Ch. 12- Fenced In

    Lady and Tramp left the park, and passing through the maze of garbage cans and trees, they eventually found Pongo and Perdita.
    “Oh, it’s good to see you back,” Perdita told Lady politely.
Lady nodded sadly. “We do need to find the children… and I want to see my Jim Dear and Darling again… and the baby… what will he do without me at home? I… I…”
    “Aww, easy, Pidge, they’ll do all right,” Tramp stated gently.
“Do you know of any places where they might be?” Pongo asked.
    “Hmm… well, I know one good hideout is the junkyard…” Tramp told them.
    “We already checked there,” Lady reminded him.
    “Yeah, but it can’t hurt to check there again,” Tramp told them. “Where else do we have to look?”
    They rushed over to the junkyard, which was still desolate and empty. When they went inside, Pongo decided to ignore the pile of junk and examine the rest of the yard. He scanned the perimeter as the others dug in the main pile, and then he noticed…
    “Oh look,” Pongo declared as he looked over at the corner. The others followed, and there, sitting on the side of the barrel, were two collars, one blue and one pink, both with bite marks on them.
    “Oh my,” Lady gasped, before declaring, “Scamp and Angel must have been here,” Lady whispered softly. “I recognize those anywhere… oh, why did we not check the side of the barrel before?”
    “Oh, don’t take it too hard, pidge,” Tramp told Lady.
    “But what if they’re in the pound?” Lady asked, horrified.
    Tramp, all of a sudden, looked excited. “Great idea, Pidge! Let’s go check it out!”
    “But it’s dangerous there,” Lady stated concernedly.
    “Yeah, but less than before,” Tramp told them. “They’ve hired a new dogcatcher who doesn’t know what he’s doing. We can look without him catching us.”
    “But what if the old one’s still there?” Lady asked, with horror in her voice.
    “Pidge, come on,” Tramp told her. “Start building some memories.”
    “Remember when you told me that before?” Lady asked sadly. “And where did that get me?”
"Easy Pidge, I’ll make sure we get out,” Tramp told them. “And we’ll rescue Scamp and Angel too.”
“You really think they could be there?” Lady asked.
“Why else would we look in the pound? It’s not exactly fun. Ready, everyone?” Tramp asked.
Lady reluctantly nodded, Pongo and Perdita agreed, and together, the four of them set off to the pound. The pound was still very creepy, with the fences, and parked outside of the dogcatcher facility was the all too familiar wagon, with two men sitting inside of it.
    “Remember,” came a cold, low, and firm voice. “This is a difficult task. We don’t want to put them down, remember. But it’s a sad job that must be done for the stability of the city.”
    “Aww, you take things too seriously,” stated the other voice, in a much more silly, lighthearted, and immature way. “It’s FUN to take ‘em all in! Just go drive around in that funny vehicle and WHAM! Go catch’ em!”
    “Oh dear,” Perdita stated. “I don’t understand…”
    “Well, he thinks this is fun,” Tramp stated. “Don’t worry about him. He’s just the new dogcatcher. Oh look! The pound is unlocked!”
    And sure enough, the gate was not fully shut. Tramp then stated, “Look Pidge, I think you should go find the puppies.”
    Lady nodded. “They probably won’t be very receptive of you,” Lady told him. “But… I can’t do it by myself…”
    Perdita nodded. “I’ll look for mine with you.”
    Pongo stated, “I’ll divert the dogcatchers…”
    Tramp added, “I will too. Let’s start!” and at once, Tramp and Pongo started to run and bark under the dogcatcher’s wagon.
    “Oy!” the young dogcatcher stated, peering out the window. “It’s… Ah! The one that got away!”
    “Go through the hole at the right,” Pongo recommended, Lady and Perdita nodded.
    “He was adopted already, and they both have licenses,” the older dogcatcher responded to his younger counterpart, but by that point, Lady and Perdita already entered the premises.
    “This place… makes me so miserable…” Lady teared up as she entered. “I remember being here once… and…” her eyes welled up with tears of fear as she entered the place, “I’ll never forget it.”
    Lady sat in the middle of the pound, overcome with horrible memories. Perdita scanned the cells, and then shook her head. “Fortunately, it looks as though they’re not here.”
    “I’ll look for mine,” Lady stated, still looking teary. “Please excuse me.”
    Lady examined the cells, but Scamp and Angel were not in any of them. Lady shook her head. “It doesn’t look like mine are in here either.”
    “Oy, it’s Miss Park Avenue!” came a voice from the pound. “Look, she’s back!”
    Lady gasped, and she saw the familiar outline of Toughy in the pound, along with Bull, who also shared her cell. Along with them were four or so more dogs, but Lady didn’t recognize any of them. Lady gasped, and stated, “We better get out of here.”
    “Whatcha doing, Miss Park Avenue?” Bull asked.
    “Never…never you mind,” Lady stated.
    “May I ask, have you seen any spotted puppies or a grey scruffy puppy and a blonde one?” Perdita asked.
    “No, ma’am,” Bull answered, but then Toughy answered, “Oh-ho! Do you mean Angel?”
    Lady nodded, then asked, “You mean… you know Angel?”
    Toughy nodded. “Oh yeah, we all know her, don’t we guys? She’s Peg’s girl.”
    Bull stated, “She was born here… a bit after the dogcatcher’s truck needed repairs when the Tramp was saved.”
    “That was you, wasn’t it?” Toughy asked. “That’s what I heard.”
    Lady stated, “Yes… Tramp and I are married… I think.”
    “Yeah… so let’s see,” Toughy continued, before saying, “Oh yeah… Peg had to deal with the fact that the Tramp was taken. She was kinda mad, but she saw this fella, gee I forgot his name… he came in a bit after you did,” he reminisced to Lady.
    “Yeah, he thought Peg was a real cute baby,” Bull added. “What was his name… I think it’s, uh, Scruffs or something.”
    “That’s right,” Toughy nodded. “Boy, he was a wild thing, and very crafty too. Second best pound escapee after the Tramp. He quickly met Peg, and they hit it off. They spent their time in the corner… then, Peg got pregnant, and they plotted to escape and live on their own,” Toughy explained.
“Well, Scruffs escaped. Peg tried to follow, but she got caught by the dogcatcher. A bit later, we then got the buzz that Scruffs got run over by a car,” Bull explained. “Right after that, Peg gave birth to her little Angel.”
“Peg raised Angel by herself, she was a tiny little thing, but she was tough,” Toughy explained. “She got her dad’s talent… she had the knack of how to get outta those little jams and got close to digging a hole fer all of us to get out. Peg never was able to break out well herself,” Toughy stated sadly. “Nor were we… Dachsie always dug his way out for the rest of us, but his cell changed, then he was adopted, and the Tramp always helped too. None of us really know how to do it.”
“But before Angel could dig her way out, she got adopted by some fella,” Bull added. “Peg was happy she found a home, but she was sad about not seeing her daughter. Then one day, Dachsie re-entered our cell and helped Peg escape. But when Peg found Angel, she was with a bunch of shady characters. Peg tried to tell er they were dangerous, but she got caught again.”
“Oh yeah,” Bull stated. “Peg was distraught, for now she learned that Angel’s family threw her out…”
“You mean… she was abandoned?” Lady asked pitifully.
“Yeah,” Toughy stated. “Peg had the blues for days…and then maybe a few months or so ago, after a long time of trying, got out herself.”
“But the night that she left, we were surprised…” Bull began.
“Let me tell it! Let me tell it!” came an insistent voice in their cell. “I saw it!”
“Okay, Chatty, we’ll let you speak,” Bull explained. “But let Toughy and I set the stage,” Bull requested. “We all were sleeping, but we woke up to commotion… there was a fight in the cell two away from ours,” Bull explained.
“Yeah,” Toughy stated. “We were disoriented, but then we heard the dogcatcher after a few minutes, who then got knocked down… and we couldn’t believe it…
“YOU’RE TAKING MY LINES!” Chatty complained. A little scrawny pound dog walked up to them, and stated, “Well, in that cell, right over there, this was this big vicious bloke named Reggie who scared all of us… this kid got trapped with him! AAK! He got bad luck!!! He got bad luck!!! But then… some other fellow came in and saved him! And they knocked down the dogcatcher, they knocked down the dogcatcher, a-ha-ha, it was so funny! I cheered them on during the whole…”
“Let me finish…” Bull yawned as Lady and Perdita looked confused. “Anyway, Reggie was unconscious and then outside… there was the Tramp, a kid who looked just like him, and…”
“Blimey, that must’ve been Angel herself,” Bull finished.
“Yeah, that was a big excitement,” Toughy stated. “Better than the one of the last escapee.”
“Oh yeah! I saw him too! I saw him too!” Chatty exclaimed.
“Did it look like the Tramp? Or did he have spots?” Perdita asked eagerly.
“Oh no, but he was a big guy,” Bull explained.
“Well, that’s all really to say,” Toughy yawned.
“Thank you,” Perdita told them, and then the two of them left the pound.
When Lady and Perdita left, the sun was beginning to set and the old dogcatcher was gone with his wagon. The young dogcatcher was slumped on the fence, dazed and unconscious.
    “Any luck at all?” Pongo asked. Perdita shook her head.
    “At least they’re not inside that awful place,” Lady told them. “But I don’t know where else they could be…”
    “Pidge, Angel’s a street dog,” Tramp stated. “There’s a whole great world out there… and they could be going anywhere. But we’ll find them,” Tramp told Lady. “And come on… think of the other places we haven’t checked yet! They’ve got to be here somewhere.”
    Lady thought to herself, and she realized that Tramp, apart from being comforting, actually made some sense. She smiled at Tramp sincerely for the first time in a while, and then softly told him, “Maybe you’re right after all.”
This is Scruffs (he's a bit too young in this picture though). (Picture made with DollDivine's Puppy Maker).
This is the Character I referred to as Chatty.