Soda and Hero playing in the yard.
Bolt 3
Storyline: After Bolt 2, Bolt is yet again gone back to the easy life with, Soda, Milo, Mittens, Rhino, and Rustlan. Only this time the family gets bigger! Bolt and Soda's Son and daughter are born. Hero and princess. Princess was called that because, she is sweet, and beautiful, and Bolt is always calling her his little Princess. Hero is called Hero, because he is the son of two Superdogs AKA heroes. He has a strong bond with his dad, mom and Penny. After he got older, and was no longer a baby anymore perhaps a preteen, he decided that this was not what he wanted. Maybe his superdog blood was kicking in. He became very bored, and depressed. he wanted action, adventure, and some fun. His parents never told, him about their past. He ran away one night, and met up with some familiar strays(Our team of superdogs from Bolt 2 who are also retired now to). They figured out who his parents was, and they couldn't believe it, he was the son of the two greatest heroes there ever was. They then told him everything. Hero was shocked, and devastated that his parents never told him the truth. After that he went home that night. Not feeling the same. Bolt was upset with him for running off and leaving him worried. Hero didn't really speak that night, and slept outside under the stars. His sister Princess went out, and began to talk to him, and he told her everything. At first she didn't believe him, but after a while she did. She was very surprised, but not to worried about it, and went back to bed, and told Ginger everything to(mittens And Milo's kitten) in the house. That night Hero had an inner realization. He to, would become a superdog, and find his own team, and perhaps find out how to get the super powers from Thunder's abandoned lair. He ran away before the sun rose. The streets were terrifying. Cars, people, alley dogs, and all of the above. He almost got killed by an alley dog, until a shadow flashed before his eyes and the alley dog was gone. The shadow turned out to be a dog, named Shadow. He was a young blue eyed black and white husky dog, that looked about his age. There was also another dog, who came out. She was a beautiful golden retriever dog, whom also looked their age. Her name was Kali. They talked to Hero, and became good friends with him over a few days. They were strays whom their parents was killed, or taken by dog catchers. Hero had told them about his plan, to become a superdog. Back at home Bolt, Soda, Penny and the rest of the family were all depressed and upset of Hero's disappearance, accept for Princess, she didn't really give a who about where he was. Bolt really wanted to dart off and find him, but Penny was crying and he didn't wanna leave until she was happier, And same with Soda. Princess finally felt like her brother may need his butt saved, so she got Ginger to come with her to find Hero. After Princess found them, she gave Hero a good running over for running away from home, as Ginger just watched. But after that, Princess met Shadow. He was gorgeous and noble. He didn't really care about her, then again he didn't really cared about anyone. Princess WAS gonna make Hero go home, until he introduced her to Shadow, then her mind was completely changed. She wanted to stay with them. Ginger didn't really care she kinda just tagged along. Then they all took off to become a great team of superdogs. Back at home, Bolt, Soda and Hero's uncle Rustlan were upset, along with Penny, especially since Princess was gone to. also Mittens and Milo were freaking out as well because Ginger was gone to. Penny's Mom took them in the car looking for them. They looked everywhere. The car drove by the pups, but they hid away. Shadow got a good look at the car though. After they came out and was completely amazed to figure, out that Hero's dad was Bolt the superdog! But Hero did not want to talk about it. They started to adventure accross the country to find Thunder's lair. Along the way, they had fun, they were young pups running carelessly through the streets. But no matter what they did Shadow always, had a sad non open look on his face. As they passed, by houses Shadow would always stop and stare at them with sad eyes. Princess noticed it and was concerned, but kind of ignored it for the time being. The adventure carried on for a few days of traveling. until it happened. They got caught by a dog catcher. For the first time, Hero actually regretted running away. Thats when He, Princess, Hero, Shadow, Soda and Bolt sang the song, "Heroes".
Soda: "This world is so strange.. It makes me feel so out of range. Why couldn't I just listen to my mom and dad, maybe I wouldn't feel so bad."
Princess: Oh Hero, how could we end up like this, is it something I missed. What have you done, now there is no time to run.
Hero: But they say heroes don't have to be powerful, they just have to believe, and there's so much more they could achieve.
Shadow: I've always wanted to be, somewhere else you see, a home just for me, a pet I would be.
Bolt: I'm so afraid, but somehow I know, Hero will always go where he needs to go.
Soda & Bolt: But they say heroes don't have to be powerful, they just have to believe, and there's so much more they could achieve.
Hero: I want to go home. I no longer want to rome.
Shadow: *Sings next to Hero* We all do.. I do to.
All: But they say heroes don't have to be powerful, they just have to believe, and there's so much more they could achieve.
After the song, Bolt hears them in the pound, and darts into action out of the car. They rescue him
from the pound, whom Shadow was at the back still sad along with Kali. Princess did not want to leave Shadow. She had the biggest crush on him.
Princess begged and begged for them, to take Shadow and Kali home with them. Penny and her mom said yes. They all went home. All was happy. Shadow, no longer frowned and looked depressed he was now the happiest dog ever, and he finally started liking Princess back. Hero and Kali became good friends also. Ginger was excited to see her Mom & Dad and never wanted to go outside again. All lived happily at home.
Last song, that would be by Jenny Lewis: "This is our home" and another one by, John Travolta and voice of Hero, "Now I've found you"

NOTE: This is only a rough, NON detail raw storyline, and is WIP. Everything is still developing. And alot of it is currently left out.
The Family.