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kateliness2 posted on Jul 26, 2008 at 04:01PM
I like knowing everyone's favorite princesses, but I think it would be cool if we could rank all of them, so you can know everyone's favorite and least favorite and all in between. It can be based on anything - mine is a mixture of favorite story, personality, looks and singing voice.

All of the princesses include:

Snow White

My ranking would be:

1. Belle - She's just so smart and brave. She's also very easy to relate to and loves for what's on the inside, which I think is the best lesson of them all :)

2. Cinderella - She's very underrated in general. I think she's quite bright and she's easily one of the kindest. Plus I love her eyes - so pretty. She also has my favorite singing voice :)

3. Pocahontas - She's so wise, mature and brave. Plus, I think that she's very strong emotions-wise, as she's the only princess without a "happily ever after."

4. Snow White - She's just the sweetest. And there's nothing I particularly dislike about her.

5. Aurora - Again, underrated. I think that she's more intelligent than people give her credit for. And I think that she's the prettiest of all the princesses.

6. Ariel - She's not the brightest and, in my opinion lacks a bit of common sense. But I do love how nice and opinionated she is. Also, I love her hair! :)

7. Jasmine - I can see where she's coming from, in wanting to marry someone she loves. But, to me, she comes off as occasionally whiny and I think it irresponsible of her to run away and abandon her kingdom. She's the heir - it's her responsibility to rule to the best of her ability, no matter what the circumstances are. But I won't forget how nice she was to the little hungry boy in the street, how stubborn she was, and how she didn't like any of her snobby, rude suitors :)

By the way, a princess being your least favorite doesn't mean that you don't like her! :)

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