Soda The REAL Superdog..
Bolt 2
We all no that televisions big star Bolt the superdog has retired to a normal dog life in the country. Pretty relaxing? Thats about to change! Bolt runs into a female dog with a mark like he used to have ones, and takes interest and starts asking questions curiously. "Soda" the female dog, hides alot from him, until Bolt almost got attacked by a mysterious machine, But then Soda grabs him by the scruff and takes off flying, with lots of speed, while Soda leaves the robot to her team. Bolt screams, screams, and screams freaking out while Soda is trying her best to hold on. Bolt was freaking out, and he even rammed into a pole where it hurts. after a crazy flight over the city, Bolt lands and starts asking. Soda hesitates then tell him that she, is an undercover superdog. Bolt at first doesn't believe her, and tries to explain to her that she is only a TV show, but this time it was different. She then tries to prove it to him, by doing heat vision. He is still not convinced. She then gives up, and brings him to meet the teem of superdogs who also, have a specific individual color of bolt marks on there side. Another german shepherd, named Draco a sly jealous, boasting character, but yet manages to be a good guy; He is alsoly the most powerful male in the team. Then we have Spudzy, and spooks, not the sharpest tools in the shed but the got the job done, they are also brothers, not exactly twins but they look alot alike, nor are they the smartest either.
Then you have Gabriel, a saluki whom leaks with beauty, and feminine characteristics, but you must not judge her by her outlook, she is the most sweetest girl, and adviced you'll ever meet. Then you have, Bud a bearded collie whom is older, hard of hearing, and slightly stubborn; he can have a temper sometimes but is the smartest of the whole gang. Then you have twin poodles, Mary and Cherry your totally cute and helpful, dog scouts, they are very sweet but yet girly at the same time. Then theres Matrix, a smart and cute husky dog, basically the boy that every girl is after(But Soda) Hes sweet, charming, and an A+ at everything he does. The leader of the gang whom makes out to be, ruff tough, scary and big, is Loco the chihuahua, he thinks everyone is afraid of him, and you cannot judge him by his size; he is more powerful then them all. Last but not least, the cat in the gang of dogs, AKA the only supercat in the world, Milo; he is laid back, easy going, street smart and always has good puns and comebacks; and hes like the tramp of the cat world. There you have it our team of superdogs and cat! But thats not all.. There is also the bad guys behind it all, Thunder and his sidekick Rustlan. Thunder is cunning, and filled with hate, and Bolt's twin brother; he wants revenge on all superdogs, whom he was jealous of Bolt's success, while he was just thrown out on the street. Thunder and Bolt's half brother Rustlan, has an almost strange accent ever, and is known to almost be crazy; you can't go wrong with his silly and hilarious personality AKA a goofball; He only pretends to be evil with his Brother Thunder, only because its his only piece of family he has left, even though Rustlan is actually really good. Back to the storyline, Bolt gets caught into the action as the team has to fight more of Thunder's robots. Bolt goes for another flight, and after the fight with the robots, and getting his butt saved a few times he is finally convinced that they really are superdogs. At the end of the day Soda brings him for one last flight, the flight home, and on the way they saw some beautiful stars, and Bolt finally likes flying. The next day Bolt runs to find them again, but this time Mittens and Rhino follow them wanting to join into the action(During the night Bolt told Mittens and Rhino everything). when Bolt got to the teams hideout the team was hurt, beaten up and sad. Bolt asked them what happened, they told him that Thunder had taken Soda, to his lair on across the country. Bolt, gathered up the team and convinced Mittens and Rhino to come along with them to rescue her. On the way there Bolt, Mittens & Rhino got carried by flight, by the superdog team, which Rhino enjoyed, and Mittens freaked out the whole way. When they got there, they saved Soda, Thunder tricked them and took all of their powers away. Thunder then was not planning to kill them, but watch them suffer their way back home, without their powers. Soda and the team were devistated and clueless about getting home, and tagging along was Rustlan who was no longer pledging to be evil after he figured out Bolt was also his brother, so he went on with them. Soda was very upset, and heartvbroken. But gladly Bolt was ready to lead the way home. On the way back they learn how real dogs live, how hard it is, and the glories of being normal. Along the way they encounter conflicts, and many other hard things. and also, Milo the whole way is trying to impress Mittens, and is excited to have another cat around, while Mittens at first was NOT impressed at all but after a while begins to warm up to him. Bolt and Soda also begins to get very close. After all of that when they get home, they face off in another giant battle with Thunder, and this time he has Penny. After the final fight when everyone was sove, none of them gets their powers back and Thunder also, runs off powerless. Penny and her mom even decide to take in Soda, Rustlan, and Milo while the rest of the gang chooses to remain as strays, together living near Bolt, Milo and Soda. Bolt and Soda get married, and so does Milo and Mittens. Rustlan remains single, and enjoying it, with his crazies.
NOTE: This is just a rough copy, of RAW storyline with no details at all.

Bolt 3 is WIP so keep looking for it!
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