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The Wizard of Oz Disney Cast

I'm gonna try to get someone on youtube to do The Wizard of Oz with disney characters the one with Judy Garland but I don't know who I'll cast for who I have a few figured out but not all of them so that's where yall come in PLEASE HELP ME here's the ones I have figured out

Melody as Dorathy
Scamp as Toto
Either Simba or Beast as The Cowardly Lion
The Blue Fairy as Glinda
Lady Tremaine as Miss Gulch
The Seven Dwarfs and The Three Good Fairies as The Munchkins

That's all I need you all to HELP ME
The Wizard of Oz Disney Cast
Also the Magic Mirror as the Wizards head that he uses to trick Dorathy and her friends
KataraLover posted over a year ago
Also Maleficent as The Wicked Witch of The West
KataraLover posted over a year ago
Overdub using the original Wizard of Oz cast voices
KataraLover posted over a year ago
 KataraLover posted over a year ago
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Mongoose09 said:
Dorothy - Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Toto - Jock (Lady and the Tramp)
Glinda - Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)
Wicked Witch of the West - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Myra Gulche - Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)
Cowardly Lion - Simba (Lion King)
Tin Man - ???
Scarecrow - Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)
Wizard - Merlin (Sword in the Stone)
Wizard (fake) - Magic Mirror (Snow White)
Aunty Em - Widow Tweed (Fox and the Hound)
Uncle Henry - Amos Slade (Fox and the Hound)
Munchkins - Mice (Cinderella)
Flying Monkeys - King Louie and Co. (Jungle Book)
Talking trees - Trees (Snow White)
Horse of a different colour - Pegasus (Hercules)

That's something like what I'd do. :)
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posted over a year ago 
sumerjoy11 said:
The Widow from the Fox and the Hound should be Auntie Em, Merlin should be the wizard, and Amos should be Uncle Henry. Btw this is a wonderful idea! Ive loved this movie since I was little.
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posted over a year ago 
Gleek4ever said:
maleficent as the wicked witch
mickey mouse in the sorcerer's apprentice as the wizard
tigger as the scarecrow
beast as the tin man
fairy godmother in cinderella as aunty em

i think what you have so far is great too!!!

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posted over a year ago 
ebkang99 said:
alice as dorothy
jock as toto
simba as the cowardly Lion
merryweather as glinda
madame mim as witch
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posted over a year ago 
I luv ur choices. Though I think Lady Tremaine should be the witch and Flora as Glinda.
sumerjoy11 posted over a year ago
weaslyismyking said:
I think the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella is a good choice for Glinda as well. I've never seen Pinocchio so I can't vouch for the Blue Fairy.
I think either Alice or Belle may be a better Dorothy. They're already dressed similar, and I don't see any similarities between Melody and Dorothy.
I say Beast as the Cowardly Lion.
And I like the Mirror as the Wizard.

I will try to think of who could be potential Tin Men, Scarecrows, and or Flying Monkeys and edit when I do.

Btw I really like this idea and I think you have pretty good choices so far.

edit: Y'know that talking apple tree? One of the trees in Snow White could be that... I think that's kind of an unnecessary character but I just thought of it...

edit2: The Vultures in The Jungle Book as Flying Monkeys?
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posted over a year ago 
Every little character counts which is why it's going to take me a long time to find the cast for characters
KataraLover posted over a year ago
Genius_626 said:
ok, I have a few ideas (I didn't read the other suggestions, so if I repeat ideas, sorry)

since Frank Morgan played Professor Marvel/The Gatekeeper/The Carriage Driver/The Doorman and The Wizard of Oz in the movie, you could have one character do all of those too

(I think stitch would be a good Toto, just to mix it up)

the flying monkeys could be monkeys from Tarzan or Jungle Book

my sister thinks goofy should be the scarecrow, so if that happened, I would think mickey could be the tin man and donald the cowardly lion

hope that helps
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posted over a year ago 
bluecinderella4 said:
Dorothy: Alice or Belle
Scarecrow: Goofy or Roger Rabbit
Lion: Simba (coz he's a lion) or Pumbaa (coz he's easily scared)
Wicked Witch: Maleficent or Hag from Snow White
Wizard Head: Magic Mirror
Wizard of Oz: Merlin or Genie
Toto: Jock, Scamp, or Bruno (cinderella's dog)
Miss Gulch: Lady Tremaine
Auntie Em & Uncle Henry: Widow Tweed & Amos Slade
Glinda: Cinderella's fairy godmother, blue fairy, or Tinkerbell
Munchkins: 7 dwarfs, 3 nephews (Huey, Dewey, Louie), Mickey, Minnie, Lost Boys, Pinocchio

Tin Man is hard to pick but I can only suggest Hugo (from the Hunchback of Notre Dame)or even Donald Duck but if you run out of options go pixar and pick Wall-E
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posted over a year ago 
lepetitsouris said:
I agree with Mongoose09. But isn't it rather difficult to do a whole movie? Can you send me the link of the youtuber?
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posted over a year ago 
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