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Let it Go in Hungarian (No Instrumental)

Let It Go (Miss Saigon Style)

Beauty and the Beast Finale

Lucy Hale ft. Rascal Flatt-Let It Go

Let It Slow

Beauty and the Beast Finale in Hungarian

Once Upon a Dream (Trion Remix)

Disney Princesses - Believe in your dreams, Princess (French Version)

Lexi Penick goes Multilanguage

Let it Go in Hindi

Aladdin - SNL

Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda in The Little Mermaid Ultimate Medley

Miss Universe is a Disney Fan

Pocahotas-Savages (One Line Multilanguage)

Let it Flow

Frozen goes Star Wars

Disney Movie Surfers 2016: Moana

First Look at Maui (Skip to 0:49)

13 min of Mulan

Fanpop's Dr.Evan Interviews Linda Larkin, voice of Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin!

A Whole New World (Hungarian Pop Version)

Elsa in Tangled

Disney DIY Holiday Tags

Richard Madden on his private parts

Elsa vs Lady GaGa

Mickey moue and Elsa Frozen adventure

Let Them Burn (Fire Version)

Raising the Curtain on ‘Tangled: The Musical’

Re Sadira Hate (my response to KataraLover)

Re: King Triton Hate? (My video response to cruella)

King Triton Hate

Cinderella-Strong (Italian Version)

Sadira Hate?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Walt Disney Signature Collection (Blu-ray Trailer)

15 Questions to Test Your Cinderella Knowledge

"When She Returns" new song debut - Tangled: The Musical on Disney Cruise Line

"Wanted Man" new song debut - Tangled: The Musical on Disney Cruise Line

"Flower of Gold" new song debut - Tangled: The Musical on Disney Cruise Line

Animated Once Upon A Time In Wonderland- Anastasia tells Jafar she has the bottle

Lee Dong Wook ft. Jo Se Ho-Love is an Open Door

Disney's Live Action Mulan - Fan BingBing? Rila Fukushima? Hayley Kiyoko? - Beyond The Trailer

Google Translate Sings: Cinderella

apart of your world

Aladdin As Told By Tsum Tsums

Kristanna Love is an Open Door

Aladdin as told by Emoji

repunzle understands

Princess Jasmine is so amazing!!

Google Translate Sings: "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from The Little Mermaid

Re Belle Hate (my response to KataraLover)