It was a few weeks after the fire and Bolt and Penny where finally living happily. Penny was at school when Bolt was on the couch watching Swamp Wars. "Okay, so now I know what a bermese python is." Bolt said shivering. "Hey Bolt!" Rhino said running in. "Can I change it to Cops its the season fanalle?"
Rhino asked. "Please." Bolt replied still shivering. When Rhino turned the channel there was a scene on about german sheperd police dogs. "How cool would it be to be on the police force Bolt?" Rhino asked. "Sounds exiting I guess." Later that night when everyone was eating dinner Penny's mom asked Penny when her spring break was. "Next week, why?" "I got some vacation time at work so I thought we could visit your uncle in Texas, you could bring the animals too." "sounds like fun." Penny replied. "Wow, we're going to Texas." Mittens said. "Do they have a universal remote?" Rhino asked. "I dont know, but it will be so much fun, just wait!" Bolt said. Eventually, spring break came and Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino all had to travel in cages. When they got to the airport they all where on the baggage cart going to the plane, Bolt was freaking out. "I do not go well with planes, planes and I do not mix, spare my life!" Bolt would scream. "Bolt! Calm down!" Mittens said annoyed. The cart stopped, and the guy walked away to get more baggs, Bolt was ramming the side of the cage so hard it nocked all of them of the cart, Bolt then noticed they where by another cart. A guy came along and picked them up to put them on the cart...the wrong cart. Not any of them noticed because Bolt was still loosing it. They got on the plane and finally landed in "Texas". Bolt knew how far Texas was and it seemed as if either the plane was going realy slow or Bolt didnt really know how far it was. They where brought out to the place to pick up baggs, it was over an hour when Bolt heard voices talking outside of his cage. "They have been here for an hour and no one has come to retreave them." " Check their collars." First they opened Rhino's cage, soon realizing he was a hamster, but they left his cage door open and moved on to Mittens, but she didnt have her tags with her, so they left her cage open, and moved on to Bolt. But the second they opened his cage, Bolt darted out of the cage with Mittens and Rhino on his tail. "Bolt wait! I dont have my ball!" Rhino exlamed. Mittens stoped. "Climb on my back!" Rhino did what he was told, but before they knew it, Bolt was out of the airport on his way to who knows where. "Bolt wait!" Mittens yelled, Bolt couldnt even hear them, he ran into the street and got his collar stuck on a crossroad sighn. Bolt was pulling so hard his collar broke off and Bolt ran as fast as he could into an alley. He stopped for an instant to find out where he was, where Mittens and Rhino were, and how far was he from the airport. Just then...BAM... Bolt felt a sharp pain in his rear, he felt dizzy and soon passed out. A cop walked up. "No collar, must be a stray, pack him up guys." Once Bolt was in the car the man started petting him and said: "Welcome to the Miami Dade Patrol boy."

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