I've been planning to do this for a year and now it's finally happening. There was actually a certain movie on this list that I wanted for just so I could include it on this list but then life got in the way so I couldn't do it. My opinions are usually unpopular ones so some of these movies are actually loved by a lot of people so I'll probably be stepping on a lot of toes but I don't care. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion so please don't be rude. Please comment and enjoy!

10.Peter Pan

Yeah it didn't take too long to get to a movie that a lot of people love for some reason that I don't get. Honestly I can't stand this movie. It has it's charming parts but overall it's absolutely awful. The characters are absolutely annoying! They're morons, stereotypes, incredibly bland, and have absolutely no character development. The songs suck, the only song I like is You Can Fly, the others are either bland or annoying. I can't stand the character Peter Pan either, in my opinion he's one of the worst fictional characters EVER, even Walt Disney hated him. The villain is really cool and pretty funny but he can't save this movie. The beginning of the movie was charming but then Peter Pan himself comes into the movie and it gets horrible and annoying, just like Wendy did when she met Peter. It's also incredibly racist and sexist, it's really insulting! You have that racist Indian song and the sexist guy treating the girl like garbage and her not doing anything about it. It's not just because of the time period because Cinderella's movie was made in the same time period and she was a strong woman who stood up for herself, unlike Wendy. Tinkerbell is just a boy obsessed, murderous dimwit, instead of the goodhearted and clever Tinkerbell I love in the CGI movies. The animation is very nice but it's not timeless. When I think of animation from Disney that's timeless I think of the Renaissance Disney movies. But the classic films, while not nearly as good obviously, did have some impressive animation like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, this movie does NOT. I've always preferred the sequel and the Tinkerbell movies over this. It's not higher because it was made by Walt Disney himself.


I don't understand how anyone could like this movie, in fact, I can't understand how anyone could think this was a good idea for a movie. A movie about an entire world where the only living things are cars? That's just STUPID! I mean if it was some kind of futuristic movie where there are humans that created rings or something that allowed them to turn into cars that would actually be more interesting. The characters are either really bland or really annoying, except for Sally and that crazy old lady car. I especially hate Matter, he's annoying as heck and I wish someone would just recycle him so he'll shut up. The jokes are absolutely horrible! The only jokes I laugh at are the ones made by that crazy old lady car. The story line has been done before and this doesn't do anything new or unique, other than made it about cars, which again is STUPID! It would've been a lot better if they were humans because this concepts is just too weird and is really idiotic. I don't get how people could like this because it's really horrible! The only people I could see it appealing to are little boys but for some reason other people like it for goodness knows what reason. It's not higher because it does have some charming moments, not very many, and the songs are great.

8.Home On The Range

You all knew this movie was going to make this list and you can obviously see why. A movie about cows and the main one is voiced by Roseanne Barr! Just listen to that and let it sink in. Of course they just had to hire Roseanne to make this movie even worse, like it's not bad enough. Though admit-ably she does have some funny lines, which is something Roseanne never has but is still incredibly annoying. In fact all the characters are annoying, especially those idiotic evil minions. The villain is LAME and his super power is yodeling. YODELING?!?!? What, was his accordion in the shop? His motivation is stupid and is plan lame, just like him. If they had to have a movie about barnyard animals saving the day why not horses? But why not make the three cows humans and the old woman their mother. The animation is good but it's not Disney good. It doesn't look like Disney animation and neither do the designs. I mean Hercules had horrible character designs but the animation itself is stunning and had that Disney feel to it. I mean even Non-Disney movies like Anastasia and The Swan Princess can manage to have that Disney feel to them and have great animation. So why couldn't Disney with this movie. It looks more like a Nick Jr TV show instead of a Disney movie. So other than some cute animation and some pretty good songs everything else is just terrible.


Yet another movie that I don't understand why so many people love because it's really stupid. When I first heard about this I just knew it would be awful because for one it's Tim Burton, who I'm not a big fan of (but he does have some good movies), and the fact that it's about a Frankenstein version of a dog. WHAT THE HECK? They must have pulled that out of their butts! The designs are horrible, just like all of Tim Burton's claymation characters. The only characters I find attractive in his claymation movies are Victoria from Corpse Bride and Susan from Frankenweenie. The characters are either annoying or bland, other than Victor and Sparky. The two of them actually are very likable and their relationship is very heartwarming but not enough to save this movie. Elsa and her dog have no point except to be Victor and Sparky's love interests. The side characters are just insane, annoying, and stupid. Plus in the end how they bring back Sparky again instead of having there be a lesson about how even though someone you love is gone they're always with you and you need to learn how to let go. Who needs that when we have a lesson of never letting go and actually breaking the laws of nature by bringing back the dead, lying, not learning anything, and doing whatever you want. Yeah, that's a MUCH better and meaningful message! If that's something that's too dark for Tim Burton to do with Disney then maybe this piece of garbage never should have existed. Dr. Frankenstein from the original story may have created a murderous creature but Tim Burton created a real monstrosity with this movie. It's not higher because the relationship between Victor and Sparky is charming, but again not enough to save the movie.

6.The Wild

Let me take a pretty good guess that most of you probably haven't heard of this movie, let alone have seen it. LUCKY YOU! It's HORRIBLE! The animation is absolutely horrible, I didn't even think that this was Disney when this first came out. When this came out I was starting to be able to tell the difference between what is Disney and what's not and I didn't think this was at all. The character designs are very realistic but the actual animation is just terrible. The characters are not memorable and all of them are annoying except the dad lion, the son lion, and the giraffe. The two lions I mildly like but they're just really bland and generic, they don't have a lot to them. Their relationship is very touching and realistic but that's it, there's not a lot to them. The giraffe I actually really do like, she has a lot of good lines and most of the jokes that I find funny are from her. As for the jokes, while there are some that are funny, most of them are just horrendous. The villain is just STUPID! They think a stuffed panda is a god and they are trying to become the carnivores. WHAT THE HECK? Are they really so desperate to make a unique villain that they had so come up with the stupidest motive EVER! It's just a rip-off of Madagascar, even though it came out before Madagascar did. So I guess that would make Madagascar the rip-off and while I don't really like it either (it's okay though) I think the rip-off is actually better than this piece of garbage. It's not higher because of the relationship with the dad and son, the three characters I like, the few jokes I liked, and the fact that the others are just REALLY stupid.

5.Cars 2

Cars was already horrible and the sequel is even worse! Was Cars really worthy of a sequel? I mean the concept of a movie all about cars was just stupid to begin with and I can't believe it was popular but a spy movie about cars? I mean this would make sense if the plot idea I mentioned before about humans turning into cars happened, they should also turn into boats and into planes, that would actually be interesting. But a movie just about regular cars being spies is just STUPID! Even with that concept aside there are still plenty of problems. The jokes are absolutely painful, especially because most of them come from Matter, who again is ANNOYING! I honestly didn't care that he gets his feelings hurt when Lightning tells him he's embarrassed of Matter or that he finds out that people think he's stupid. I wanted those things to happen so he would just shut up and stop being annoying. The new characters are incredibly bland and not memorable. I also find it really creepy that Matter has such a young girlfriend, that's just weird. The villain is just really lame and stupid. He wants to stop cars from using some kind of nature friendly gas that cars are using but it turns out he's the one who invented it so instead of making money off of his invention he wants cars to stop using it. WHAT THE HECK? That's makes absolutely NO SENSE! The message about friendship is done in a really cheesy way and they're practically hammering us on the head about it. It doesn't even show much of the character from the original and definitely not much of the only two characters I liked. It makes me mad that a movie that was already horrible got a sequel when The Incredibles didn't. In 2011 we should have gotten a sequel to The Incredibles instead of Cars, it's practically just sitting there and we have to wait until like 2018 for The Incredibles 2 to actually comes out. It's a horrible movie and apparently is considered Pixar's first and only bad movie. Nope, the first one was the original Cars and there is another Pixar movie that is worse but we'll get to that soon. It's not higher because the songs are pretty good and the animation is great.

4.Chicken Little

I can't believe I actually liked this as a kid, I must have had some kind of brain disease to have thought that. Feel free to ridicule me for actually liking this as a kid, I give you complete permission because I deserve it! When I was a kid, even though I was learning to tell the difference between what was Disney and what wasn't, I found it hard to believe it was Disney. I knew it was because it showed up on Disney Channel and the Cheetah Girls sung a song for the movie. The animation is just terrible, it doesn't look like Disney animation and it's just terrible in general. This world they've created is just weird, there's no people and the animals are just weird. There's even a clip of Indiana Jones that's live-action. It's weird because why is it in live-action? Do they even know what people are? The only characters in this movie I actually like are Chicken Little, his friends, and the baby alien. I like that Chicken Little and his friends are outcast and are weird, I relate to it but they can't save the movie. The baby alien is just so cute that I can't hate him. The alien mother is okay and the dad is annoying. All of the other characters are annoying! The dad is so unlikable that I don't want him and chicken little to make amends. He's just so despicable that he's ashamed of his son and only likes him when he impresses him, which he tries hard to do but it's not good enough for him. The jokes are painful and awkward! The alien designs are unique but that's it. The songs are pretty good, I especially love the Cheetah Girl song but that's it. This movie is truly one of Disney's worst for a reason. It's not higher because the others are more painful and I have a bit of a soft spot for this movie because of nostalgia, but not much.


Yeah, yeah, I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but I don't care. Save the whole "you lost all credibility for putting Wall-E on this list", "you're an idiot", or "you have no soul" BLA, BLA, BLA! I've heard it all before so don't waste your time. I've always hated this movie and I always will. I've tried to like this movie, I've watched it several times to see what everyone sees in it but I just can't. The animation isn't anything special, it's dull and bland. When they're in space it's nice but not jaw dropping. It's boring as heck, when I first saw it I tried really hard to stay awake and whenever I've tried to watch it again I've nearly fallen asleep, I actually did a few times. The characters are absolutely annoying, they're total morons! Wall-E doesn't need explanation for why he's annoying or a moron because he constantly almost gets them killed. Eve is supposed to go to Earth to find life but every time she sees something movie she blasts it. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the mission? She could be destroying bits and pieces of vegetation and even humans that are on earth that survived that could help her find plant life. The romance between the two is not interesting and is very bland. It's not developed or genuine. The relationship between the two fat people is more interesting then them, they're the only part of the movie I enjoy. Speaking of the humans I find it weird that they show some clips of live-action with real people. I don't get why when the animated humans don't look realistic at all so it's very jawing. The villain come out of no where and is just lame and generic. It's not adventurous, fun, or engaging. I didn't care that Wall-E almost died, I was a little bit happy to tell you the truth. I also can't stand the fact that the two main characters don't speak, besides saying each others names. When you have characters with no personality and are annoying that don't speak it doesn't help the movie. I hate that in Spirit the animals didn't talk either and is the main reason that I'm not crazy about it (but I do like it) but the animals do have interesting and fun personalities. It has other problems but also good things that make me like it, Wall-E doesn't. If the characters were more like the animals in Spirit or like Ariel was when she had no voice I wouldn't hate this movie as much. But even if they did it wouldn't save the movie. The message is good but the movie is just terrible and HIGHLY overrated! It's definitely the WORST Pixar movie in my opinion but the others are just beyond insulting and idiotic.


I had planned on working of this article earlier last year but when I heard about this movie I just had to wait just so I could put this movie on my list. This movie is absolutely HORRENDOUS! If you guys thought Cars 2 was horrible you haven't seen anything until you've seen this! I went with my niece and cousins to see it and they talked through parts of it and I didn't care, I'm glad because it distracted me from it's awfulness. The characters are either incredibly bland or really annoying. The main character is a plane that wants to race but he's afraid of heights. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Buddy if your afraid of heights and your a plane you seriously need help and definitely need a career change. The animation isn't anything really special, at least Cars 2 had great animation. The villain is just your typical arrogant villain that is one dimensional. The love interest is just there to be the love interest, nothing else, the characters aren't memorable at all. What's next, a movie about boats or trains? I can't believe that they're going to make a sequel to this movie, at least Peter Pan fans will be happy when it comes out because that means it'll get kicked out for that piece of garbage. It's not higher because no Disney movie can possibly top my number one as the WORST Disney movie EVER!

1.Mars Needs Moms

There is absolutely NO question about it that this movie is BY FAR the WORST Disney movie of ALL TIME! If they manage to create a Disney movie worse then this that'll be an accomplishment all it's own because I don't think they'll ever make a worse Disney movie. While the animation is actually good and I love the realistic feel to it but the characters still look weird. The characters are annoying, except for Ki and the mom. The mom is okay and Ki is actually a likable character despite how horrible her movie is. Milo is just a spoiled brat and that fat dude is ANNOYING as heck. I wanted the aliens to kill him just to get him to shut up. He never takes anything seriously and almost gets Milo killed just to teach him a lesson. The message sweet but they really hit you over the head with it, especially with the title. The villain annoys the heck out of me because all she does is scream. The movie is boring, stupid, and annoying! It's not likable AT ALL! It makes Home On The Range and Chicken Little look like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and The Beast. When my best friend told me that this was Disney I didn't believe it, especially after they just released masterpieces like The Princess and The Frog and Tangled, they were coming back from the dark age so I didn't believe it. Unfortunately I was wrong! This movie is INSULTING and doesn't deserve to be called Disney. Unless you have a death wish I caution you NOT to watch it! Thank goodness Disney is starting to come back again, not as good as The Princess and The Frog and Tangled but Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen are good and definite improvements over this piece of GARBAGE! This shall always be the WORST Disney movie of ALL TIME!