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SweetPea2007 posted on Feb 16, 2012 at 02:54PM
I have an Idea for a new game of sorts:

1. Let's pretend the characters in the Princess movies are real and that we can ask them questions.

2. First person thinks of a character and asks them anything:
ex. Cinderella why didn't you run away sooner?

3. the next person pretends they are that character and answers the way they think that character would answer. Then they ask another character a question:
ex. Cinderella: I did not want to leave my family home to those horrible women and I had no where else to go, I have no one (*sob*)

Flynn who were you selling the crown to?

4. Those are the rules to the game, but if you have questions just ask. I just made it up so I can tweek the rules if need be. I think the answers shall be interesting and this could be a lot of fun!

I will go first and ask a question and then the next person will answer as _______ and then they will ask a character.....

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over a year ago dee389 said…
Tiana: We were dancing to some Johann Strauss II's waltz and that's was how we propose.

Mulan: Are you and family guests of the Emperor too?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Mulan: Sure! Since I was a hero, we been guests a lot of events.

Eugene: Even. That you are known to be Rapunzel's boyfriend, do still girls want to be with you? If that's true, how is Rhapunzel's reaction?c
over a year ago dee389 said…
Eugene: Well, some girls are still after me and Rapunzel is very protective of me!!!

All the DP: What do you guys think of the Disney Channel now? Is it ok or miss the old Disney Channel?
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over a year ago SweetPea2007 said…
DP: (Ariel): well Snow White,Cinderella,Aurora,Belle,Pocahontaas, Rapunzel,Jasmine, and myself do not have a T.V. and Tiana is way too busy to watch we are not sure what this "Disney Channel" is....the only reason we know what T.V. is from Tiana, but who needs T.V. when you have the Internet and other wonderful things!

Rapunzel do you know the little girls names that braided your hair and do you let them and the other children play at the castle?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Rapunzel: Actually no. They are really busy playing. I need to ask them. How bad I am in not asking! And yes, they play sometimes in the castle, but they play more in the town.

Prince Naveen, do you know how to do the smolder?

over a year ago dee389 said…
Prince Naveen: No, I'm sorry!

Ariel: Do you ever wish that Thumbelina is with your other Princess friends?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Ariel: I don't know. She is a great friend but I don't know with the other princesses.

Aladdin: How did you feel when Jasmine kiss Jafar?
over a year ago mhs1025 said…
Jasmine kissing Jafar? HA!!!!!! Why the hell would she have done THAT?

Pocahontas,do you and John Rolfe have any children together? Or,do you wish you had children with John Smith?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Pocahontas: no, we don't have any children.

Jasmine, I going to ask what Aladdin ask. Why did you kiss Jafar? How did you feel about doing this awful thing?
over a year ago SweetPea2007 said…
Jasmine: I did what I had to do to distract him. It was horrible, but had to be done, unfourtantly I did not think he would see Aladdin's reflection in my crown...but I would do it again if I had to.

Flynn, have you thought about researching and finding out about your birth parents?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Flynn, No. I don't want to. I know that they are dead, but if you asking about searching their names, no. I want to leave my past behind, and start my future

Tiana, what was your reaction about Naveen going to propose to you in the boat dinner?
over a year ago dee389 said…
Tiana: Definitely shocking, but I knew that's definitely not me!

to all the DP: I know this question is very old, but did you all watch Princess Diana's Wedding and her funeral?
over a year ago mhs1025 said…
Aurora-We watched the wedding,but we couldn't watch the whole funeral.
Tiana-It gave me too many bad memories about losing my daddy. Those poor boys of hers!!!!! (begins crying)

All DP's,how do y'all feel about Merida possibly joining the line-up soon?

over a year ago dee389 said…
DP: Kinda excited, at least we are glad have a Scottish princess here. Only thing is that we are also going to wait for some new ones like Irish, Spanish, Korean Japanese, Italian and Austrian! We could learn their cultures too!

Rapunzel: Do you sometimes do the Tarzan scream when you're swinging from tree to tree?

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over a year ago mhs1025 said…
I used to with my long hair.

Mulan,tell me. Was the match-making day possibly the worst day of your life? I mean,from causing ALL sorts of accidents for the match-maker to your dad being mad at you for not wanting him to go to war,everything that happened that day.
over a year ago dee389 said…
Mulan: Yes, please don't remind me of this! I don't want it to be a burden to me anymore!

Snow White: Do you miss your daddy?
over a year ago mhs1025 said…
(WHOA!!!!!! Sorry Mulan,i didn't realized you had it THAT bad!!!!!)

Anyways,here's Snow White-Yes i do very much,but i DO visit him.

Rolfe,do you regret stealing Pocahontas away from Smith? Or do you even think that?
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over a year ago SweetPea2007 said…
Rolfe: why would I regret it? I got a beautiful strong woman whom loves me as much as I love her...I am sorry that she had to be put in the situation to have to choose, but hey she thought he was DEAD! the least he could have done was send her a secret message....but whatever...I am just glad she chose to be with me and we are VERY happy togeather...his loss is my wonderful gain!

Pocahontas, are you or were you ever a little mad at John Smith for not telling you sooner that he was alive?
over a year ago PrincessLD said…
Pocahontas: I was mad with him. I cried when I knew about his "death".

Belle, how did you feel when Beast save you from the wolves?
over a year ago dee389 said…
Belle: Well, very sad and remorseful.

Snow White: How does it feel when Cinderella is the leader of the DP, despite that you're the first Disney Princess.
over a year ago mhs1025 said…
It doesn't make ANY difference. She knows that I'M the first princess and she respects that.

Pocahontas,if you had the chance to take Smith back,would you?
over a year ago dee389 said…
Pocahontas: Yes, Rolfe stinks and I regret it!

Belle: Do you have the King James Bible in French?
over a year ago mhs1025 said…
I don't know,i'll have to look.

UH-OH Rolfe,how do you feel about THAT?
over a year ago dee389 said…
Rolfe: So what? Is their business!

Cinderella: Does Tiana helps you and Snow White with the cooking?
over a year ago SweetPea2007 said…
Cinderella: I have servants that do that for me...sometimes we get togeather and whip up something as a group, but I really do not need help with cooking. I am a very good cook and have been doing it for years by myself.

Fauna: Is Aurora the only person that you help or do you guys have other charges?