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Article by alyssajo posted 5 months ago
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I’m not sure where to start. I have a problem, but no one will stay long enough to hear the whole story. Once they realize who I am, they think they know who I am, and they judge me. But, there are two sides to every story.
My name is Gaston. I’m not a villain, though that's what Disney would have you think. Let me start from the beginning. Disney took everything so out of context! He was so bent on defining me as a bad guy that he didn’t think about what he was doing to me, or my reputation! See, there was a girl. She was beautiful, the only girl in the town who’s as beautiful as me. The first time I met Belle will forever be in my memory. A year before everything happened, there was talk of a new girl in town. I was intrigued, mainly at the idea of a new girl to adore me ( as I said back then I was vain). She was just walking out of a book shop and, too busy reading her new book, she ran into a lady who dropped her basket. Belle quickly set down her book to help her. I could tell right away she sincerely cared about other people. Her kindness struck me, as well as her beauty and intelligence. Every time I went into the town after that, I hoped to see her...
Opinion by 99148770 posted 7 months ago
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This is your opinion about whatever, you will snog, marry, avoid the Disney Villain or not?

*1. You will snog or kiss the Character, who you like the most.
*2. You will marry to the Character, who you love the most.
*3. You will avoid the Character, who you dislike the most.


*I will Snog and Marry Captain James Hook from Peter Pan, Because He is Evil, but Charismatic, Hilarious, Persuasive and Suave British Pirate Captain.

*I will Avoid The Queen Of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland, Because She is very Irrational and Unreasonable Jerk, Who always shouts "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"
Article by Pyjamarama posted over a year ago
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Sykes: Hello. Welcome to Disneyland Florida. I’m Sykes and this is Fagin, my helper. He’s always silly. Fagin: I’m never silly, Sykes! I help you! I give you a money! Sykes: Be quiet, Fagin! Fagin: Sorry. Sykes: I’d like you to meet all the other best Disney villains. They’re so evil like me. I have a cash and I’ll give a cash to any villain. Fagin: Sykes, the other villains are here! Come in, villains! Gaston: Hello, Sykes! My name is Gaston and I’ve come to get a cash! Sykes: I am so pleased you’ve come to the right place, Gaston. Gaston: You’re the best villain ever, Sykes! Sykes: Thank you, Gaston. Here’s your cash. Gaston: Thank you, Sykes! Sykes: You’re welcome, Mr. Gaston. Jafar: Hello, Sykes. My name is Jafar and I’ve come from agrabah. Would you like to hear the song I sing? Sykes: Of course, Mr. Jafar. Go ahead. Jafar: must admit, Your parlor tricks are amusing
I bet you've got a bunny
Under your hat!
Now here's your chance
To get the best of me,