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☺SLOGAN☺  princesslullaby 26 10006 over a year ago
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Safira-09's Streaming Channel  Silverrose1991 25 2315 over a year ago
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Disney Princess Fan of The Month-Octomber  blablablu95 25 3687 over a year ago
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Team Ariel ♥  Anaji 25 3040 over a year ago
Disney Princess Drawing Contest !!!!  Bridget_J 24 4306 over a year ago
Which Princess/ Prince do you look like? Sign up!  324anna 24 3588 over a year ago
Team Belle!  LibelluleBleu 24 2122 over a year ago
Favourite Princess - list  karolinak1999 24 986 over a year ago
Last Alphabet Game  Piyal 24 3188 over a year ago
ABC Game (Prince Version)  SweetPea2007 24 4416 over a year ago
☺ACROSTIC CHALLENGE☺  AllegroGiocoso 24 11679 over a year ago
Team points :)  Anaji 24 1455 over a year ago
Spot banner CONTEST  ppv 24 1817 over a year ago
Rate the Disney Song Above You  MissCinico 23 1708 8 days ago
Theory Game  WinterSpirit809 23 2075 over a year ago
Themed Icon Contest - Round 166: A DP icon with flower(s)  LightningWhite 23 919 over a year ago
•Disney Princess Icon Tournament: Snow White•  CRaZy_rawR 23 674 over a year ago
Role Play Your Own Princess/Prince!  dclairmont 23 1014 over a year ago
Disney Princess Survey!  carrieicecream 23 12423 over a year ago
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*~Disney Princess of the Month Description Contest~*  DreamyGal 23 1682 over a year ago
Disney Icon Requests  ntmfan0707 22 1205 17 days ago
The Cursed Apple  rigo1315 22 9792 over a year ago
DP Best Quote by a Character Contest - Round 2: Queen Elinor  Evera 22 2924 over a year ago
Disney Princess song-conversation game  justinfangrrl 22 2631 over a year ago
Disney's Little Princesses (Idea for a TV Series)  dweeb 22 6840 over a year ago
Best collage Contest - Round 29: Pocahontas  kiraragirl200 22 6676 over a year ago
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Wedding Dress Picture Exchange/Contest  Swanpride 21 3140 over a year ago
Need to vent -- why I have been gone for a few days.  ppgbelle4 21 961 over a year ago
` Answer Fast `- MINIGAME  Anaji 21 1112 over a year ago
Friends?  Cara09 21 1710 over a year ago
Disney Princess Celebrity Game  euny 20 2320 over a year ago
DP Favorite Lyric Contest - Round 2: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo  Evera 20 1890 over a year ago
Snow White with long hair  Anna-Jasmine 20 2619 over a year ago
Regular fanpoppers?  AudreyFreak 20 793 over a year ago
Princess of the Month Icon Contest~ Family Members  starlight77 20 15086 over a year ago
Which Disney princess are you?  bubbles4u22 20 1001 over a year ago
☺Representaive Picture Challenge☺  Duncan_Courtney 20 2968 over a year ago
☺FUNNY CAPTION CHALLENGE☺  DreamyGal 20 23590 over a year ago
DP Memes!  vintagelace 19 3264 1 month ago
Team Rapunzel!  princecatcher93 19 1091 over a year ago
*~Disney Princess of the Month Icon Contest October 2013: Belle~*  princecatcher93 19 1243 over a year ago
Easter Themed DP icon contest!  AnimaIuco 19 2593 over a year ago
Ultimate Favorite Disney Moment  TotallyMe105 19 5922 over a year ago
Disney Princess Fan Art Game!  breebree446 19 22399 over a year ago
A Dis-mazing Icon contest! *Round 3*  BelleRose829 18 1580 over a year ago
Miscast Cinderella  madisonsavanna 18 5557 over a year ago
make a disney princess contest  jade-m-c 18 4731 over a year ago
Disney Princess Children Name Contest! Round 2 - Cinderella  cuteasprincie 18 4352 over a year ago
Countdown To 24 November 2010 (Tangled) {closed}  ppv 18 1176 over a year ago
Disney Princess Halloween Contest!  breebree446 18 4663 over a year ago
☺Team Games: ICON CHALLENGE☺  firegirl1515 18 1213 over a year ago
Princess of the week  twinklestar11 17 1653 over a year ago
What's your favorite non-princess Disney movie?  HaileyBlack 17 1518 over a year ago
Do You Think They'll Ever Make a Lesbian Princess?  HaileyBlack 17 1312 over a year ago
Disney Music Awards 2014  CRaZy_rawR 17 328 over a year ago
Merida Support  THEDisneyFreak 17 2398 over a year ago
Roleplay Master [CLOSED]  percyandpotter 17 1038 over a year ago
True or False game  sunnyson 17 1104 over a year ago
Cinderella images  fhghu 17 5144 over a year ago
Hero that would make the best Prince Countdown!  firegirl1515 17 1024 over a year ago
Team Pocahontas ♥  Anaji 17 1078 over a year ago
Princess of the Month: Ever After Game  dweeb 17 1045 over a year ago
Fave Fanpoppers ♥ Comment about the regular Princess fans!  dweeb 17 1077 over a year ago
The Many Faces of Belle: Why does she look different in every scene?  dweeb 17 7538 over a year ago
CMS ICON CONTEST! Round 3:Princess and The Frog(MOVIE)  SarahCorine 16 2321 7 months ago
1 in 7 Heroine Icon Contest  RoseOfRapunzel 16 1306 over a year ago
If a Princess or Prince likes or dislikes another Princess or Prince?  Jayden-G 16 806 over a year ago
NEW Disney "What If" Icon Contest  percyandpotter 16 3406 over a year ago
Which princess do you look like?  VainSyeira 16 4882 over a year ago
☺Tell the story☺ challenge  cromulanfav 16 1632 over a year ago
Villain fate countdown  BKG201 16 841 over a year ago
Disney Princess "What If" Icon Contest  dweeb 16 1970 over a year ago
Fanpop Users- Who would you meet?  princesslullaby 16 1290 over a year ago
i think kataralover is innocent, i can prove it!  hindaa 16 2345 over a year ago
Actresses I like to see in a Live Action Version of the Disney Princess Movies  LisaForde 16 2212 over a year ago
Forum to change the icon back.  princesslullaby 15 530 over a year ago
Disney Princess Survey  dimitri_ 15 796 over a year ago
Fanpopper's Disney Blog URL Compilation  MacytheStrange 15 711 over a year ago
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Jasmine (The Most Overrated Princess In The Beauty Deptartment)  dweeb 15 6748 over a year ago
Something you can relate to with every princess  scarletunicorn 14 2617 over a year ago