It was night.... Bolt and other guys founded their way out of there

Yes!We made it! Bolt said

Everyone in Danny`s horde was dead. NO!!!!!Danny cried. I feel sorry for you..Bolt said.
How i can live without them?Danny asked.
You can join at our family. Penny said.
No....I HATE TO BE LOVED!!!!Danny said.
Why?Bolt asked. No..NO!!! Danny`s eyes turned red. Danny turned to an werewolf. What is happening?! Mittens asked. I don`t know but it`s nothing good! Boltser said.
Then danny hit Boltser. Boltser fell to the ground.
Boltser!Bolt said. World does not need me anymore...Boltser said. Boltser died....

I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bolt said. Bolt superbarked right on Danny. Well,I had no other choice..Bolt said.

Boltser was dead...Sad..Mittens said. Now were family again!Penny said. Bolt dropped an tear of sorrow. It`s nothing same to live without him!He was an hero..fighter..soilder...My best friend...Bolt said and started to cry.. Bolt please!Mittens said. Okay....Bye Boltser..

Where our heros travel next?
You`ll see it on next episode