You know how high school yearbooks have senior superlatives, well I'm putting a Disney twist on it. Comment on what you think.

Nicest Couple: Anna and Kristoff
I mean just look at them. Aren't they such a nice couple. They match each other well but aren't the typical Disney couple. I also happen to like both of them a lot. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel and Flynn, Bernard and Bianca, The Potatoheads, Eve and Wall-e, Carl and Ellie, The couple from Paper Man, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc.

Most Artistic: Rapunzel
Could anyone beat her. She paints, plays guitar, sews dresses, does ballet, makes papier-mache masks, knits, does pottery, is a ventriloquist, sketches, makes candles(if you can count that as being artistic), dances during the kingdom dance, sings, and is handy with chalk and a frying pan. Really, she's unbeatable.

Best Hair(Female): Merida
C'mon, look at it. No one has hair like that. I love how different it is from everyone else's. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel, Megara, The Nymph from Fantasia 2000, Elsa, Giselle

Best Hair(Male): Sora
He's technically a Disney character. I love how unrealistically spiky it is. You must admit it's pretty cool. Honorable Mention: Flynn, Aladdin, Jim Hawkins, Roxas

Most Fearless Female: Mulan
Definitely. She went to war, people. She wins hands down. She's the best female butt kicker from Disney. Honorable Mention: Merida, Esmeralda, Anna

Most Fearless Male: Tarzan
He kills Sabor with his bare hands and a piece of spear. He does everything with his bare hands and no protection and special powers. Honorable Mention: Hercules, Prince Philip, Peter Pan, Li Shang, Robin Hood, Simba

Best Looking Female: Ariel
She's one of the prettiest princesses. Her bright red hair really helps her stand out although with a face like that she already stands out. Honorable Mention: Elsa, Aurora, Anna, Esmeralda, Jane, Giselle,Rapunzel, etc.

Best Looking Male: Flynn Rider(Eugene Fitzherbert)
He's charming isn't he and I know the ladies go crazy over the smolder. And his hair is always perfect too but they can never get his nose right. Honorable Mention: Aladdin, Eric, Jim Hawkins, Naveen, Sora, Edward

Best Cooking Female:Tiana
This girl can cook better than anyone else. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel, Snow White, they both bake.

Best Cooking Male: Remi
He's a rat that cooks. Enough said. Honorable Mention: Kronk, The French Chef from The Little Mermaid, I can't remember anyone.

Best Catchphrase/Motto: Hakuna Matata
What a wonderful phrase. Their are so many great catchphrases. Honorable Mention: "To infinity and beyond"-Buzz Lightyear, "Oh bother"-Winnie the Pooh, "Off with their heads!"-The Queen of Hearts, "Achidanza"-Naveen, "Yeah man"-Mowgli, "Ooo de Lally"-everyone from Robin Hood, "Squirrel"-Dug, "Oh boy!"-Mickey Mouse, "Faith, trust, and pixie dust"-Tinker Bell and her friends, etc.

Poutiest/Most Angst-ridden Male and Female: Jim Hawkins and Jasmine. Both have some attitude and pout quite a bit about being misunderstood but they are teens so that explains it. Honorable Mention: Merida, Ariel, Young Simba, Kiara, Max Goof

Sweetest: Snow White
No contest. Honorable Mention: The people from Sugar Rush, get it, sweet, Giselle

Cutest Female: Marie
Her brothers are super cute too. This girl has sass and style. Honorable Mention: Mittens from Bolt, Baby Rapunzel, Little Anna and Elsa, Vanellope, Bianca, etc.

Cutest Male: Abu
He's adorable but their are so many. Honorable Mention: Pascal, Squirt, Oliver, Bambi, Pinocchio, Baby Simba, Little Kristoff and Sven, Todd and Copper, Toulouse and Berlioz, Rhino and Bolt, Figaro, Baby Pegasus, Koda, Gurgi, Clover from Sophia the First, Morph, Baby Kronk, Roo, Stitch, Sour Bill, Thumper, etc.

Best Female Singer: Pocahontas
So powerful, unique, and beautiful. She can paint with the colors of the wind. Honorable Mention: Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Mulan, Aurora, Megara, The Muses, Giselle, etc.

Best Male Singer: Quasimodo
He wants to be out there so i'm putting him out there. He doesn't have the face but he does have the voice. Honorable Mention: Hans, Aladdin, Kristoff, Simba, Hercules, etc.

Best Powers(Female): Elsa
Yes, ice powers. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel, Maleficent, Madame Mim, Elastigirl, Violet Parr, The Nymph from Fantasia 2000

Best Powers(Male): Genie
He has vast magical powers. Honorable Mention: Hercules, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Cheshire Cat, Stitch,Peter Pan

Most Villainous Male and Female: Frollo and Maleficent
These guys are evil but their are many great villains. Honorable Mention: Jafar, Ursula, Queen Grimhilde, Mother Gothel, Hans, Hades, Dr. Facilier, Scar, Shan Yu, etc.

Best Female Sidekick/ Friend: Dory
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. And she speaks whale. Honorable Mention: Lottie, Terk, Nakoma, Tinker Bell and friends, The Three Fairies, etc.

Best Male Sidekick/ Friend: Olaf
He is worth melting for. Honorable Mention: Abu, Pascal, Timon and Pumbaa, The seven dwarves, Baloo, Sebastian, Flounder, Phil, Buzz Lightyear, Tantar, Meeko, Ray, Genie, Pip, Kronk,etc.

As you can see no one won twice, on purpose.Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out who won Class Clown, Drama King/Queen, Best Dressed, and several others.
If you want to make your own superlatives, I dare you to not repeat winners.