Disney Princess Which princess are you most like character wise?

Pick one:
Snow white: Caring and sensitive/innocent
Aurora: Nature-loving and naive, elegant
Jasmine: A will of your own and adventurous
Ariël: Dreamy, idealistic and/or a rebel; romantic, ambitious
Belle: Bookworm, dreamy, honest, eccentric, ambitious
Cinderella: Disciplined, too kind for your own good, dreaming of a better life
Pocahontas: Very close to nature, strong, strongly connected with your intuition
Jane: Nature loving, intellectual, caring, helpful
Jane: Nature loving, intellectual, caring, helpful
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Tiana: determined, confident, hard working, a bit narrow minded
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Jazelle: Cheery, Positive, caring, a bit sensitive
Jazelle:Cheery,Positive,caring,a bit sensitive
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Rapunzel: creative, spirited, happy
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Snow White, Aurora, and Belle
Snow White, Aurora, and Belle
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All of Them
All of Them
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Mulan: Brave, strong, caring, searching for who you are.
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Merida- Brave, protective, strong- willed,...
Merida- Brave, protective, strong-willed, determined
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Not Sure Really
Not Sure Really
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Elsa, Jasmine, Esmeralda and Pocahontas
Elsa, Jasmine, Esmeralda and Pocahontas
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Elsa: Refined, closed off, Not very cold, caring
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Meg: Humorous, Confident and a Cautious and Resistent Lover
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Anna: Dreams of True Love. She's a Kind, Humorous Girl
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