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Ariel Icon for euny :)  - disney-princess photo

Ariel Icon for euny :)

I was trying to experiment with the image and came up with this. I hope you like it :)
Tiana's Rock - disney-princess photo

Tiana's Rock

I did something different with her eyeshadow as well.
Snow White's wit look - disney-princess photo

Snow White's wit look

Ignore the Disney logo thing. :P
Rapunzel's tan look - disney-princess photo

Rapunzel's tan look

God, this image was SO SMALL, I had to make it bigger.
Pocahontas' Rocket Power look - disney-princess photo

Pocahontas' Rocket Power look

Name inspired by the show "Rocket Power". X)
Mulan's radical look - disney-princess photo

Mulan's radical look

I hope you like the eyeliner OK.
Merida's thought look - disney-princess photo

Merida's thought look

I was listening to music when I did this edit.
Jasmine's steamy look - disney-princess photo

Jasmine's steamy look

Inspired by her facial expression lol.
Elsa's chance look - disney-princess photo

Elsa's chance look

Believe it or not, I actually put 3 SHADES of eyeshadow on!
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Cinderella's Cinder look - disney-princess photo

Cinderella's Cinder look

My friend has a cat named Cinders.
Belle's Beale look - disney-princess photo

Belle's Beale look

In honor of the most famous street in my hometown! <3
Aurora's preposterous look  - disney-princess photo

Aurora's preposterous look

I must say, I think I outdid myself with the eyeshadow!
Ariel's wondrous look  - disney-princess photo

Ariel's wondrous look

This image would've been really hard to do if I didn't crop it!
Anna's freeing look - disney-princess photo

Anna's freeing look

Look at her posture. Oh yeah, I had to use Google Images again because Disney Screencaps was having trouble. :P
Disney MBTI Opposites- Elsa and Vanellope - disney-princess photo

Disney MBTI Opposites- Elsa and Vanellope

There is no ENTP Disney Princess (official I mean) so had to use an unofficial one. Enjoy!