A/N- Just a little Christmas story. I wrote this in the style of "Beauty
and the Beast" because...I don't know. The movies have been on
for two days and it just came to me.

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"Which would you two like to read tonight?" I asked the two
little girls who were currently content in being held by their papa.
It had been 6 years since the spell had been broken, since the
wedding had taken place, and since the birth of our two adorable
twin girls. Adam and I had been ruling over France for the past two
years after his uncle, who had taken his place when he disappeared,
died suddenly. We hadn't had much family time except for bedtime
that was special, every night we read a little of a story.
"You pick Momma," Rose smiled sleepily at me while she place her
head delicately on one of Adam's shoulder while Elizabeth put her
head on the other one and gave me a sleepy smile.
My beautiful little girls. Rose had my hair, long and brown while
Elizabeth had her Papa's hair, wavy and auburn, eyes light brown
just as mine, Rose's were that clear blue she shared with her father.
I grabbed one of the shelf and walked over to the fireplace where
the embers glowed and radiated heat protecting us from the bitter
cold weather. It was Christmas Eve, and besides this room everywhere
else was bustling with life.
Cogsworth was just about to go crazy with all the preparations
for the Christmas ball being held tomorrow while Lumiere is positively
enjoying watching his friend run around flustered and nervous. The
house maids were having fun hanging tinsel and misletoe while
Chip, now 10 ran around trying to stay out of trouble.
I sat down in front of the fireplace fixing my pink skirts and motioned
for my husband to sit in front of me. He smiled down at me, his
auburn hair pulled back and his casual castle clothes in spotless
condition and sat down where I had told him to.
"Ok girls ready for a story?" Adam asked the two gently as he moved
them to sit in front of him, in between us. They had to be dramatic
and rolled out of his arms both exasperated.
"Really Papa? I was just getting comfortable," Rose raised her
eyebrow looking skeptically at her father while he just rolled his
blue eyes.
"Yeah Papa, it's not right," Elizabeth spoke up giving her father a
joking grin.
"Looks like they are ganging up on you," I giggled as he grabbed them
both and placed them on his lap while laughing.
"Yes why is that?" Adam comically asked while playfully messing up their
hair, both giggled.
This was much better then living in that provincial town that I had
come to grow tired of. I have a wonderful family and an extraordinary
life, I guess no matter how cliche it sounds dreams really do come true.
"Belle which story did you pick?" My husband asked breaking my
train of thought and bringing me into the present.
I looked at the book in my hands and turned it over. The cover was
new looking yet it had collected dust and somehow it looked
very familiar.
"I don't know..." Thats when I opened it and saw why it looked so
familiar. This was the story I had written for the Beast so many years
ago at this exact time, actually on this exact day. "Oh" I sighed.
"Belle?" Adam looked at me strangely then at the book, falling
silent he nodded his head remembering what it was.
The girls didn't know about their father once being a beast, they
actually didn't know much about our past. We are going to tell them
later on but not now, they wouldn't fully understand.
"How about we not read this story?" I whispered while Adam nodded
and the children pouted at the fact that they wern't going to hear
the story. Suddenly Rose's eyes light up like the Christmas tree downstairs.
"Tell us a story Papa!" She exclaimed clapping excitedly while
glancing up at her father. Elizabeth began to do the same and suddenly
their were two sets of "Papas!" being exclaimed, I could'nt help but
Who would have thought the horrible beast I had met that one night
when he held my father captive would someday become my husband
and a father who was helplessly wrapped around his little girl's
"Ok! Ok!" Adam shouted helplessly laughing as the girls climbed out of his
lap and sat in mine ready to here their father tell a tale. I raised an
eyebrow and he winked before beginning the story.
"Once upon a time...in a...far away castle their lived a young prince
who had everything his heart desired but he was bitter and mean and
most of all...selfish," My mouth was open with shock as he shared
this story with the girls who seemed to already be interested.
"On Christmas Eve a old beggar woman showed up at his doorstep
and asked if he would excahnge shelter from the cold with a single
rose. The prince of course being the rude young man he was dismissed
the woman and slammed the door in her face...suddenly the room
was full of light and their in the place of the old woman was an enchantress.
She told him that if he didn't learn to love by his 21st birthday then he
would be doomed...to be a beast...forever," Adam's face was hard
to read as he recalled the memories of the Christmas a long time
ago. Rose looked like she wanted to interupt but didnt, Elizabeth
ever the patient one just waited to hear more.
"Years later the beast locked a man in the tower for trespassing.
The man's daughter came looking for him and offered to stay in the
place of the father, the beast consented realizing that maybe he could
fall in love with this girl. Christmas soon came along and the beast
ofcourse hated this holiday, he banned it from the castle, but that one
girl...that amazing girl she didn't let him effect her and she broke through
that ice heart of his and found what was truly buried underneath,
that Christmas actually turned out to be one of the best christmas's
they had ever had," Adam was giving me a smile as I returned it
with my own. The girls looked up at their father in wonder until
Rose broke the silence.
"What happened to the girl and the beast?" She asked curiously,
her blue eyes glowing.
"Yes Papa...what happened?" Elizabeth pipped in crawling out of my
lap and going over to Adam who welcomed her into his arms. Rose,
always the one to crave followed.
"That my dears is a story for another time," At that moment Cogsworth
walked in a proud smile on his face.
"Preparations are done would you like to come see them?" The girls
jumped up so fast I thought they would have got head rushes. Cogsworth
rolled his eyes and followed them down the hall.
"Lovely story dear, who knew you could make up a story?" I joked
as he scooted over to wrap an arm around my shoulder. Snuggling
into his side we watched the fire glow and basked in the warmth it
"I don't know...maybe it actually happened!" Laughing I hit his shoulder,
and closed my eyes completly relaxed.
I'm glad we have come to a point on our lives where we can joke
about such a horrible time. But one things for sure, this Christmas was
going to be way better then that one.
"Merry Christmas Adam," I whispered glancing up with him my brown
eyes filled with love and happiness. He returned the look.
"Merry Christmas Belle" For once, all was calm and right on this lovely
Christmas night.

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