Disney Princess Elsa's "I Don't Need a Man" video Makes Me Mad

TheMusicalMolls posted on Nov 26, 2015 at 02:52PM
Has anyone seen the video "Elsa- I Don't Need a Man"? In this video, Elsa sings to the classic-er princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine) It infuriates me for two reasons.

1. She shames the other princesses for falling in love/wanting to fall in love. For one, not all of them were lovesick ninnies- Belle and Jasmine wanted adventure, Belle didn't let Gaston woo her, and Jasmine didn't appreciate being treated like a prize. And is it really so bad that the others fell in love? They were classic fairytale movies made in a classic time period. Their love stories were unrealistic, yes, but Elsa should not shame them because they were products of their time.

2. If any princess should be singing this song, it should be Mulan, Tiana, Merida (much as I hate her), Jasmine, or others. NOT Elsa! I'm sick of everyone acting like she's such a strong role model just because she has ice powers and doesn't get married. To me, she is a weak role model, weaker than Snow White, because at least Snow can stay positive and happy and make the best of a bad situation. All Elsa does is shut everyone out and run away from her problems, leaving the kingdom to freeze.

The one good thing about that video is that the vocals were really nice :) What do you guys think?

Also, if you don't agree, 1. I respect your opinion and would love to hear it! 2. If I offended you I'm sorry!! 3. Please explain in a kind way how you disagree. Thanks for reading guys, have a lovely day!

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over a year ago WinterSpirit809 said…
After reading your article, I sparked interest and came looking for this forum lol. As I said earlier I didn't like it. I watched it a few months back and they made her look so non Elsaish and I kind of hated her more than I already did lol.
over a year ago Sparklefairy375 said…
I want to share my opinion about this:

1. Your statement is true, that not all the princesses have been lovesick, like you said to Belle and Jasmine. But the other princesses like Snow, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel were lovesick after saw their princes for the first time. May be the video maker was thinking that all 6 famous princesses were always in the lovesick stereotype, instead some of them aren't. For Belle and Jasmine, may be because they have a happily ever after with their prince like the previous princesses before them.

2. The reason why Elsa singing the song because she is the way too much popular than Mulan, Tiana, or Merida. Besides, Mulan and Tiana were ended with marriage too. And Merida, probably because she doesn't sing in her movie (she only sung one when she was kid). Peoples think she is strong because she seems isn't kind of damsel in distress type, who always waiting to be saved by a guy, and she saves her sister instead.
I don't think she is weaker than Snow White. She is just a victim of her parents' rule that always told her to conceal her power. Indirectly it changes her personality, from kind and friendly person to shut people out. She was never given the opportunity to find a solution to the problem, so that's why she was always running away from problems. Because she does not know what she should do if she has a problem. Snow White is more lucky, thought she was treated like a servant but her life is more free so that's why she's more optimists and think positive.
TheMusicalMolls commented…
We can agree to disagree about Snow White, and why Elsa shouldn't be singing it (I personally think that no princess should sing the song, and Elsa would be a terrible choice to sing it) but for more information about my opinion on this video, read my article at this link: link over a year ago