Disney Princess Villain Game!

SweetPea2007 posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 01:37PM
Also two years ago I had started a Disney Princess villain game, but I thought I should add Tiana's and Rapunzel's villains so here you go:
I will list villains from Disney princess movies and give each 10 points...each person adds one point to one character and minuses one point from one character...when a villain reaches 00 he/she is eliminated and deleted...we go till only one villain stands...wanna play?

The Wicked Queen (snow White)-10
Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)-10
Meleficent (Aurora)-10
Ursla (Ariel)- 10
Gaston (Belle)-10
Jafar (Jasmine)-10
Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)-10
Shan-Yu (Mulan)-10
Dr.Facilier (Tiana) -10
Gothel (Rapunzel) - 10

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