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anukriti2409 posted on Aug 10, 2015 at 05:57PM
Though many Disney princesses may have many personality traits in common, you'll find it difficult to assign the best suited princesses to one particular trait. Just wanna have fun knowing how fans associate these traits with different princesses. Here are the traits:

simple living, high thinking

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over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
Here's my list:

Benevolent: Snow White
Courageous: Mulan
Self reliant: Tiana
Intuitive: Pocahontas
Arrogant: Merida
Witty: none
Dreamer: Ariel
Simple living, high thinking: Belle
Graceful: Aurora
Selfless: Cinderella
over a year ago vintagelace said…
I'm not sure I'll stick with these opinions, but here goes:

Benevolent: Cinderella for making clothes, shoes, and hats for the mice and birds in her spare time, not to mention her rescuing the mice that get caught in the traps!

Courageous: It's a tie between Cinderella and Mulan. Cinderella was for the most part able to keep her spirits and self-esteem up in an abusive situation, not sink to their level, and be optimistic. Mulan risked her life for her father, who would very likely have died in battle. And as her dad said, if she got caught, she would be killed. Thank goodness she saved Shang's life! I might place Mulan above Cinderella, actually, though Cinderella's situation is much more likely to happen to people than Mulan's.

Self-Reliant: Maybe Pocahontas? It's been a long time since I've seen her movie.

Intuitive: Maybe Aurora for noticing how birds sing to get mates and wondering if she sings herself, a nice guy will show up. The fairies probably didn't talk to her much about romance, since her engagement to Prince Phillip was already a done deal.
Ariel was intuitive when it came to Eric's personality, but not at all with Ursula.
Belle saw an opportunity to sneak into the west wing by distracting Lumiere and Cogsworth and saw Beast's inner goodness, but didn't seem to notice how much she stuck out in her town ("Papa, do you think I'm odd?" She doesn't ask this until she's 17-18.)
Mulan was really good at thinking on her feet, but had absolutely no idea how to act like a guy!
Merida put two and two together quickly and figured out the one prince was Mor'Du, but it didn't seem to really register in her mind that her mom was in serious pain. Also, the witch- she wasn't at all specific, and didn't notice the constant bear theme in the witch's shop.

Arrogant: Another tie, this time between Belle and Merida. Belle thought she was above the people in her town (though she had a point- everyone worships Gaston and doesn't notice his horrible personality, for one thing!), and Merida thought she could escape from getting married by beating all the lords' sons in archery. Because she was a girl, this humiliated the lords and clans- not politically correct, but it was early medieval times. And it didn't solve anything- Elinor made it clear that the kingdom would erupt into civil war if she didn't pick one of the three boys.

Witty: Maaaaybe Snow White? I imagine it wouldn't be the instinct of 14-year-old girls from that era to mock the attitude of a man old enough to be her grandfather when they first meet him ("Ohhh... YOU must be GRUMPY!")

Dreamer: I agree with you- Ariel. The others have dreams, definitely, but Ariel's is much bigger in scope. She wants to explore a completely different world, be a different species, and marry a guy great enough to risk his life for his dog's.

Simple Living, High Thinking: And again, another tie, this time between Snow White and Cinderella. They were both forced to be scullery maids (presumably without pay, making them slaves, actually) and had their joys taken away from them. Queen Grimhilde doesn't like it when a young man pays attention to Snow and not her, and Lady Tremaine enjoyed dangling the false hope of allowing her to attend the ball. Both dream of escape- Snow dreaming of Prince Florian taking her away to love and safety, and Cinderella just to have fun and attend a ball for one night. Cindy probably has more than that one goal, though- she says she has dreams, plural, in the opening scene.

Graceful: I agree with you again here- Aurora. She moves like a ballerina, and carries herself with confidence and... well, grace. I wish I were more graceful- I keep bumping into things!

Selfless: Aurora gave up taking a chance on love with the first man she remembers meeting- a man who seems to have come straight for her dreams- for the good of the kingdom. She also gave up a peaceful if very lonely life with the fairies and her animal friends for a completely alien life as a princess and marriage to goodness knows what kind of man. (The movie focuses more on her apparent separation from Phillip, though.) She was her parents' only child, so who knows what would've happened if she didn't accept the crown! Other princesses put their happinesses before the kingdom's safety, but not Aurora!
anukriti2409 commented…
i like your opinions as well. Wanted to know how people perceive DPs with different personality traits. That was my way of seeing them, associating with them. May be i should've put a line or two to support my list. But great seeing someone else's response over a year ago
over a year ago ace2000 said…
Benevolent: Snow White. (Cleaning up the whole cottage for the dwarves, thinking they were orphans)
Courageous: Mulan (Went to war.)
Self reliant: Tiana (plans to open up her own business)
Intuitive: Rapunzel (is able to rely on her intuition and see that people aren't always what they seem like externally)
Arrogant: Belle (towards the townspeople)
Witty: Cinderella (love her sass)
Dreamer: Literally every princess. But I'll say Rapunzel and Snow White and Cinderella since they're yearning for their freedom, which is a huge dream to have.
Simple living, high thinking: Cinderella (witty dreamer who is forced into servitude) or Tiana (who has tiny living quarters but huge ambitions)
Graceful: Aurora
Selfless: Mulan. Going to war and risking death in order to save her father from death in battle (and that with no knowledge of how to fight) is pretty much as selfless as it gets.