10)Aurora is reunited with her parents
It's Aurora! She's here!

Due to Maleficent's curse, the three good fairies take baby Aurora to an abandoned cottage to protect her and raise her as a peasant, they will take the infant princess back home with her parents on her 16th birthday. Aurora's parents had always longed for a child, and when they finally get one they aren't going to be able to see her for sixteen years. Finally, the day comes when Aurora will meet her parents for the first time. Aurora and Phillip properly bow to the King and Queen, but right in the middle of her curtsy Aurora stops and runs to her mother's arms. They hug while Aurora's father strokes her hair. You can see the happiness in all three of their faces, it really is a beautiful scene.

9)Beast transforms back into a human
It is you!

The Beast wasn't always a Beast, he was born a human prince, a cruel human prince to be exact. One cold night an ugly old woman shows up at his door. She tells him that she will give him a rose in exchange for shelter from the cold. Disgusted by her appearance, he sends her away. The old lady turns into a beautiful enchantress. She turns the prince into an ugly beast to reflect off of who he is on the inside. She gives him the rose which will bloom on his 21st birthday, and if someone doesn't fall in love with him by when the last rose petal falls, he will remain a beast forever. Gaston kills the beast, and Belle thinks it's all her fault. In tears, she tells the beast that she loves him, and then the last rose petal falls. The audience thinks all the hope is gone. But unexpectedly, the beast transforms back into a human. At first Belle doesn't believe it's him, until she looks closely into his eyes. All the servants then turn into human. Beautiful scene.

8)Quasimodo saves Esmeralda's life

In result of standing up for Quasimodo and defying Frollo, Esmeralda almost gets arrested. She goes into the church and asks for sanctuary. So, she is trapped, but with Quasimodo's help, she is able to escape. Frollo falls in love with Esmeralda, but then discovers she is gone, and practically burns Paris down looking for her. Once he finally finds her, Esmeralda rejects him. He orders her to be burned to a stake. Esmeralda passes out, and gets very close to dieing, until Quasimodo saves her. He takes her to the top of the bell tower and yells "Sanctuary!" It is a very phenomenal moment.

7)The ending of Pocahontas
I will always be with you, forever

Pocahontas and John try everything to be together and to bring peace between their two worlds, but they're having trouble making that happen. Finally, Pocahontas establishes it, but Radcliffe still refuses. He aims his gun at Powhatan and fires, but John Smith risks his life and jumps in front of Powhatan. He gets deeply wounded, and can only get proper medicine at home, or else he will die. Pocahontas has to choose whether to leave her people and go with John Smith, or to do the opposite. She chooses her people. Her and John share one last kiss, and then he goes on his ship and they sail off. Pocahontas runs to the top of a cliff, and John Smith sees her. They wave goodbye to each other in Native American. It is a very chilling moment, and I like how it isn't your typical "happily ever after" ending. It has the best Disney ending in my opinion.

6)Mulan climbs the pole
Be a man!

Mulan has just gone to the army disguised as a man to save her father, and is having trouble being "manly." The thing that nobody can figure can do is climb the pole and retrieve the arrow. Mulan is about to get kicked out, until she gives climbing the pole another try. The others are cheering her on, and Mulan is able to get to the top and retrieve the arrow.

5)Cinderella has the other glass slipper/the slipper fits
Well, you see, I have the other slipper

Cinderella went through so much; losing both her parents, being abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, getting her mother's dress torn apart, yet she still managed to live with her head held high. Finally, she gets to go to the ball and is happy for once in her life. What she didn't know is that she was dancing with the prince all night long. She overhears Lady Tremaine talking to Drizella and Anastasia about how the prince is looking for the girl who fits the glass slipper, and whoever does will marry him. Cinderella figures out that she was dancing with the prince, and is put into a dreamlike trance. Lady Tremaine figures everything out, and locks Cinderella in her room to prevent her from trying on the slipper, but, with the help of Gus and Jaq, Cinderella's able to get out. Lady Tremaine trips the man holding the slipper and it breaks, but Cinderella has the matching slipper in her pocket. It fits and Cinderella gets to marry her love. I love this moment not only because it's a classic, but because it's like "Ha ha! In your face!" moment, the look on Lady Tremaine's face makes me laugh xD

4)Baby of Mine
You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine

In result of his big ears, Dumbo gets made fun of by a group of boys. They pull his ears and tease him, so Dumbo's mom stands up for her baby by picking up one of the boys and spanking him. They lock her up and separate her from Dumbo. Later in the movie, Timothy the mouse takes Dumbo to her, she gets so excited, but she's chained up so bad that she can only cradle Dumbo with her trunk. She swings him while singing a song called "Baby of Mine." It's a very bittersweet moment and it makes me cry.

3)Tale as Old as Time/Beauty and the Beast
Both a little scared, neither one prepared, beauty and the beast

It's kind of hard to describe this scene and all the stuff that leads up to it, but it's just plain beautiful. I think it's the most iconic dance scene and the best dance scene in Disney.

2)Aurora wakes up
A ray of hope there still may be, in this gift, I give to thee

The fairies tried so hard to protect Aurora from Maleficent, but she still ends up outsmarting them and succeeds at putting the curse on Aurora. They are heartbroken. Maleficent captures Prince Phillip to prevent him from saving Aurora, and later Phillip finds out that the peasant girl he met in the forest is Aurora, and is trying to escape. The fairies help him, and he defeats Maleficent. He runs up the palace stairs to find his love, and he does. He kisses her and Aurora opens her eyes, she sees her prince and smiles shyly. It's a "Thank God" moment.

1)Part of Your World reprise
Someday I'll be part of your world!

Like #3, it's hard to explain the meaning of this moment, it's just phenomenal. The waves rushing behind Ariel along with that amazing song and voice. It's just....amazing, enough said.