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Article by Pyjamarama posted over a year ago
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Sykes: Hello. Welcome to Disneyland Florida. I’m Sykes and this is Fagin, my helper. He’s always silly. Fagin: I’m never silly, Sykes! I help you! I give you a money! Sykes: Be quiet, Fagin! Fagin: Sorry. Sykes: I’d like you to meet all the other best Disney villains. They’re so evil like me. I have a cash and I’ll give a cash to any villain. Fagin: Sykes, the other villains are here! Come in, villains! Gaston: Hello, Sykes! My name is Gaston and I’ve come to get a cash! Sykes: I am so pleased you’ve come to the right place, Gaston. Gaston: You’re the best villain ever, Sykes! Sykes: Thank you, Gaston. Here’s your cash. Gaston: Thank you, Sykes! Sykes: You’re welcome, Mr. Gaston. Jafar: Hello, Sykes. My name is Jafar and I’ve come from agrabah. Would you like to hear the song I sing? Sykes: Of course, Mr. Jafar. Go ahead. Jafar: must admit, Your parlor tricks are amusing
I bet you've got a bunny
Under your hat!
Now here's your chance
To get the best of me,
Opinion by sturmelle15 posted over a year ago
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1.Megara and Hades-Never really understood the whole Meg and Hades thing,especially since he just would not go away!He followed Meg around everywhere and would not leave her alone,although of course he's gonna be everywhere,that's his job.But still,i think Hades is a stalker.I was so glad he finally found someone else in House of Mouse.
2.Jasmine and Jafar-Same reason as the top,except Jafar never followed Jasmine around everywhere like Hades did.I was also glad he found someone else in House of Mouse.
3.Phillip and Maleficent-Same reason as 1 and 2.
4.Esmeralda and Frollo-Never really understood the whole Esmeralda and Frollo thing,especially since Frollo went to great lengths as to make Esmeralda his,so one word:YUCK!
5.Pocahontas and Ratcliffe-At least this one isn't nearly as bad as the other four,but still i never really understood the Pocahontas and Ratcliffe thing
6.Belle and Gaston-Never really understood the whole Belle and Gaston thing,so one word:YUCK!
List by Pyjamarama posted over a year ago
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Jafar-If you must know, I don't like violently imploding into a cloud of dust after my lamp is kicked into a lava lake by Iago, that wretched parrot!

Sykes-I hate it when the train kills me. I would've stopped that little girl from getting away if it weren't for that horrible train.

McLeach-I don't like falling down a huge waterfall to my death. So terrible to die it was. I lied to Cody. I tried to kill Cody, but Joanna pushed me into the water.

Maleficent-I don't like getting slain by Prince Phillip with the Sword of Truth and falling down of the cliff, and down off the cliff is my cloak with the sword on it, and the sword turns black. I hate it because i'm a big villain. I'll be in my live action film in 2014.

Captain Hook-I see my enemy, Tick Tock Crocodile and i don't like him. When Peter Pan returned, i fell into the water along with Smee and Sharky and Bones. And we got chased by Tick Tock Crocodile. Blast that Peter Pan and those puny pirates!