This is a remake of my top 20 favorite Disney movies, which will still be including sequels. However this time I will also be including Pixar and computer animated movies. I hope you enjoy it but keep in mind this is just my opinion. Please comment and enjoy.

20.The Rescuers Down Under
The unbelievable adventure about three brave mice and a daring little boy who save an eagle!

I have to say this is one really underrated movie. It's hardly ever mentioned by anyone and you hardly ever see anyone say what huge fans they are of this movie but I don't see why. It's absolutely amazing! Just the first five minutes of the movie is absolutely thrilling and just has my jaw dropping. The animation is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are really entertaining. The musical score is really amazing and gets stuck in my head. I'd have to say my favorite character is Cody, he's cute, smart, brave, strong, doesn't give in, and stands up for both himself and what he believes in. He refuses to tell Mcleach where the golden eagle is and doesn't care what he threatens to do to him. I love how he's aware that he needs him so he's taking advantage on how he can just make him mad for fun. I love how Bernard is trying to purpose to Bianca and it takes to the very end of the movie to finally be able to. The climax is really amazing and I'm always on the edge of my seat because even though I know what happens I'm afraid that that little boy will get eaten by crocodiles. In my opinion the original can't even compare to this movie. I like it and I love Penny and the songs but this is by far better. It's always exciting and the reason it's not high is just that the idea of a story about mice just seems silly, though this seems to pull it off but not enough to put it higher.

19.The Princess and The Frog
The classic fairy-tale kiss but with a twist!

This movie has moved down my list alot, it use to be in my top 10 but I think I was just having the new movie fever. I really do love this movie, it just lacks the classic quality that the other movies higher than it does. Well isn't that a twist, this time I telling why it didn't get higher before I tell why I love it. I love the music, actually this movie is the only time that I ever like Jazz music. My favorite character is Tiana, she maybe a kill-joy but she can be fun and is really sassy. I really love that this movie is starting a second renaissance and disney's returning to it's classic roots. I love disney channel especially Hannah Montana but I think they promote them too much sometimes. It's nice to see them going back classic movies like this. I couldn't believe that they actually killed Ray, I didn't think he would really did I just expected him to jump out and say something. I love Tiana's singign voice it's gorgeous! The worst part of the movie was obviously Naveen, he's so annoying that a nun would try to murder him! One thing that bugged me about the movie is they basically copied Odette's(The Swan Princess) transformation but green and less impressive. Mama Odie and Lottie are really funny! I just hope Disney continues making movies like this. It's not higher because it's kind of rushed and has some plot holes. Also because I can't stand Naveen!

18.The Emperor's New Groove

This is probably, actually this is the funniest disney movie ever in creation. If I had to name all the moments that made me laugh in this movie than I'd be here all year, so I'll try to narrow it down. My favorite character is Yzma she's so hilarious and is the funniest disney villian ever. I love the lever scene most of all "WRONG LEVER!" I laugh all over the place! I sometimes threaten people with that flea plan Yzma came up with. I loved the dinner scene where Kuzco turns into a Lama and Yzma's using brocoli to tell Kronk to "Hit him on the head" and he's too stupid to figure it out. The jungle scene was really funny "GET AWAY FROM ME" and the squirl is epic! I almost choked myself to death from laughing during that birthday song and the look on Yzma's face is PRICELESS! Yzma in the tent funny and scary! I loved when her and Kronk were in the closet "TEll US WHERE THE TALKING LAMA IS AND WE'LL BURN YOUR HOUSE TO THE GROUND" LOL! I loved every moment of this movie, whenever I need a laugh I just go to this movie! However it's a bit too silly to take the plot seriously, I wish I could have it higher but I just love the others more.

17.Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasue
The grand adventure about a special fairy who's off to fix a mistake she made while realizing the true gift of a friend!

I know a lot of people don't like the Tinkerbell movies but I absolutely love them and think they're underrated. Unfortunately this is the only Tinkerbell movie here, but I still love the other Tinkerbell movies too. However what sets this apart from the rest is that the others are kind of more cutesy my comparison because this is an actual adventure. Tinkerbell goes on this great life changing journey that helps her grow and realize her mistakes and what's really important. I also really love the romance between Tinkerbell and Terence. They're one of the best animated couples in existence, they're best friends but you can tell that there's so much more to their relationship than just that. I love the songs and the characters. My favorite character is Tinkerbell she's clever, creative, adventurous, curious, funny, and really grows as a character throughout the movie while still keeping her flaws such has being hot-headed. It's a movie that teaches you that sometimes you don't need to be by yourself and you do sometimes need help from your friends. This movie isn't higher because while I love this movie because it has Terence in it more it lacks Tinkerbell's other friend's. While the others focus on Tinkerbell's friends except for Terence. I wish they would create come middle ground to were to focus on Tinkerbell, Terence, and Tinkerbell's friend's, plus her sister.

16.The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea
Once upon a time, a mermaid dreamed of life on the land! Now her daughter..... dreams of the sea!

Call me crazy but I actually really love this movie. I grew up with this movie as a kid and kept wanting to watch it over and over again, for a few weeks at a little kid I loved it more than the original. I actually use to watch this movie with my older sister. The songs are really entertaining, the animation was nice but not amazing, and I just love Melody. Melody is my favorite character in the movie obviously she's(along with Ariel) my favorite animated female. I loved that part where Melody was saying everything Sebastian said because she heard the rules many time, it was so cool and cute. I was never not in the mood to watch this as a kid. I loved to see Ariel having a kid especially one as amazing as Melody. This movie always makes me smile every time I watch it because it's that good. I don't care what anybody says I love this movie and I will always love it. It will always hold a special place in my heart! However it is kinda just The Little Mermaid just remixed. Even though I love it to death it's just not as original as the rest.

The legend about two people from completely different worlds showing each other beauty and wonder beyond their dreams!

Come on, how can you not absolutely love this movie? What's not to love? Everything about this movie is absolutely amazing. The animation is gorgeous, the songs are amazing, and the characters are awesome. My favorite character would have to be Tarzan. I love how he's an outcast and how he shows everyone that he's more than they think he is. I also really love Jane. She's what a damsel in distress should be. She gets in trouble a lot of the time but still is useful and entertaining. She's one of the most hilarious Disney characters. I kept laughing so hard during the scene with the baboons and Tarzan was saving her. Actually a lot of the characters are really funny. This movie really tugs at the heart string. The scene where Kala found Tarzan and he touched her hand just makes me melt. This is one of the most emotional Disney movies in existence. The reason it's not higher is for one the villain is really weak. Another reason is that the story seems a little bit rushed.

14.Toy Story 2
The amazing story about toys that really tugs at the heart strings!

Ever since I was a kid I absolutely loved the Toy Story movies. This movie is so amazing it's even better than the original, which is a great movie too. First of all it introduces my favorite character in the franchise, Jessie. She's smart, funny, complex, and has a back story but at the same time isn't a boring mopey character. She's been my favorite Pixar heroine for years, until Merida came along. I love how much emotion this movie shows, the Toy Story movies are known for that. Eventually something will happen to each of us that we can't avoid, Woddy can't avoid that eventually Andy is going to grow up. I love all the characters in the movie, except Mr. Potato-Head and Al. It features one of the few Pixar villains that I actually like, Pixar makes amazing movies but their villains are something less than to be desired. The Prospector is someone you think of as a nice guy but during all of this he's just manipulating everyone. Plus I love how they gave him a slight back story about how every other toy but him was sold. Plus this movie features one of the best and emotional songs, When She Loved Me. It makes me regret giving away my toys. It made me feel so bad I went a bought a Woody and Jessie doll, I would've bought Buzz too but they didn't have it. Also I have to say Jessie has such a beautiful singing voice, I think that's the only time a Pixar character actually sings a song. It's not higher because sometimes it can be a bit dull. Also it's a bit misleading with the whole Woody and Jessie thing. As a kid I thought that Woody and Jessie were a couple and then at the end Woody is with the unnecessary and boring Boo Peep and out of no where Jessie ends up with Buzz. That makes no sense. It felt like Woody and Jessie had so much chemistry and development.

13.Monsters Inc.
Monsters are real and they scare children but it's nothing personal, it's just their job!

When I was a kid I was absolutely obsessed with this movie and couldn't stop watching it. I can see why people love this movie so much, it's obviously one of the best Pixar movies. I love the characters, other than the villains. I think my favorite character would have to be Boo, she's just so adorable. I also love how she finally over comes her fear of monsters and attacks Randall. She's pretty bada** for a a three year old. I also love the relationship between Sully and Boo, it's really sweet. I love the jokes, especially the ones involving Roz. I think this movie is really original, although it's been done before. However what makes it original is the style they do it in. However I have to say the villains in this movie are really weak. They're uninteresting and not very intimidating. They could have done a much better job at picking the villains.

12.The Black Cauldron
The story with the most unlikely of heros an old man, a funny little creature, a beautiful princess, and a little pig boy!

I actually didn't see this movie until I was eight years old and I adored the movie. After that I didn't see it again until I was fourteen, I finally got it on DVD when I was fifteen. My favorite character is Taran I love that he's a dreamer who makes mistakes and easily goes of daydreaming like me. I can't believe I went most of my life without this movie. I also can't believe how underrated and tragically unknown this movie is. I mean yeah it's a little dark for a disney movie but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I think this movie would make an awesome live-action movie, that would by epic. The animation and effects are just amazing! I just love that it has such unlikely heros like an old man with a harp, some kinda dog badger like creature, a beautiful twelve year old princess dressed like a scullary maid, and a twelve year old little peasant boy. I also wanna say I love the way Gurgi talks it's so funny! I enjoyed every moment of this movie. However the reason it's not higher is because it doesn't have any songs in it. What's disney without music and songs? NOTHING I TELL YOU!

11.Aladdin and The King of Thieves
The perfect way to end both the amazing trilogy and the fabulous TV show, with the wedding of the century we've been waiting for!

First of all I have to say I hate not having this movie in my top 10 but I just love the others more. Anyway I think this is the perfect way to end the Aladdin trilogy and the TV series. I honestly don't understand how it's considered a bad movie on Rotten Tomatoes, it's absolutely amazing. It's full of action and adventure. Plus I love seeing how we're finding out about Aladdin's past and his father. It shows a new level of what they have to offer for the amazing trilogy. The characters from the original keep their personalities and are still entertaining. Plus I love how Aladdin doesn't lie in this movie and that Jasmine doesn't act spoiled or bratty. I love Genie's pop culture references. The songs are all really good, except for Welcome To The Forty Thieves. Plus we finally get to see Aladdin and Jasmine getting married. Despite the horrible animation it's actually a really amazing film. I find this exciting every time I watch it. So why don't I like it better than the original? I'm honestly not entirely sure, it just has some things about it that bug me. The songs while good aren't memorable, I hate Aladdin's father, Jasmine seems like more of a minor character, the amazing romance is limited, I don't like the song Welcome To The Forty Thieves, the villain while good isn't as amazing as Jafar, while I love Genie's pop culture references some of them make no sense and just come out of no where, the forty thieves are annoying and uninteresting, and I hate that Iago leaves the group, I think the group needs to stay together I grew to love them together throughout the TV series. I actually for a while as a kid stopped watching it because of Iago leaving but none the less it's still an amazing movie.

10.Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland
All of Disney is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust!

As a kid I hardly ever got a chance to see it except for the first time I saw it in theaters, when it comes on Disney Channel, and when someone brought it to elemetary school to watch. I think this movie is WAY better than the original because the original is SO BORING! I love Jane's singing voice(Jonatha Brooke) it's so beautiful. I also really like Peter in this movie because I thought he was REALLY ANNOYING in the original, he can be annoying at times in this movie but overall I like him in this movie. The animation is amazing, way better than the original. One way is because Peter is actually handsome in this movie, I think he's butt ugly in the original. His face was just so creepy looking! I also think Wendy is so beautiful in the third movie as an adult, but not as beautiful as her daughter. My favorite character is Jane she's brave, heroic, caring, sassy, and intelligent. I love the version of The Second Star To The Right in this movie I also love I'll Try. The reason this movie is higher than Aladdin and The King of Thieves is because it fixes all the problems I have with the original and make them better, mainly with Peter Pan. I think this movie is underrated and deserves more credit than it gets. I mean we get better songs, animation, heroine, our hero has a better personality, and a better plot. I can't believe I went most of my childhood not watching this movie except for special occasions. However I guess the only reason it's not higher is simple because I love the others more.

9.The Lion King and The Lion King 2: SImba's Pride
Two amazing stories based off the tragic stories by Shakespeare!

It's hard to decide which one of these absolutely amazing movies is better so I just put them in the same spot. Both have awesome things about them but also have their problems but we'll get to that later. Both have amazing songs and characters, except for Nuka and Nala. I find Nuka annoying and Nala unnecessary and boring. Nala's only reason for being in the movie is just so Simba has a love interest. I think both have great animation, though the original's animation is better. In my opinion the original has the best animation ever. In the original my favorite characters are Timon and Pumba, they're so hilarious, fun, and awesome. However the sequel introduces my favorite character in the franchise, Kiara. She's smart, fun, adventurous, curious, wise beyond her years, and is the reason that the conflict is solved. She's one of my favorite animated heroines and her and Kovu are one of my favorite animated couples. However the problem with them is that the original has a mixed message and the sequel a little bit rushed at times.

The story about a young girl who defied the rules to save her father but also found the beauty, the courage, and the strength in herself!

This has been one of my favorite Disney movies since it first came out in the theaters. I remember when I was little and I first saw it, I enjoyed every single moment of it. What's not to love about it? I absolutely love the songs, even though I think I'll Make A Man Out of You is overrated. Personally my favorite song is Reflection, it deserves more attention than I'll Make A Man Out of You. My favorite character is obviously Mulan, she's definitely one of the best Disney characters in existence. I can really relate to her and I love how she proves that she can do whatever a man can do. It's really funny and I love all the funny moments in this movie, which is almost everything in the movie. Mushu is hilarious and I love that scene where he's feeding Mulan, it's hilarious. However it's not too silly and has serious and dark moments. The reason it's not higher is because the villain in my opinion is really boring.

A brilliant and exciting retailing twist on the classic fairy-tale!

Everything about this movie is absolutely brilliant. I love how they actually give a reason to why Rapunzel's hair needs to be so long other than that the witch needs a ladder. The songs are absolutely amazing, I love all of the songs, there's not a single one I don't like, I even love I've Got A Dream. Rapunzel is definitely my favorite character, she's basically Ariel, but a bit too sweet. However I love how she goes from a naive little girl to a mature strong young woman. I love all the action they put in the movie and really made Rapunzel a strong character and not some weakling like in the original tale. Mother Gothel is also really entertaining, she's such a great and fun villain. I wouldn't call her one of the best but still really cool. The reason it's not higher is because for one I strongly dislike Flynn, he's so annoying. Another reason is that compared to the others it's a bit too cutesy. But still nonetheless it's amazing.

6.Toy Story 3
The perfect conclusion to the amazing trilogy!

Absolutely the best of all the Toy Story movies, ever since I saw it I've been obsessed with it. This is the perfect way to end the trilogy, even though stupidly they're going to make a Toy Story 4 for some reason. The characters remain the same while still growing as characters. Jessie is still my favorite and I love her even more because she doesn't act rude. She's learned that she needs to move on and doesn't want to have that whole Emily situation happen to her again. Everything about this movie is brilliant and dynamic. It features who I consider to be the best Pixar villain, just like Jessie he has a back story. I love how he appears as this sweetheart-ed guy but is really manipulative and cruel. This movie has a lot of action and I love how they made the characters all involved in such an awesome escape. I love how they make Barbie smart, useful, and a total bada**. I love how she basically torments Ken. This movie is part of why I can't decide if I prefer Jessie with Woody or Buzz. Her and Buzz are really great in this movie. I also love the emotion where they're finally facing what they were fearing in the second movie. The ending was so sad and beautiful. The reason it's not higher is because I have more nostalgia from the others that just can't be touched.

5.Finding Nemo
A amazing adventure to find one small fish in the great big blue world!

Absolutely without a doubt the best Pixar movie in existence. It's an amazing and entertaining adventure in the most beautiful place on earth, the sea. I'm not kidding, every single scene under water is absolutely stunning and makes my jaw drop. My favorite character would have to be Nemo. He's fun, smart, brave, adventurous, curious, and shows that he's stronger than he looks. I also really love Dory, she's always making me laugh so hard. She's such an idiot but in a good way. I think she's especially funny when she's tying to speak whale, which surprisingly she actually can speak whale. I love how the three main characters go through such a growth in the movie: Marlin learns not to be so overprotective and uptight, Dory learns that even though she has short term memory loss that she can do anything and useful, Nemo learns that no matter what anyone says about him or his "lucky fin" that he's stronger than they say he is and can do anything he puts his mind to. All the characters we fun into in this movie are memorable. I also have to say that I love how they don't confirm or deny that Marlin and Dory are a couple. You can decide if their a couple or just friends. In my opinion they're a couple because they help each other with their growth during the adventure and really care for each other. Dory helps Marlin realize how he needs to take chances and not to be so over-protective and Marlin helps Dory somewhat with her short term memory loss. She even says that when she's with him she's home. I think they're a couple and should be together but that's just my opinion. It's not higher because the others are in my top 10 favorite movies of ALL TIME.

4.Beauty and The Beast 2: Enchanted Christmas
As long as there's Christmas there will always be a time when the world is filled with peace and love!

I know you think I'm probably crazy for having this movie in my top 5. However I've always liked this movie more than the original, I always wanted to watch this over the original as a kid. This is my favorite Christmas movie ever and it has my favorite Christmas song, As Long As There's Christmas. I actually love the two songs Stories and As Long As There's Christmas more than all the songs in the original. I love this movie so much that it's a tradition that every Christmas that I watch it. In fact I sing As Long As There's Christmas as I put up and decorate the Christmas Tree. I also sing the song Stories as I rap Christmas presents. The animation is okay. One thing I wanna point out is that even though the animation isn't as good as the original, unlike the original Belle stays consistantly drawn and I think she looks really pretty. This movie always warms my heart and I actually do cry with tears of joy in some scenes. The scenes I cry in are As Long As There's Christmas Reprise, when Beast's reads the story book Belle gave him, and the ending along with the credits. I tried to fight back the tears but I could help it because it made me so happy. It made my lips quiver too and I know I'm an eighteen year old guy but I can't help it. After I watch the movie it took forever for me to stop smiling. You're probably wondering why I love this movie more than the original, the heartwarming scenes and the songs. I will always love this movie and I'll watch it every Christmas until the day that I die. The only reason the others are high are because I just love the others more.

The magical story of a peasant boy who unleashed a genie!

I love this movie with a burning passion and always have. I love Genies impressions of people. My favorite character in the movie is of course Aladdin he's my favorite animated male. I love that the characters all of flaws which makes them realistic. I love all the characters in the movie. I love to act like Iago and quote things that he says because he's the funniest character in the movie. I love all the songs I sing One Jump Ahead Reprise alot of the time especially when I'm sad, and it's not even my favorite song in the movie. My favorite is A Whole New World, I even got to sing it once in my choir. I would love to be in Aladdin's shoes and live that amazing adventure. Jasmine is a very lucky girl to have Aladdin since he pretended to be a prince, almost drowned, almost frozed to death, and almost got eaten by a giant snake all for her. I also really enjoyed the sequels even though they're not here but I do really like them. I always wanted to jump into the Aladdin movies and the TV show and just be part of the story because of how fun it is. It's not higher because the other two just make me smile more.

2.Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
The story of a pup who goes on an epic adventure

Yep that's right I actually have a sequel as my number two favorite disney movie and it's amazing. First if you haven't seen this movie I say go watch it now because if you don't your life will never be complete and you'll live the rest of your life empty with a hole in your heart. Anyway if you saw another article of mine you know exactly how I find this better than the original by miles.First of all I don't hate the original anymore, I actually really like it but I don't love it. I love this movie and I use to watch it with my older sister. My favorite character is Scamp he's so realistic and relatable. I love all the songs in this movie especially Always There. I think this movie has more meaning to it than the original, like that you shouldn't run away and family is what matters. Which they do because family are the people who have to put up with you no matter what, just kidding. It has a better developed hero, heroine, and couple. The end credits even made a beautiful version of Bella Notte, which in my opinion was a perfectly wonderful song that was ruined in the original. Whenever I see anything related to this movie I geek out and almost faint from how happy I am. If you wanna know more about how much I love this movie than check out my article on how the sequel is better than the original. I could go on and on about how much I love this movie everything about it is amazing it's flawless and the best sequel ever created, it's definitely one of my favorite movies ever.

1.The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid who dreamed of something more!

You all know me so you know that this isn't a surprise at all that this is my favorite. My favorite character is of course Ariel she's(along with Melody) my favorite animated character. I love her to pieces and her personality is realistic and relatable. Everyone relates to her in some way, even if they won't admit it. I love the songs especially Part of Your World that along with Somewhere Over The Rainbow are my theme songs. I love the romance with Ariel and Eric it always makes me smile and sometimes gives me hope that I'll meet a nice pretty girl like Ariel. I adore the music score of the movie especially the entering Atlantica, Part of Your World, and the ending. I never get tired of hearing Ariel's voice it's the most gorgeous voice of all the Disney characters. I also love that Disney was in big trouble and was in danger of shutting down but The Little Mermaid was the movie that saved them. It started the Renaissance, a new age of Disney movies that we all fell in love with. Just like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella without The Little Mermaid we wouldn't have a lot of the amazing movies we have today. I just love the whole longing to be in a world your not part of and willing to give up everything and do anything for love. I love the ending especially considering in the original fairy-tale the mermaid dies which I hate, in my opinion the original story stinks on ice. Anyway I actually shed a tear when I saw the ending because of how touching and beautiful it is. Even though Triton hated humans he's will get to get over his hatred for humans(because for one a human, Eric saved him, his daughter, and his people) because his love for his daughter is greater than is hate for humans. The long awaited kiss between Ariel and Eric, Ariel's stunning sparkly dress, and the wedding. It even has my favorite family moment when Ariel and Triton hug and she says "I love you daddy" I definitely shed a tear at that part. I know people think it doesn't show that Ariel has grown or learned, they just think they's a selfish spoiled brat. But people who say that completely miss the point, they think she needed to die like in the original to prove she's unselfish which I think is completely stupid. She didn't need to die to prove she was unselfish! Besides there is some self sacrifice Triton has to give up his daughter and Ariel has to give up her friends and family so there is a bitter sweet ending. This is definitely my favorite movie ever in creation!