Anyway, thank you all that participated in this countdown, it sure is nice to see how you rank my favorite characters! Anyway here we go!

10. Olaf (Also ten on my list)

In last please is the cute, adorable, huggable snowman from Frozen. It is obvious that he is not as "popular" on Fanpop as some of the other characters on this list, so I wasn't really expecting him to get really far. I only hope Olaf fans aren't to upset about this.

"Last place? But I'm adorable!"

9. Sadness ( Four on my list)

This, cute adorable emotion from Inside Out, makes her way to 9th place. While most people find her "annoying" and a problem, she did a lot for me. I can see why most people don't like her, but I think she taught a valuable lesson- it's okay to be sad. Sometimes being sad is good for us. While I wish people would see her for that, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I will respect that.

"Second to last place makes me sad!"

8. Tadashi (Seven on my list)

Tadashi, out of everyone on my top ten list has probably had the least amount of screentime.It's no wonder why he got third to last place. We like him mainly for his looks, his thirst to help others and his relationship with his younger brother. But I guess that's not enough for voters of this countdown. Anyway, I'm sorry Tadashi, while many love you, you just had too little screentime to make the cut.

"I beat only two other people? Unbelievable."

7. Riley Anderson (Nine on my list)

Obviously, she made it further than she did on my list, to seventh place, but that's not really that far if you consider. She was relatable to me at least as I am a military brat, and had to move many times, each time I felt left out as I had no real friends, until I moved to Illinois. I don't really know why fans voted her out, as I haven't seen any real hate on her and nobody commented....So yeah.

"At least I didn't get last..."

6. Kenai (Eight on my list)

Ah Kenai, probably the least known out of everyone on my list! It is uncertain on how he lost (once again, no comments and no real hate) but I have a feeling it has something to do with the popularity of his movie. He actually made it pretty far, considering. But he didn't make it to the top five so perhaps it has something to do with neutrality.

I didn't even make the top five? How could you?!

5. Wilbur (Three on my list)

I'm glad to see my top three make it to my top five. Wilbur, overall is a funny, sarcastic but sort of soft kind of guy! These are actually the kind of people I hang out with in real life, which is why he's my third favorite. But perhaps, not everybody likes his sarcastic personality like I do....

"Who needs fans? I have a time machine!"

4. Flynn Rider (Five on my list)

Fourth place goes to the mischievous, but charming deuteragonist of the movie Tangled. Some people only voted for him because they simply liked the others more. But we can't deny that although Eugene has an immature attitude, he has a big heart and that's why we like him.

"Top four! I knew they couldn't resist the smolder!"

3. Hiro (One on my list)

My favorite Disney character came on my list, and as far as I know people like the other two more, causing him to not make it to the last round. He is one of the most complex protagonist that Disney has produced (technically Marvel). He has a cocky and sarcastic personality at the beginning of Big Hero 6, but throughout the movie he became more and more mature. I bet he made his brother proud!

"Top three? Tadashi would be so proud! Oh wait...he's on the list. Oh well, I bet he's still proud!"

2. Rapunzel (Six on my list)

Rapunzel was the first 3D princess, and since first watching Tangled, I knew she would be one of my favorites. I actually thought she would be first place, because I thought she was the most popular on my list. Number two isn't bad though. Although some claim her as a Mary Sue (sadly, she can be), many like her for her positive attitude. She is well deserving of second place.

Yay! Second place!

Last, but not least.....

1. Anna (Two on my list)

Ironically, first and last place both go to Frozen characters. Anna is my favorite Disney Princess , my favorite heroine and my second favorite overall Disney character and I'm happy to see her at the top! She is sweet, optimistic and fearless, and overall a good person. Anna is not afraid to stand up for herself and others and not afraid to speak her mind. Sure, she made a few mistakes in romance but don't we all? I think Fanpop made a great choice with putting Anna in first place!

I knew I could make it to first place!