Here are top #5 favourite Disney princess couples.

#5 Jasmine & Aladdin: What do I like about this couple well for starters I like how Aladdin is a nobody or as he likes to call himself a street rat who falls for a Arabian princess who likes him for what he is and not as someone that he wasn’t(he asked the genie to be a prince so that he could win her over but she liked him just the way he was).I love their romance especially that scene A Whole New World which was so breathtaking.

#4 Ariel & Eric; Another couple that I adore I simply love how Ariel sacrifices her life to be with Eric. I adore the scene where they are on a boat and Sebastian singing Kiss the Girl or the part where Eric and Ariel get married and share true love’s kiss. (sniffs) man I love fairytales.

#3 Tiana and Naveen: They have to be my least favourite couple to be honest because Naveen is a cocky bastard(sorry for the language) who thinks his the sexiest prince in history which really irritates me. Tiana is too old fashioned in my opinion she’s like a black version of Cinderella and Belle in one. (Yeah I know some people will say oh then why do you like Giselle from Enchanted)well she’s different to Tiana she’s sweeter and more fun loving than Tiana. Anyway moving on.

#2 Flynn & Rapunzel: The newest Disney fairytale tangled and this couple has to be my new fav as Flynn is so hilarious (Hey how are you doing LOL) and Rapunzel is fun loving and adventurous like Pocahontas. Rapunzel is a lost princess who’s held captive by an evil witch (obviously I don’t care what the hell she is)and apparently Rapunzel’s golden hair is actually brown and the reason why its blonde is because she has healing powers in her hair that can heal and store a person’s youth. I think Mother Gothel(who must be 100 years old) has her captive because of this thing she has. Anyway I love the I see the light scene and (SPOILER): where Flynn gets stabbed and she cries and when he wakes up he says Rapunzel have I ever told you that I prefer brunettes.

#1 Belle & Beast: And yes people my all time favourite couple is Belle and the Beast. Why well here it is. I love belle as a princess because she doesn’t give a damn what her man is like whether his the most average looking bloke in the universe or a sexy guy with perfect features. She loved the Beast for who he was and she didn’t judge his appearance. I also liked the Beast because his stubborn,has a bad temper and only cares about himself but with Belle’s help he becomes a different man.

Hope that you enjoyed my article and I hope to write another article soon.