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cuteasprincie posted on Aug 26, 2011 at 11:35AM
This is a game I found on the Glee Spot :D

^ = Answers the person before you
> = Anything about yourself (it can be something about you, what you're doing, ect)
V = A Question for the person below you.

I'll start it off :D

>Is really excited about Breaking Dawn!

Team Dp or Team Villains?

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over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^ Team DP
>I'm eating Pop-corns!! lol
v What is your favorite Scene from TLM Broadway?
over a year ago SarahCorine said…
^ I haven't seen TLM broadway.
> This is my favorite spot on fanpop.
V Who's your favorite DP villain?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Dr. Facilier. I love him.
>. Just finished the third day of school.
v Would you rather date Naveen or Eric?
over a year ago JonnaSe said…
^ ERIC, OMG PORN 24/7.

> I just started studying Drama in High School (like it's the major I'm studying).

v Favorite DP song?
over a year ago DreamyGal said…
^ "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

> I got paid today which means I'm going shopping tomorrow!!!

v What is your favorite Disney Princess accessory?
over a year ago DreamyGal said…
Oops...I answered Jonnas also
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Aurora's tiara. So simple but so beautiful.
> I cannot stand cheese. Yuck!
v. What is your favorite PatF song?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^An evening star!XD
>I like eating lolipops!!lol
v.Who is your favorite fanpoper?
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
^Not one.There are many :)
>I love cheese xp
ν.What's your favorite Pocahontas song?
over a year ago Lisia said…
^ Problably my favorite song from Pocahontas is "If I never knew you", but I think "Oltre il fiume cosa c'è" from the italian version is really enchanting too.
> I'm really confused at the moment, I have to join the University, but I want to do so many things, I will choose the Fashion Academy, I guess.
V If you could choose the soundtrack of your life, which DP songs would you choose?
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over a year ago ajotma said…
^ I Wonder, Reflection, I'll Make a Man out of You, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and With a Smile and a Song.
> I wish I were only half as brave as Mulan.
v Who do you like better, Mushu or Pascal?
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
>I have Pocahontas',Esmeralda's,Mulan's and Tiana's personality. I wish i'd have a boyfriend like John Smith, a friend like Quasimodo, a sidekick like Musu and Louis xp
ν What's your favorite quote from the Princesss and the frog?
over a year ago blablablu95 said…
^ "Kissing would be nice, yes?"
> I Can't wait to see Pixar's Brave!
v Ariel or Eric what's your fave?
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over a year ago PociandSmith said…
^Their looks are great but i don't like their personality ver much.I mean, Ariel wants only a man and nothing else,she forgets everything for him.Eric is obssesed in a shadow, he can't see anything but the woman who saved him,he can't understand that Ariel is the girl he's looking for. But i can't say that i hate them, i like them actually. So, i chose Ariel because she choses to follow her dream, no matter what kind of dream it is.
>I want to see a dinsey movie.
ν John Smith or Pocahontas?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^J.Smith (OOHHH)
>Clicking Photographssssss
v Sick Princess?(from 10 DPS)
over a year ago ajotma said…
What do you mean by Sick Princess?
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
i didn't understand either.
over a year ago ajotma said…
big smile
^ I will just randomly choose Rapunzel because she is on the bottom of my list.
> I have four days off for this weekend!
v Which princess is the funniest?
over a year ago DPCUTIE said…
Hey,Its cuteasprincie...my account has been hacked so this is my new account...so I will continue this particular contest by me...
over a year ago DPCUTIE said…
^ Punz XD
>I have been hacked!!
v Favorite Black Princess
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
^Are you kidding or trolling? the only black princess is Tiana.
>I'm sick of trolls.
ν favorite disney sidekick
over a year ago dee389 said…
>Is listening to Mozart's Requiem.
v Favourite Broadway Musical
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over a year ago ajotma said…
^ I'm not a musical person.
> I feel so so sorry for cuteasprincie! It must suck to be hacked. *sarcasm alert*
v Which princess has the best name?
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over a year ago PociandSmith said…
>I love chocolate xp
ν Whose prince personality is the best?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^Eric :))
v Is Mushu is mad?
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over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Only in the second film.
> I have a four-day weekend!!!!!!
v What is your favorite thing about Mulan?
over a year ago alexon31 said…
^ She´s pretty but she can kick butt as well as any guy, I find that sexy in a girl :)
> I just finished the first week of the 7th term of my major (translation)
v What´s your favorite princess outfit?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ So hard to choose, but I like Tiana's green wedding dress, Cindy's ball gown, Aurora's peasant outfit, Mulan's matchmaker outfit, and Tiana's blue dress.
> My favorite heroine is Lottie. Second is Jane, Third is Esmeralda.
v Who is your favorite character in The Little Mermaid other than Ariel?
over a year ago Maria7Potter said…
^Probably Sebastian, or maybe Eric! <3
>I just got my Pottermore e-mail! (new Harry Potter site)
νWhat's your favourite DP end title song?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^A whole new World
>Just made my Dad's FB!
v Does anyone like to Hate Eric??
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Not me! I like him.
> My birthday is in 6 days!
v Which DP villain is the meanest?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^MMm...m Gothel XD XD
>Chewing gums lolypops!
v Does anyone will like ed edd n eddy to be disney princes and nazz(only nazz) as a Disney Princess?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Never heard of her.
> I saw Tangled last night!
v What is your favorite song in Cinderella?
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
^ a dream is a wish your heart makes
>I saw Pocahontas yesterday!
ν What's your favorite Pocahontas 2 song?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^Never Watched!
>Ed Edd n Eddy is Awesome!
v Favorite Quote from Mulan?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ "They popped out of the snow... like daisies!"
> I want to punch all of Tiana's haters in the butt. jk
v Which princess would you like to be for Halloween (if any)?
over a year ago tinyfishgirl89 said…
^ Ariel definitely! But it would be hard to jump around in a tail...
> I just saw "Tangled" and LOVED it! I had to watch it again and download the whole soundtrack :)
v Who is your favorite Disney Friend/Sidekick?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
>I too like Tangled a lot!
v Favorite DP crossover couple?
over a year ago Maria7Potter said…
^Mushu (from DP) and Timon!
>I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" last night, but I didn't really like it...
νWhat's your favourite scene from Pocahontas?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^When they sing Colors of Wind ♥
>I too don't like "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides"!
v Favorite Disney Villain(Male)?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Dr. Facilier, whom I have already mentioned.
> I ship Lottie with Faciler. Also with Travis.
v Do you argree with the Fanpop's Favorite Princes article?
over a year ago tinyfishgirl89 said…
^Yes, I do agree! Prince Eric is my favorite! (Adventurous hunk with black hair, blue eyes, and a love of dogs...he's the perfect man!)
>I recently bought Harry Potter Uno...only to realize that I already owned it.
v Favorite Sea Creature from "Little Mermaid?"
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^Ariel :)I like her ♥
>Waiting for second October!!
v Favorite DP movie?
over a year ago ajotma said…
^ Go ahead and kill me. It's the Princess and the Frog.
> My biology teacher piled me with work!
v Which is your favorite outfit of Tiana?
over a year ago cuteasprincie said…
^ Definitely The Wedding Dress :)
> Seen Pixar's new movie trailer "Brave"!
v Which is your favorite landscape from Pocahontas?(Insert a Image)
over a year ago Maria7Potter said…
^Probably this one! link (sorry, Fanpop doen't upload my image)
>I just can't wait to watch the Lion King on the cinema!
vWhich is your favourite non-princess Disney film?
over a year ago Ruubin said…
big smile
^101 and 102 Dalmatians :D
> I sang 'This Little Light Of Mine' like 25 times on the Glee app today just because it was so simple xD
v Who is your favorite Disney villain? (Put in your favorite image of her/him)
over a year ago tinyfishgirl89 said…
^Ursula, hands down! She's funny and has the best villain laugh ever!
>"Aladdin" is on ABC Family right now, so I have to have it on in the background...while I'm doing "homework." ;)
v Do you like Rapunzel better with short hair or long hair?
^Ursula, hands down! She's funny and has the best villain laugh ever!
>"Aladdin" is on ABC Family rig
over a year ago PociandSmith said…
^I love them both but i'd sday long hair.
>I sang the song Part of your world (I'm alone at this time xp )
ν Prince Adam or the Beast?
over a year ago blablablu95 said…
^ They are the same person? but i'd go with his Human form because it's his natural form.
> I have to finish the ranking of Fanpop's favorite Princess Movies
ν Mermaids or Fairies?