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The fans pick: Dauntless
The fans pick: No, I'm not really into that kind of thing :S
No, I&# 39; m not really into that...
No, I&# 39; m terrible at writing : 3
The fans pick: The comparison to The Hunger Games
The comparison to The Hunger...
All the fake fans
The fans pick: No, I can't draw :3
No, I can&# 39; t draw : 3
No, I&# 39; m not really into that...
The fans pick: No. Divergent's gonna be the next big thing, so be proud to be original fans!
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mpete14 said …
i am abnegation Posted 10 months ago
Fangirl521 said …
Hey, me and one of my friends have a blog on Tumblr about Divergent and Maze Runner. We'd really love it if people would check it out. We're @shuckfacedmuffins Home of the Divergent Munies. Please check it out! Posted over a year ago
kornikopia said …
Watched the Insurgent premiere and loved it! However, I read all the books and the movie was very different from the book.... Some things were completely new but it was still a great movie! The graphics were great and it was a great performance by the actors and actresses as usual. Posted over a year ago