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Disney Princess If Maurice is with Belle when Gaston propose her, will Maurice accepts Gaston's proposal?

42 fans picked:
He will leave the choice to Belle
Yes, but if Belle deny it, he's okay
Yes, he'll change Belle's mind about Gaston
No, he probably knows Gaston is a jerk
No, he doesn't know Gaston
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 911L0L posted over a year ago
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911L0L picked He will leave the choice to Belle:
Or he doesn't know Gaston. He asked Belle's opinion about Gaston in the beginning of the movie. Maurice is a good protective father.
posted over a year ago.
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tiagih picked Yes, but if Belle deny it, he's okay:
Maurice seems like the father that would want Belle to have a secure life and he even mentioned Gaston as a person she might be able to talk so he must think of him as someone worthy or spending time with his daughter. But I don't think he would pressure her into marrying him if she really didn't want to
posted over a year ago.
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Purpledolphin picked Yes, but if Belle deny it, he's okay:
Cause in the movie :
Belle: Papa do you think im odd?
Maurice: Odd? Where did you get the idea like that?
Belle: Oh I don't know. Its just im not sure I fit in here. Theres no one here to talk to.
Maurice: How about that Gaston? Hes a handsome fallew.
Belle: Hes handsome allright and rude and conseetive. Papa hes not for me.
Maurice: Well don't you worry , this invention is gonna be the start of a new life for us.

I don't think he would force her into marrage.
posted over a year ago.