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Once Upon A Wuthering Heights
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Poca, you one crazy chick
Poca, you one crazy chick
I couldn't narrow it down to ten, so I decided to just do my top 13 Disney Princess songs. Some of these will be a shock, while some of them are so awesome it's hard not to love them, sooo let's begin. (I still haven't figured out how to put pictures in the article, so please don't hold it against me)

13. Sing Sweet Nightingale

Sing Sweet Nightingale is my favorite Cinderella song. I'm talking about Cindy's part of coarse. It's just so underrated...I feel so bad for Cindy in that song!!! Lucifer is a meanie. I just picture Cindy wishing she was a nightingale *7% to fly away, 93% to peck the heck...
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Suddenly she appeared in front of the kitchen window, all three of them where chocked over her appearance
"Come on Alexandra, hide here with me", Erica told Alexandra

From their hiding place they could see what was going on, they knew that it was the queen in disguise. Alexandra became amazed by the fully red apple that the queen had taken from her basket, but stayed calm though it did look delicious because she loved red apples.

Later Erica said that she had to go to the mine where the dwarfs worked to tell them that Snow White was in danger, Alexandra knew she had to stay to see what was going...
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In the Southland, there's a city, way down on the river, where the women are very pretty...
"He's talking about me, you know," Pea fluffed her hair.
"Pea, don't you find it weird how ever since we got here, there's been some voice following us around singing about how dreams do come true in New Orleans?" asked Conrad.
"It's no weirder than the girl I met who had feet one second and a fat green tail the next. When you've seen all the stuff I have, you learn to just go with it."
New Orleans had an upbeat, fun-loving vibe to it. Although Princess Pea was impressed, she still preferred her old home....
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As I mentioned in my recent article that all of princesses were not shown to have a childhood, their stories begin when they are much older. So, i thought it may be nice to imagine the childhood of these princesses and how have they matured to be such people. Since everything written here is my own imagination, all the opinions in the article are just my speculations based on their personality, as i see it.

Therefore, there's no ranking in this article.

Her father would have read stories to her at bedtime, that's why Belle is so imaginative and fond of reading. Also, Belle would have taken...
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Sofia meets Princess Snow White
snow white
Disney Princess/Friendship Is Magic fan video. The Mane Six Princesses try to tackle jobs they are clearly not suited for because their Cutie Mark says it's their destiny, so it must be, right? Hilarity ensues.
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13. Cinderella

Cindy has plenty of classic, charming qualities that any girl or boy would kill to have. She is kind and faithful and remains this way through all the abuse and suffering she goes through. Although these traits are quite redeeming, I find my self becoming bored by her very quickly. She is bland, but that doesn't mean I hate her. She is the only princess I simply like; I love all the others. Cindy is a great character, but I much prefer the others.

Haters gon' hate.
Haters gon' hate.

12. Elsa

I'm going to keep this short and simple. Elsa is...
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