Bolt,Boltser and Mittens were in Xaron`s base.We must stop Xaron before he escapes again!Boltser said. True,but how?Bolt asked. I have a plan.Me and Bolt fight against Xaron while Mittens open the gates and we go away! Good plan,right? Yep. Bolt said.


Xaron: Hey bolt.. WHAT!!! He`s GONE! Janet!
Janet: What now boss!
Xaron: You let them,right?
Janet:No,i don`t!
Xaron: We`ll see about that! Xaron picked up the gun and said: Good night!
Xaron:I knew this!
Bolt jumped down floor and said: Let him go! Well what if don`t? Xaron asked. You`re going to die! Boltser jumped and said.Xaron shooted. Janet fell to the ground. Bolt bited Xaron. Boltser,now! Boltser shooted laser eyes at Xaron. Xaron fell to the ground Mittens now! Bolt said. Gates opened. But then.... One of the Xaron`s guards set the whole place on fire.Oh no! Run!!!! Bolt said. Boltser Founded an helicopter. Hurry!Boltser said. Bolt,Boltser and Mittens were in Helicopter flying out of fire. Phew!that was close! Bolt said