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Opinion by ThatElsaFan posted over a year ago
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This is my version of how Giants should go (I need an ending):

Once upon a time in Spain, giants and humans lived in harmony. However, after an accident involving magic beans occurred, the two kingdoms began war. the kingdom created a pact: King Miguel agreed to give all the kingdom’s goods to the giants in exchange for protection. However, King Miguel didn’t comply with the treaty when the kingdom entered starvation, as well as the giants. When a princess was born to Queen Isabella and King Miguel, they rejoiced as well as the entire kingdom for she was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen. However, the child was stolen by a giant and taken to their kingdom in the heavens. She was raised as their own for years and years.
Meanwhile, the king died of heartbreak and the queen remarried a nobleman, causing his kind-hearted daughter, Angelica, to fill missing spot on the throne.
On her thirteenth birthday, the day the time came for the giants to let the young child go down where she could live normally. But before she left, the giants, who were trying hard to fight tears, they each blessed their daughter, who they named Inma, with a different trait....
Guide by carrieicecream posted over a year ago
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This is taken from Disney Wiki:

The story revolves around the protagonist Jack, who fell in love with a higher merchant class, Angelina. However, Marco, a noble who loved to travel (based on Marco Polo), was part of the love triangle. They also met Inma, a tomboy teenage girl who fought for injustice, but was never taken seriously due to her age.
The humans made a pact with a family of Thunder Giants: Feebus, Fifen, Fogel, Fobert, and their leader, Faustus. They were villains with a relatable point of view. The humans agreed to give the giants a percentage of their harvest and livestock, they'll prevent any danger that might befall the humans. However, as time passed, the giants seemed to forget their duties often, making the humans miserable and doubting the pact.

One day, Jack ended up befriending a giant, which started an adventure.