Disney Princess "Best Word To Describe..." Contest- Round 50

courtney7488 posted on Jul 06, 2009 at 05:10PM
ONE YEAR AND STILL GOING STRONG! Thank you so much to all of you who have continued to participate in this game. Your active involvement is much appreciated. :)

Here is another game I've seen in other spots, and thought would be fun to do here.

I will name one character from a Disney princess movie. You give me one to three words that describe that character. You are not allowed to use the words "Disney", "prince", or "princess", and you cannot use hyphenated words (meaning groups of more than two words with dashes). Each player can only submit one entry.

After one week, I will create a pick so that everyone can vote for the winner. The winner will receive props and have his/her name placed on the Winner List, which will be added to this post.


Winner List
Round 1: Snow White- LisaForde (Sweet)
Round 2: Ariel- Jillywinkles (Headstrong)
Round 3: Cinderella- acoma (Dreamer)
Round 4: Belle- princesslullaby (Bookworm Beauty)
Round 5: Aurora- princesslullaby (Innocent Romantic)
Round 6: Jasmine- alafastanzio (Headstrong)
Round 7: Pocahontas- alafastanzio (Free spirited)
Round 8: Mulan- sandysilva (Fighter)
Round 9: Snow White's prince- princesslullaby (The original)
Round 10: Eric- disney_prince & princesslullaby (Lovestruck sailor)
Round 11: Prince Charming- alafastanzio (Waltzing romantic)
Round 12: The Beast- becca85 (Misunderstood hero)
Round 13: Prince Phillip- princesslullaby (Dashing victor)
Round 14: Aladdin- disney_prince (Streetwise romantic)
Round 15: John Smith- Mongoose09 (Curious voyager)
Round 16: Shang- princesslullaby (Strategic warrior)
Round 17: The Queen- disney_prince (Jealous bitch)
Round 18: Ursula- becca85 (Tentacled schemer)
Round 19: Lady Tremaine- acoma (Wicked stepmother)
Round 20: Gaston- becca85 (Narcissistic bastard)
Round 21: Maleficent- princesslullaby (Evil sorceress)
Round 22: Jafar- Mongoose09 (Sinister sorcerer)
Round 23: Ratcliffe- Mongoose09 (Fat ugly bastard)
Round 24: Shan-Yu- princesslullaby (Merciless war commander)
Round 25: The Princesses- EmilyELewis (Wishing, dreaming beauties)
Round 26: Snow White and her Prince- Duncan_Courtney (The originals)
Round 27: Ariel and Eric- Mongoose09 (Lovestruck creatures)
Round 28: Cinderella and Prince Charming- Duncan_Courtney (First sight love)
Round 29: Belle and the Beast- ppv (Learned to love)
Round 30: Aurora and Philip- disney_prince (Daydreaming romantics)
Round 31: Jasmine and Aladdin- becca85 (Two different worlds)
Round 32: Pocahontas and John Smith- firegirl1515 (Forbidden love)
Round 33: Mulan and Shang- alafastanzio (Heroic couple)
Round 34: Snow White and the Seven dwarfs- DreamyGal (First and fairest)
Round 35: Cinderella- alafastanzio- Timeless classic
Round 36: Sleeping Beauty- Mongoose09 (Dreamlike delicacy)
Round 37: The Little Mermaid- princesslullaby (A Mermagical Tail)
Round 38: Beauty and the Beast- alafastanzio (An Enchanting Tale)
Round 39: Aladdin- BKG201 (Diamond in the rough)
Round 40: Pocahontas- becca85 (Native American Fairytale)
Round 41: Mulan- BKG201 (Hero of China)
Round 42: The Princess and the Frog- firegirl1515 (Bayou fairytale)
Round 43: Tiana- princesslullaby (Determind, hardworking heroine)
Round 44: The Dwarfs- dweeb (Funny little fellas)
Round 45: Flounder- Duncan_Courtney (Nervous little guppy)
Round 46: Rajah- firegirl1515 (Faithful ferocious friend)
Round 47: Cinderella's mice- firegirl1515 (Kindly brave helpers)
Round 48: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather- misssy (Magical Motherly Figures)
Round 49: Meeko- deathchick9 (Adorable little rascal)
Round 50: Disney Princess Films- misssy (Timeless Magical Treasures)


Top Winners (Thanks princesslullaby for creating this list!)

Princesslullaby x10
Alafastanzio x6
becca85 x5
Mongoose09 x5
Disney_Prince x4
Firegirl1515 x4
Duncan_Courtney x3
Acoma x2
BKG201 x2
misssy x2


After a lot of consideration, I have decided that Round 50 will be the last one done by me (at least, for now). If anyone is willing to take over after this round, feel free to do so!

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over a year ago sandysilva said…
The First.

Am I doing this right?
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
big smile
Yup, you're doing it right!

Mine: Happy worker
over a year ago dustfinger said…
Always happy
over a year ago disney_prince said…
over a year ago acoma said…
over a year ago LisaForde said…
over a year ago becca85 said…
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
The Beginning
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Round 1 is over. Vote for the best word to desribe Snow White here: link.

The character for Round 2 is Ariel.
over a year ago livethislifeup said…
Atypical Mermaid

I hope you consulted with the person who created the actual forum. If they saw it, and you didn't confront them first, they would probably be a little ticked. Just letting you know.
over a year ago bubbles4u22 said…
big smile
over a year ago becca85 said…
Beautiful voice
over a year ago IsisRain said…
over a year ago disney_prince said…
over a year ago LisaForde said…
Okey for Ariel she is a lovestruck woman
over a year ago Jillywinkles said…
over a year ago princesslullaby said…

(that's for Ariel)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago acoma said…
over a year ago sandysilva said…
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
"I hope you consulted with the person who created the actual forum. If they saw it, and you didn't confront them first, they would probably be a little ticked. Just letting you know. "

Is this directed towards me (the forum creator), or did I miss something? I'm confused...
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
Hmm I'm guessing they read your "Round 1 is Over. Round 2 Ariel" reply and didn't realize it was you (the forum creator) who was ending that round.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
oh and i say...'RESTLESS' for ariel.
over a year ago bubbles4u22 said…
Yeah, its directed towards u cuz u sed u saw it on othr spots & that person thinks u should ask the person that creatd it if it wuz ok or @ least giv credit 2 them
over a year ago cruella said…
"Rebellious", is what I've always thought of her.
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Round 2 is over. Vote for the best word to desribe Ariel here: link.

We have a winner for Round 1: Snow White... LisaForde!

The character for Round 3 is Cinderella.
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
over a year ago dustfinger said…
Good Sprited
over a year ago acoma said…
over a year ago LisaForde said…
big smile
Okey for Cinderella a hopeless romantic like myself who dreams of happy endings
over a year ago princesslullaby said…
Cinderella- ever hopeful
over a year ago becca85 said…
Animals friend

^^ That's pathetic, but hey, what can I do? I used up all my creativity on some fanfics I am writing. =D ^^
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
*gasp! becca85, fanfics...like disney smut?
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago bubbles4u22 said…
over a year ago becca85 said…
No Disney fanfics right now. I am working on a CSI:NY one and a Jurassic Park one. I've already posted five (I think) on the link spot if anyone is interested.
over a year ago sandysilva said…
Push-over (It's the best I could come up with!)
over a year ago shiriny said…
hope full
over a year ago IsisRain said…
over a year ago cruella said…
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
big smile
Congratulations to Jillywinkles for winning Round 2!

Round 3 is now over. The character for Round 4 is Belle.
over a year ago becca85 said…
Odd Beauty
over a year ago summerfrog said…
over a year ago princesslullaby said…
bookworm beauty
over a year ago cruella said…
tender heart
over a year ago disney_prince said…
Brown Eyed Dreamer
over a year ago sandysilva said…
over a year ago alafastanzio said…
hmm...isn't the name Belle already an adjective? I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

but lets see... 'well-read'
over a year ago kateliness2 said…

Ha. Best I could come up with.
over a year ago rockerchicka17 said…
a Book Worm
over a year ago courtney7488 said…
Congratulations acoma on winning Round 3: Best Word to Describe Cinderella!

Round 4 is now over. Please vote for the Best Word to Describe Belle here: link

The character for Round 5 is Aurora.
over a year ago becca85 said…
I'd say "My Fave" but that probably wouldn't get me very far in the vote. =D

Beautiful Dreamer