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barbara623 said …
I just started watching the sho, so I binged watched it twice. I loved it. I love Martin and Louisa together. I love the doc's acting. It was so good. Posted 3 months ago
stsharkey said …
I sure hope they(the writers) keep Louisa and Doc Martin together as I am tired of all the ups and downs of their relationship. I love the show as I happened upon the show on Netflix and binge watched the first six season catching season 7 on Acorn and PBS. Excellent acting and Caroline Catz is beautiful and so believable as Louisa. I really feel that the writers intended for her to be the real problem in the relationship in season 7 as she just expects to much out of the Doc. Posted over a year ago
red7827 said …
You are one of my very favorite actors!I love Doc Martin!I live in a nursing home right now and I look forward to the next show.Please get back with Louisa. We need our children to see more married couples (for real or not) being a family and being able to take care of their child togehter. Posted over a year ago