda weird hiding and staring at someone.....but Hey! Its prince Eric I mean Come on!

7.Mulan's Decision

The score right here in this scene is amazing and it really plays out right with everything she does. The tone is also perfect setting in stone what Mulan is really about to do. I also love how they showed the confidence and determination she felt.

Reason it's Number 7: For a child it may be hard to follow such a serious decision and it may take longer to figure out what she is really doing.

6.Jane meets Tarzan

I really love this scene just because it shows the contrast of the two worlds. I love how they put their hands together and in that second are instantly drawn to the other almost like magic it truly is spectacular.

Reason its Number 6: Its not the most significant scene in the movie but it is one of the most emotional.

5.The Lion King....Simba's Dad...Dies.

I remember crying like a baby when I saw was soooo sad. But I truly believe Simba's father dying in the end made Simba stronger emotionally. More so then others he had just been through so much with that and all.

Why it's Number 5: Its not really a princess movie....but everyone loves the Lion King so I thought it would be ok.

4.Aladdin and Jasmine's Carpet Ride

Intoducing us to one of the most famous Disney songs of all time "A Whole New World" this scene shows Aladding and Jasmine truly falling in love...also the scenery here is truly magnificant and the song really is on of Disney's best.

Reason it's Number 4: They could added a bit more dept to this scene with a little more conversation but I havnt seen it in a while sooo I wont judge with what I remember.

3.Cinderella's Slipper

AHHH When i was little I loved the scene where the slipper fit...hahah ofcourse i was just so put out by the end of the movie from running up to the screen and yelling "Stupid Meanie Head!" at the stepmom that I was just soooo thrilled Cinderella got her happily ever after.

Reason it's Number 3: Because I love the next 2 and this is where this iconic scene fit into my favorites.

2.Beauty and The Beast(You thought I was going to put it as number one hahaha tricked you:P Its number two today babbbby!:)

Ok so this dance scenes is one of the most memorable scenes in Disney history...the drawing the beautiful song it has every great element. This song was one of the last(or the last) song Howard Ashman wrote and its truly beautiful and fots the scene and mood perfectly.

Reason it's Number 2: Because even though I LOVE Beauty and the Beast this next scene to me is the beast....

1.Pochahontas' Goodbye

Yes so I literally cry like a baby at the end I mean come on shes saying goodbye to her love on the edge of a cliff. Its so sad and heart wrenching yet you wanna smile with how truly beautiful it actually is.

Reason its Number 1: Because to me its one of those moments where you honestly have no idea what to feel.

Ok So there is my list(Kepp in mind those are my yeah!) But if i offended anyone just tell me and i will clear it up....

And the one thing I love about every classic Disney film the part we all wait for is...