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Disney's Bolt Fan fiction Article

My idea for bolt2 scene 15 Danny`s new side..

Fan fiction by mk3 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
It was night.... Bolt and other guys founded their way out of there

Yes!We made it! Bolt said

Everyone in Danny`s horde was dead. NO!!!!!Danny cried. I feel sorry for you..Bolt said.
How i can live without them?Danny asked.
You can join at our family. Penny said.
No....I HATE TO BE LOVED!!!!Danny said.
Why?Bolt asked. No..NO!!! Danny`s eyes turned red. Danny turned to an werewolf. What is happening?! Mittens asked. I don`t know but it`s nothing good! Boltser said.
Then danny hit Boltser. Boltser fell to the ground.
Boltser!Bolt said. World does not need me anymore...Boltser said. Boltser died....

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bolt said. Bolt superbarked right on Danny. Well,I had no other choice..Bolt said.

Boltser was dead...Sad..Mittens said. Now were family again!Penny said. Bolt dropped an tear of sorrow. It`s nothing same to live without him!He was an hero..fighter..soilder...My best friend...Bolt said and started to cry.. Bolt please!Mittens said. Okay....Bye Boltser..

Where our heros travel next?
You`ll see it on next episode
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theJF said:
Wow, Danny really doesn't want any love, does he? My goodness, talk about RAGE mode! <:-0

And, is it just me, or does Penny seem unaffected by what just happened here? Just curious, as it seems to me that she just doesn't care about what happened to Bolt's friend just now...
posted over a year ago.