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scarletunicorn posted on Oct 17, 2015 at 09:12AM
I think you guys know what this is, here is where we comment on things most people related to Disney and how it's so boring to hear them the uptenth time. You can post here anything you want, as long as it's Disney and it's something you've heard a million times.

My gripes are:

"Why aren't Meg/Esmeralda/whoever in the line!? After all Mulan's not a princess and she's in the line!"

"Elsa and Mulan are the best princesses cause they don't need no man!"

"Where is Anastasia/Thumbelina!? She was my favorite Disney Princess she should be in the line!"

"The Lion King is the BEST disney movie EVAH!"

"Did you know that in the original fairy tales Sleeping Beauty was raped/killed/whatever? Lol Disney totally sanitized those films. #mychildhooddestroyed "

"OMG This new character looks like Rapunzel! Disney is getting LAZY with the character designs!!" (while ignoring the same face syndrome that populates Studio Ghibli, Don Bluth, most anime, Tim Burton's films...)

After which i say...
I think you guys know what this is, here is where we comment on things most people related to Disney
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over a year ago anukriti2409 said…
the praise for the classics is overbearing! They are nice but not Gods of Disney princesses line-up! #moveoninlife
AudreyFreak commented…
Lol dude I WISH the got even close to the level of praise they'd need to have it get overbearing. I am literally the only fan I've seen to praise them. Everyone else either tolerates them, hates them, or maybe likes one or two. You're free to dislike all of them completely but don't pretend the little amount of love from a tiny corner of the fandom is too much, especially while other DPs receive daily tribute for how wonderful they are (ie Belle, Mulan,Moana) 1 month ago
disnerdtobe commented…
^I totally agree. All the praise for the classics is only on fan pop, everywhere else, the classics get a lot of shit so that's why we have to defend them more. 1 month ago
over a year ago UnholyNoise said…
- "omgz, the renaissance was the best disney era evar!!1!"
- [insert random hate for post-renaissance heroines]
- disney stans accusing non-disney films of ripping off their formula just because they use some trope/storytelling device that is older than dirt but was popularized by disney... you know, like ragging on the swan princess and anastasia for "copying", like walt invented princess stories or something
anukriti2409 commented…
Haha! So agree on 1st and 3rd! over a year ago
over a year ago wavesurf said…
Well...ever since Frozen debuted in 2013, so began the "popular culture stigma" that the Renaissance and Classic eras are SOOOO OVERRATED!!!!!! This is what I've heard nonstop. This eventually got sickening to hear...because it was plastered all over IMDB, on tumblr, and on every other social media site, including YouTube and on Fanpop.

Other broad phrases that seemed to gall me, were:

Elsa is the queen! She's better than any of the princesses! *Insert vicious rap battles to prove point*

The Moderns are THE BEST ERA EVER!!!! Okaaaay... in only your opinion, I guess, since you continually rag on the Classics and the Renaissance for " perceived flaws" to illustrate your point of view. Anybody can do that. That takes zero effort.

Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, and Elsa are FAR BETTER characters than Snow, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan because 1) They don't need men to function, so they aren't weak ( So you now define femininity solely by portraying the other gender as awful?), 2) They don't marry ( Oh, right, because that's also a sign of weakness), 3) They own their own business!!!! (Like that was somehow novel or needed by the way, since us females have been handling small businesses for a while, thank you. ETSY, anyone? ), 4) They're stronger princesses because they actually "don't wait around" for a prince ( What the heck? ABSOLUTELY NONE of the prior princesses preceding the Moderns were shown completely sitting on their *sses all of the time!!!! How about the endless chores that the princesses did? How about exploration of forgotten rooms in castles, the sea, the land, the marketplace, and the foreigners? How about dances and balls? How about reading? Joining the godfreakin army is now equated with "waiting around"? REALLY???)

Nobody "needs" romance in a Disney princess movie. It should not be there.

along with

Family is better than romance!

^ Okay. You can quit saying "family" is better ( because it's NOT BETTER, it's just WAY DIFFERENT and platonic). Also, it's a myth to say that your family will always be alive and there for you, because we don't have eternal bodies. We die. Furthermore, Elsa was family to Anna, and Elsa seriously let Anna down, and Anna became a block of ice, because Elsa kept pushing her away. Also, some families abuse their kids intentionally. "Family members" will let you down from time to time, so why are we now constructing all of this hate for romance, and then teaching it to our kids? Family is not always "tried and true"*

"You can't marry a man you just met!" Great. Just SLAM ALMOST ALL of the characters in the entire lineup in a single go--- WITHIN A PRINCESS movie, no less!!!! This is a fairy-tale trope you are attacking. Why? Was it really harming anyone? Everyone knows it's a bleeping story; even children know that. And I should high five you? For what, exactly? Being purposely provocative? Fine. You checked that box.

*NEWS FLASH!!! Your family is going to grow up, move away from you and live separate lives, and/or grow old and sick and die. Hard facts. Family ain't around forever. Sorry to burst the bubble of your "new trope."
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scarletunicorn commented…
What I personally don't get about those romance haters and "pro-family" people is that often many families tend to be abusive and many girls/boys find comfort in their lovers/friends, which is the ideal thing. I don't get why does media and Disney treat family as if they're the holiest thing ever. over a year ago
wavesurf commented…
^ I don't get it either....because, like I said, family is not eternal. And somewhere along the line, family members definitely go their separate ways. You're more likely to run into a "potential" friend or romantic interest who is traveling along in the same direction in life as you are! That's why I find this whole "excessive family focus" to be a rather boldfaced lie about how real life works, more so than the old romance one which was purely fantastical and everybody knew it as such. over a year ago
AudreyFreak commented…
and yes, I absolutely despise the "they don't need no man" thing. that's so incredibly sexist to both sexes! You're slamming women for wanting romance and/or needing a man's help (I guess they magically never do these things?) which means they're slamming men as not being good enough to help women. over a year ago
over a year ago ajotma said…
Basically anything along the lines of Frozen stans, and some other stuff:
-"Frozen was the first Disney film to teach you that you don' t need a man to save you!"
-"Anna is such a good inspiration for feminists because she punched Hans!!1!!!"
-"Elsa is such a good role model for feminists because she didn't get married!11~!"
-"'Let It Go' is the best song in the history of Disney music and it's so inspiring :') "
-"Elsa doesn't get married so it's obvious that she's a lesbian"
-"Mulan shouldn't be in the lineup because she's not royal!!!"
-"Hans is the worst/scariest/most evil Disney villain because he tried to kill Elsa:!"
scarletunicorn commented…
Lol I always laugh at the Hans stans. I just think he's pathetic and nowhere near as terrifying as other villains. Maleficent? Chernabog? Horned King? Frollo? they all easily mop the floor with him. But people are so obsessed with Hans bc he reminds them of their ex that they stop thinking critically for a moment. over a year ago
wavesurf commented…
Hans truly is one of the most underwhelming, and worthless villains I have ever seen in a Disney movie. He was just a cardboard standee, and there to "rail against." over a year ago
wavesurf commented…
I don't owe anyone an apology here. The movie step-by-step explains to the audience that Hans is a villain ( a lousy villain imo, but a villain nonetheless). Please bear in mind, that my interpersonal experiences in life have been quite bad and different from yours, so I don't "owe you or anyone else" an apology for being able to "spot" something "bad" in Hans. Since you are going to argue "a matter of interpretation" with me, this is a circuitous argument and goes nowhere. Most people I've met in real life are duplicitous. Hans just "echos" the norm for real life. I'm done here. It's a dang movie. I'm not apologizing for a movie "that DOES SHOW Hans's character traits to the audience." I didn't write the script for this movie. So I don't owe an apology to anyone who feels "duped" by the movie. I didn't make this movie. You watched the same movie I did. So quit asking me for a misplaced apology. I won't give one. over a year ago
over a year ago Diazdiaz95 said…
Frozen is overrated.

O.k., we get it, i don't need to hear every time I see Disney fans discussing things. I've heard this just as much as the Frozen praise and I'm tired of both, honestly.
Diazdiaz95 commented…
And I'm also tired of some people insisting and trying to prove that Dreamworks or Anastasia are Disney because they most certainly are not. I see a lot of adults call anything animated DIsney and it's not like Disney has a monopoly on animation, it's annoying. over a year ago
UnholyNoise commented…
The "X is great, way better than Frozen!" stuff is so annoying. It's like people don't know how to praise something the like without throwing in some random unnecessary swipe at Frozen. over a year ago
wavesurf commented…
Can you see why I think Frozen is at the bottom of the Disney movie pile? Yeah. It's because Jennifer Lee was SO LAZY, she didn't even bother to craft a "full" story that made the characters more than one or two-dimensional. There's a lot of "guesswork" involved if you want to love Frozen. You're welcome to love Frozen, but I-- for one-- don't like my stories full of holes and non sequiturs. over a year ago
over a year ago AudreyFreak said…
You pretty much nailed it all, and wavesurf added all the ones I think that wasn't in your post. I have a few though:

-how much Disney fans seem to resent men. at least, women who receive their help. why else do they hate the "damsels" so much? which is friggin' stupid because if you don't yet realize every single heroine, including Mulan and Esmeralda and Tiana, has gotten helped or rescued by a man, you haven't been watching any movies. the only one who I guess doesn't is Pocahontas, but she was never in any real danger. the difference is ones like Aurora don't use weapons or are seen physically fighting anyone (but why would she need to?) which is what uneducated people mistake bravery for. Esmeralda is very brave, a good fighter- and gets rescued many times in the movie, more than Aurora or whoever did (not knocking her, it's just what happened). Elsa too- I'm surprised she's seen as so tough and self-reliant because she gets saved twice in the movie, and if it weren't for her powers she'd have been long dead. I hate people's hatred for women who need help. everyone needs help and you're lying if you say you don't. Men aren't evil for helping us!

-Snow White was a moron to bite the apple. I get why some people find Anna dumb for trusting Hans (though I'd never call any of the girls truly dumb), but like with Snow, people fail to see it from THEIR point of view. Both are lonely, sheltered girls who feel very unloved (much more so in Anna's case but not because she was abused/enslaved like Snow) and this led them to make some risky, impulsive choices when the opportunities presented themselves- after all, like with Ariel and Ursula, they didn't know if they'd ever have another shot at it so they took the chance. Besides, Snow IS A KID. And she was too polite to say no. is that not obvious?

-Saying Belle is the smartest solely for her hobby of reading. Belle is smart, but not because she reads and she isn't the smartest IMO. I'm really not trying to bash her here, but I do think of all the DPs she has the longest list of making unintelligent choices, and since she's much older, wiser, and more educated than Snow, doesn't make her look that good. I wouldn't call her the smartest or dumbest.

-"Anna is a Rapunzel ripoff!" of either face (which are link anyway) or personality. Even if I didn't think Rapunzel was very Sue-ish, she's still very different from Anna. Anna is too impulsive, trusting and throws caution to the wind. she's also more romantic and tomboyish and pretty selfless. they're both outgoing, sweet and warm, that's it.

-people bashing the DPs, period, as a means of praising the non-Disney girls and/or the Disney non-Princesses. I'm sick of it. OK, you don't have to like the franchise, but I think there's a good reason they have their own line and your non DP/princess doesn't. Not all the DPs or their movies are perfect but neither are your favorites. I love many non DPs/Princesses but I do think people exaggerate how great they are just as means of insulting the DPs. it's also, annoyingly, often the same dang people who complain about how their favorite isn't in the lineup. Which is it, guys? You hate the DPs or wish they included your favorite because that's the only way they'll be cool?

-people always pitting the DPs against each other in a very negative way in fan art/videos, like those rap videos- which admittedly were pretty funny and for once it was obvious the creator had actually WATCHED the movies before doing it, but it was obvious who her favorites were, and her reasons for the losers losing were kind of poor. Comparing I like doing for analyzing, but I've been trying to not do it in a negative way more. and as I've mentioned many times, it generally happens this way: older Princesses vs. basically all the newer ones. it varies, depending on whose favorite the basher is- Ariel, Mulan, Merida, even Rapunzel, who isn't THAT terribly different in disposition. a lot of the comparing seems to basically be because "well she's too girly which is weak/isn't bad-a enough for me to use as a self-insert!" This is essentially why I started loving the classics in my teens and hating the 90s girls- because 90s fans were so nasty about it.

-and, well, pretty much every mean thing people have said about the Classics but you guys have heard all that already before. It's scary how hostile, almost violent even, I've seen some people get while talking about them.
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Diazdiaz95 commented…
It seems like nothing angers some people more than talking about Snow White. Once I said that she was one of my favorites and someone gave me a weird look and indignantly asked why and said "she's so dumb and her voice is annoying". *sighs*. The worst part is that some people still believe that Cinderella just sat around for her prince and stuff like that because they don't actually watch the movies. over a year ago
Diazdiaz95 commented…
Oh yeah and it also bothers me how some people are quick to call the princesses damsels while others do seem to show a certain hatred for men who help them, shouldn't a man help a woman who is in danger? They'd probably criticize them is they don't help but they also criticize them when they do help, you can't seem to please people. over a year ago
ajotma commented…
I too wish people cut Snow White some slack for eating the apple. It may have been naive but she's 14, for the love of God. over a year ago
over a year ago MirthfulMessiah said…
I'm tired of hearing that snow white was the end all and be all of Disney. That she is the highlight. I like the movie. I like her voice and her acting skills. The animation is great for the time. Yet something about that movie when I was a kid and even now make me want to turn it off. I think the story line is too flat along with the characters in it. The villain is flat, the 7 dwarfs are duller than dull even when they cry, and the prince...I know only know what he looks like and that he wanted to kiss this dead hot chick he found in the middle of the woods.
Diazdiaz95 commented…
Some people, like film historians, are always claiming that Snow White is the greatest animated film ever but I disagree. I love that movie and just about everything in it but I don't see why it's sometimes considered so much better than so many other more popular and equally good (or better) films. over a year ago
anukriti2409 commented…
i know exactly what you mean when you say " Yet something about that movie when I was a kid and even now make me want to turn it off.". Now that I know the history of this movie, I have learnt to appreciate and respect it but i can never love it. Its my least favorite films in DP line up over a year ago
shanyuisboss commented…
THANK YOU. I cannot count the amount of times I was called stupid for not thinking "the one that started it all" was the best. Relative to it's time Snow White was fantastic, but we need to stop pulling that card every time someone criticizes the movie. over a year ago
over a year ago shanyuisboss said…
I get this one from a lot of classic fans, and it really annoys me. While I do like some of the classics, I am more for the dark era of Disney (Black Cauldron, Robin Hood, Oliver and Company) and beyond, particularly the renassiance. However, whenever I say anything about the classic DPs or their movies being flawed, I get a lot of people going on about how "I just don't understand what a true masterpiece is" and who continue to ramble about how nobody appreciates the true classics anymore. Not so much anymore, but I used to see a lot of people on here who would kind of talk about Renaissance lovers in a sort of arrogant way, like if we believe that some of the classics are bland "we don't truly understand" or whatever. I see why some people like the classics, but just because they are the originals it doesn't automatically mean they are better than some of the renassiance masterpieces.
anukriti2409 commented…
I so agree with you. I mean Cinderella is my 3rd fav princess. whom am i to complain, but i do find this overbearing praise for classics in comparison to other era like they were the Gods and nothing will ever be good enough in front of them. I do like it in their own world and space but have't we just moved on in real life, so why can't we just do so for Disney. Give revival era break, people here take them to be so nasty, sometimes it makes me think whether they are the villain, you know what I mean. Every era has its own charm, imo. And everyone has their own liking. over a year ago
1 month ago AdelitaI said…
- Classic Era movies are anti-woman because DPs need rescuing by princes.
I don't really get what's anti-woman girl being saved by a loving gentleman, especially when it's beyond the power of any human to save himself( yeah, Snow White was wrong for being that naive but Aurora is nothing to blame for: her being hypnotized wasn't a result of any of Aurora's mistakes or flaws and it was beyond her power to save herself than). I find the idea of pairing Purity Sues with troubled, jerkish guys way more anti-woman.

- Belle is uptight/prim/level-headed/not rebellious.
Belle isn't uptight, she is at least somewhat childish. She loves fairytales and talks about them excitedly. It looks like people attribute this to her personality because books are associated with seriousness but they ignore what are these books. Yes, Belle may be relatively low in Most Childish DP list but it doesn't mean much in her case.
Belle isn't particularly level-headed and not above impulsive and risky acts. She went to the West Wing and then escape from the castle. Cinderella is more level-headed, this is why she stayed with Tremaine that long, despite getting terrible treatment.
Belle and Ariel often seem as dissimiliar DPs due to having very different relationship between fathers( and it's quite common to believe Belle would dislike Ariel because of her troubled relationship with Triton). I believe those differences are more a result of difference between Maurice and Triton who are way more dissimiliar characters than thei rrespective daughters. It's natural that Belle is less rebellious towards her dad because he isn't restrictive towards her at all. Belle clearly hates to be controlled, yelled at, commanded. Her interactions with Beast makeit clear. Sure, people tend to be more forgiving and tolerant of their parents than of strangers, especially prisoners but I don't think Belle would have peaceful relationship with Triton who has traits she dislikes about the Beast the most and also is xenophobic, predjuiced which is another Belle's pet peeve. Yes, Belle wouldn't act exactly like Ariel in Ariel's situation( she is less impulsive and risky which doesn't really means much) but she clearly wouldn't be an obedient daughter.

- All DPs should be Caucasian and flawless both inside and out! POCs ruin fairytale atmosphere!

The bunch about Mulan:
- Mulan is masculine, hates dresses, should be merchandised in the armor instead of matchmaker dress because she felt more comfortable in armor and she would hate Classic DPs.
Mulan is actually humble, polite,soft-spoken and peaceful, not brash or cocky at all. And I love it because it's not so common for female warriors and "strong female character" to have such traits.
Concerning clothing, Mulan is definetely not a person who would want to look very polished daily but she is definetely doesn't hate dresses. She didn't join army because she find life of warrior interesting and joyful. Sure, she partially joined to proof herself but that's because it's the only other way to bring honor in her society, other than please the Matchmaker. Mulan may not feel well in her Matchmaker outfit but that's because it was uncomfortable and mostly because too much make-up covered her individuality. She didn't feel herself in the armor either and fit in the army because of her adaptability and because the fear to dishonor herself for the second time added her determination, not because she liked that place. I can understand people who would say that green dress or blue dress represent Mulan better but the armor isn't any better than Matchmaker dress.

- Mulan covering her gender makes makes her untrustworthy and Shang wasn't wrong for treating her that way after the reveal.
Telling untruth isn't always bad thing to do, not when it's to save other's life. The sacrifies Mulan did proof that she a billion times more trustworthy than people who never lie.

- Ming-Na Wen is the best possible choice for Mulan in live-action remake.
It makes me think of Ming-Na as overrated actress. I can understand those who think that Ming-Na USED TO be the best choice for live-action Mulan in 90s or even at the beginning of 2000s. I strongly disagree with this opinion either( personally I would prefer Lucy Liu for Mulan in 90s because to me Liu bests in every criteria possible) but at least I can understand them. But Ming-Na being the better choice for live-action Mulan than every Chinese actress who is in 20s in 30s to date? No, just no. I don't think Ming-Na is even capable to pass for woman in early 30s, let alone teenager. To be fair, I don't know any actress in 50s who is able, even the most youthful ones and the ones I adore( yes, including Lucy Liu, I love her but she is not fitting to play Mulan anymore either).

- Ting-Ting, Mei and Su should be officially a part of line-up instead of Mulan because they are royalty!
Don't get me wrong, I love this trio and consider them excellent sideckicks but the keyword is "sidekicks". They appear only in the sequel, are its supporting characters( Jasmine may not be a protagonist but she is the female lead, while these three aren't), the sequel is unpopular( and not so unfairly unpopular, to me it's watchable and not without enjoyable aspects but still not nowhere near the any of DP first movies) and they are not unique enough, they contribute anything new to the line-up( their story and goal is too much like Jasmine's, the most unique thing about them is their love interests not being classically handsome, while Mulan has way more unique story and I believe that line-up needs diversity). I don't think the main and titular character of the entire franchise who has a unique story should be replaced in line-up by sidekicks from (not so unfairly) unpopular sequel whose story isn't that unique.
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1 month ago BB2010 said…
"Elsa ran away from her problems "

No she didn't! She ran away after her powers were revealed because

1. She was told at a young age that people would kill her
2. She wasn't taught how to control her powers or use them properly so her magic was just shooting out
3. She was scared she was going to hurt people like she accidentally hurt Anna when they were kids
4. She was scared

She didn't go back to Arendelle after she found out she accidentally froze it because, honestly, what the heck is she supposed to do? She flat out said she doesn't know how and had a breakdown, if she were to go back without knowing how to fix it she probably would have made it worse without meaning to


"Elsa and Anna don't look that different! Disney is just being lazy!"
They're SISTERS. There's siblings out there who look alike. I look a lot like my older sister and my little sister


Random comments like "This movie is better than that movie". If no one is talking about Frozen why are you comparing it? If no one is talking about Lion King why are you comparing it?

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disnerdtobe commented…
^This!! Exactly!!!! 1 month ago
1 month ago magicworld_88 said…
Girls who say "I m not like Cinderella , i dont wait for prince charming i can rescue myself"

Also I saw a lot of comments "In the brother Grimm story sleeping beauty is rape"
Not thats not in the brother Grimm version not even in Charles Perrault's story but in the old italian story who is not even call sleeping beauty.

"Disney princes have no personality"

"Eric fall in love with Vanessa"

The classic "ariel change for a man "

"Jasmine and rapunzel would get a long very well because they both wants freedom" i think they could be great friends but all the disney princess wants freedom so its not a really a strong argument.

."maleficent is a great movie because it show that not everything is black and white"
OK then why was King Stephan the villain in the movie ?

"Disney princess have bad influence on little girls"
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AdelitaI commented…
I agree with you on Maleficent one! Thank you for pointing it out! 1 month ago
1 month ago MaidofOrleans said…
"The Revival movies are too formulaic."

I haaate hearing this when it's meant to rag on the Revival era and bolster the Classic and Renaissance eras as if they were some paragons of originality. Every era is formulaic, they just have different formulas. Here, I'll lay them out:

Classic Era Formula
Protagonist is unhappy with her life due to villain, who has it out for her > Protagonist meets handsome stranger, love at first sight > Happy dancing/singing > Villain nearly triumphs > Protagonist's friends save her > Handsome stranger turns out to be a prince > Happily ever after

Renaissance Era Formula
Protagonist has a decent life, but wants more; meanwhile, villain is power hungry > Circumstances push protagonist to choose to leave her old life for a new one > Protagonist meets handsome stranger who embodies what she wants in life > Happy dancing/singing > Villain nearly triumphs > Protagonist and/or handsome stranger save the day > Happily ever after

Revival Era Formula
Protagonist is a strong independent woman who has a Dream (TM) > Selfish/greedy villain gets in the way of the Dream (TM) > Protagonist determinedly pursues dream despite all odds, and finds love along the way > Happy dancing/singing > Villain nearly triumphs > Protagonist saves the day > Happily ever after and realization of Dream (TM)

Some of these checkpoints need to be tweaked slightly (Beast isn't handsome) or the order changed a bit (Ariel meets her handsome stranger before she chooses a new life) or even removed all together (Snow always knew her handsome stranger was a prince), depending on the movie, but overall these are the basic formulas for each of the eras. They are all very predictable, and none are more formulaic than the others.
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disnerdtobe commented…
I agree! Your formulas are on point and I had a good laugh reading them. I never thought the Revivals were too formulaic or similar. I think Tangled, Frozen, Moana, Brave, TPATF are different enough from each other as it is just fine. In fact, I would even venture to say that sometimes, I think the Revival movies (Frozen, Tangled, Moana) are better than the Renaissance in terms of overall quality. The only thing is Alan Menken really nailed it for the Renaissance period. 1 month ago
AudreyFreak commented…
Not that I don't overall agree but the Classics formula you're describing only apply to maybe two movies. Bambi, Peter Pan, Alice, Sleepy Hollow, etc are nothing like that. And it's pretty different considering Walt was getting his start with his own company vs Disney today who's had decades to make up new material, which is probably why some dislike it. 1 month ago
Mongoose09 commented…
Agree completely! 1 month ago
1 month ago BB2010 said…
"Moana said she's not a princess that means Disney is insulting princesses"
Okay by that logic Lilo was insulting princesses when she didn't want to dress like one in the Halloween episode of Lilo and Stitch the series. If a heroine isn't a princess and she says she isn't one how does it insult the princesses?
AudreyFreak commented…
I don't think Moana was insulting them but those contexts are totally different. Revival Disney is extremely self aware of their DP lineup and have earned a reputation for mocking and slamming it whenever they get the chance. Lilo is also purposely written as an odd ball so of course she'd probably not want a conventional costume. 1 month ago
BB2010 commented…
^Yea that's true I don't know why I used her as an example 1 month ago
BB2010 commented…
2. I still don't agree with you that Disney is putting out that vibe but that's your opinion 1 month ago
1 month ago AdelitaI said…
- Belle wasn't nice enough to Beast!
She owes nothing to her captor. He put the life of her beloved father in danger, he imprisoned her( she willingly sacrificed herself but a good person would never accept such sacrifice), he didn't even let her say goodby to her father, he destroyed her life. He doesn't deserve to be treated nicely. People should be allowed to hate those who destroy their lives
BB2010 commented…
I so agree with this. Just because they're supposed to be together doesn't mean what he did wasn't wrong 1 month ago
1 month ago BB2010 said…
"Frozen is the greatest Disney movie!"

Just because it has the song Let it Go and Disney shoves it in our faces doesn't mean it's the greatest movie. Frozen was okay, not that great, but okay
disnerdtobe commented…
I literally NEVER hear people say that. It's almost always the other way around. "Frozen sucks. X movie is soooo much better than Frozen!" 1 month ago
BB2010 commented…
I hear it all the time on facebook and tumblr 1 month ago
1 month ago magicworld_88 said…
There are a lot of people who say and even gets mad :
" beast's name is not Adam he doesnt have a name"

Since he doesnt have a name I dont see what is wrong with a name giving by the fans.
MaidofOrleans commented…
Agree! It humanizes him. 1 month ago
AdelitaI commented…
Not to mention Adam means "man" so it's so symbolic for a character. It means that he always was a man deep down, not a monster, unlike Gaston. 24 days ago
13 days ago AudreyFreak said…
Not a particular thing, just how in general (not anyone here, just in my experience) that Renaissance fans are usually really entitled and self centered about their era. I know no fandom's perfect but my gosh, some of them get so mad if you say anything positive about the Revival or Classic movies or characters like, how very dare you think those are as good or better than the bestest era ever??

I know I complain about revival fans but I prefer them. It's mostly Those Fans that act like the previous DPs are anti feminist and monolithic in personality, but otherwise they tend to appreciate complexity in heroines and many respect the Classics. Renaissance-era fans however, tend to be really unnecessarily rude toward other fandoms.
KataraLover commented…
Yeah, I agree. I mean, the Renaissance is my favorite era but I've met A LOT of annoying fans of that era that just feel the need to trash the older stuff and the Revival era. You know that a fandom has a lot of bad fans if someone from the fandom admits that they are really immature. I can only imagine how people who like different era feel when they are attacked by those fans. 13 days ago
Mongoose09 commented…
yep. God forbid you don't put The Lion King in your top 10 Disney movies or not have Mulan high on your Princess list. they literally act like you've just personally insulted their family or something, rather than... you know, enjoying different things 13 days ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
So much this omg. 12 days ago
13 days ago KataraLover said…
All Disney sequels are poorly made and are just trash. I mean, there are plenty of bad ones but there are plenty of good ones. Some are even better than the original and have a lot of heart and effort put into them. I mean, in the case of Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, the people who worked on it were HUGE fans of the original and one director actually related to it because of how he had a younger brother that was a runaway like Scamp but was still a good kid.

Walt Disney hated the idea of sequels. I mean, he didn't wanna cash in on sequels, but he wasn't against them. He actually wanted to do sequels to Fantasia but couldn't because of how the film was so expensive to make. He also had planned for a sequel to Lady and the Tramp that centered around Scamp while he was still working on the original movie. I guess it just didn't turn into much of anything aside from Scamp's comic strips, that is, until Scamp's Adventure came into existence.

I hate this character because they're from a sequel and that's a good enough reason!

*Insert name of heroine/princess here* Is different from the past Disney women because she's not waiting around to be saved and doesn't just want a man. Disney has been using that line ever since The Little Mermaid came out and with every new one they say that exact thing. There's no need to trash past characters in order to make a character seem great. This also applies to people that don't work for Disney and will just say this, despite how ignorant and inaccurate the statement is.

Merida is strong because she doesn't have a man to constantly save her, doesn't get married, and can shoot an arrow with her bow. Yeah, except that she's constantly getting saved by her mother and her five-year-old brothers a lot more times than any of the other princesses had to be saved. Plus, she looks down on feminine things and acts like an annoying stereotype of a feminist tomboy. Just because she doesn't have a man, doesn't make her strong. Plus, she was willing to let others suffer just to make herself happy, even making a joke about expecting war.
BB2010 commented…
I agree with all this! 12 days ago
BB2010 commented…
The sequels may not have been perfect but I still really enjoyed watching them as a kid. Even if it was one that was really not that good, I didn't care because I was just so happy to see my favorite characters again with their own kids or going on adventures. I've always hated when people said things like "Elsa doesn't have anybody at the end, that means she's better" because that's so not true. If you're happy to see a heroine not be with anyone at the end that's great but that doesn't mean the heroine is better than Snow White or Ariel or other heroines who have a man at the end. I love this new thing Disney is doing where they put out heroines who aren't in a relationship at the end because not only are there so many Disney movies out there with a male lead that doesn't end with that lead in a relationship, it's just so nice to see a heroine in a movie who doesn't have a man in the end and if fine with that, she's just happy she achieved her dream or her family's safe, etc 12 days ago
7 days ago magicworld_88 said…
When someone Say : "that Disney character is Boring" as if it is a fact and everyone should consider that character Boring. I dont get why people cannot Say "that character doesnt really interest me this is only my opinion" i personally find belle not that much interesting while i enjoy every moment of aurora on screen but i m not gonna Say " belle is Boring " like this is a fact this is only my taste.
MaidofOrleans commented…
I agree. I always try to word my opinions specific to myself, rather than making generalizing statements. 7 days ago