this is all MY opinion. I'm sorry if i affond any one. I would have put this in the Nick vs. Disney spot but no one goes there so i had to do it here.

Disney: I really like disney stars like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and a lot more but i think more Disney stars turn nasty. Like Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Lindsy Lohan, Vannesssa Hudgens and some more. I'm not saying it's Disneys fault though
Nick: I think it's not fair because Disney stars get more attenntion. I really like Nick stars cause I think they are more down to earth and kind. Not saying that Disney stars aren't. So Nick wins this round in my mind. NICK WINS

tv shows:
Disney: I like both of them. Disney shows are clean and I really like that. But I don't like all them.
Nick: Nick shows are good to but i think I like Nick shows better.Some Disney shows to me are sorta chessy. NICK WINS

Disney: Disney has some great music. Not the best in the world but most Disney stars write most of there music and that's something i like. DISNEY WINS!
Nick: Nick has good music to but the problem is that they really don't write any music! It's sad. All you need to be an Nick singer is a preety face and an ok voice. Like Shool Gyrls. I bet that you don't know who they are. They have ok songs but there song something like a party is amazing and they can really sing! So it's sad that there talent is wased.


Disney: There is no competing with Disney movies. They make some of the best movies on earth. They made classics that will and have gone down in history. DISNEY WINS!
Nick: All I can say is that they have ok movies. There is nothing special about them.
So that is My opinian one the whole Disney vs Nick thing. Both have strenths and weaknesses. thank you for reading.