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doomkittycd said …
You all are warmly welcomed to Fanpop's Got Talent 2014. Come and show your talent to Fanpopers. Come and join this amazing adventure. It doesn't matter what kind of talent, you can show your drawing and digital art skills, poetry talent, FF writing talent, singing and dancing talent. Anything! to find out more, just head over to http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/fanpops-got-talent/articles/232958/title/fanpops-talent-2014-official-guide#comments
FGT 14 Committee Posted 5 months ago
3xZ said …
Please vote in my Disney Oscar Winning/nominated Song Countdown!
http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney/picks/show/1364193/round-3-best-disney-academy-awards-winning-nominated-songs-countdown-pick-least-favourite-please-comment-comments-considered Posted 5 months ago
dewy60 said …
Who will win the 2nd round at the box office? Vote!!
Don't Forget to copy and paste the link!
Not spamming Posted 5 months ago
BelleRose829 said …
I've only seen the lion king once in my sad little life (yet somehow has seen lion king 2 a million times) and finally I've purchased it, so I may watch my baby again (I can't find it online) I'm so happy I might cry *sings* YOULL NEVER SEE ME CRY!!! *raises movie upward* IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!!!!! AND ITS MOVING FORWARD!!!! Sorry I haven't watched this in so long it's like my favorite movie! Posted 5 months ago
3xZ said …
Round 2 is open! Please vote in my best Disney Oscar winning/ nominated songs countdown:
http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney/picks/show/1362557/round-2-best-disney-academy-awards-winning-nominated-songs-countdown-pick-least-favourite-please-comment-comments-considered Posted 5 months ago
dewy60 said …
I am sad to say of Mickey Rooney, an award-winning American actor in films, television and Broadway, has passed away few days ago... Voice of our beloved Todd. (Fox and the Hound) Also the voice of Santa in some of the old classic Christmas cartoons. Posted 5 months ago
3xZ said …
Please vote!
http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney/picks/show/1360723/best-disney-academy-awards-winning-nominated-songs-countdown-pick-least-favourite-please-comment-comments-considered Posted 5 months ago
kailee_taylahh said …
M favorite Disney movie is Avalon high Posted 5 months ago
designerdrake said …
cool Posted 5 months ago
ThebigmovieGuy said …
I love movies but my favorite ones are Disney so im happy you made this!!! Posted 6 months ago
CRaZy_rawR commented…
Disney movies are great. (: 6 months ago
ThebigmovieGuy commented…
i agree with CRaZy_rawR :) 5 months ago